Staring Into Hell

I often speak of sexual torture – but rarely do I say what or why it is so bad. This post is written from the place of depression, swallowed rage, of what it was to prostituted and live inside the banal normality of torture.

I write to the place where it was no longer rape, no longer battery, no longer bad language – it was just our routine.

That is when rape, battery and mental abuse is made torture – when it done so often by so many men and ignore by the majority of outsiders that it becomes just the role that the prostituted must perform.

Torture is excused by saying this prostituted class are needed to prevent real sexual violence being done to real women and girls.

Torture is made invisible by saying and believing that the prostituted class enjoy and choose their lifestyle.

Torture is not allowed to happened to the prostituted class – for we must not question the male right to buy and sell the prostituted class for the great male orgasm.

Without access to torture the prostituted class, the whole structure of human society would fall apart – or all men would go insane.

I hope most of my readers do not believe such rubbish – but in this post, I want to confront the normal sexual torturing that nearly all the prostituted just have to live.

Many women say that rape is a fate worse than death – they speak from deep shock and grief, they say as the help their friends – the prostituted do not speak in that language.

Rape was our day-to-day experience, nearly all sex done to us was against our will, when we were not in the mood, when we would have been anywhere but where we were.

Prostitution is giving the men to rape without consequences, for all they are doing is buying sexual goods.

Raping a prostitute means nothing, and is made into a non-crime.

The prostituted do not know rape, only how to survive and to act as if nothing matters.

The prostituted have no shock or horror, only layers of deadness.

How can there be shock when it is your role? How can there be horror when many other men will treat you or much much worse?

Rape can one time, or tens times in one evening – rape can just be penetration by a penis, or multiple penises – rape is normal, so learn not to complain, learn to have no feelings.

There is rarely any rescue to end the rapes of the prostituted – not whilst too much of society sees no harm in it.

But penetration by a penis is so normal is becomes invisible as abuse.

All a prostitute can think and hope is that the punter is using a condom – hope she does not have to have an abortion – and hope beyond hope is just straight-forward rape.

When I was prostituted, men did not believe in condoms for whore sex – and the morning-after pill was taken down like Smarties. Abortion was provided, as long you were back in a few days.

That is torture – to have the women’s body made into a machine, no regard to her mental and physical welfare. Just a sex machine that must not stop for any human reason.

But normal rape was rare – men do not buy prostituted to do what they do at home – punters want and need the prostituted to do everything inside hard-core porn.

They want to rape the prostituted class to the edge of death and then pretend it just a game.

They want a class of women and girls that they can sexually torture and on occasions murder – just coz it a way of keeping all women afraid and unable to see the prostitute as human, in case they see in her eyes the real hate that some men have for women.

I hate to know and say that being raped just by a penis in the vagina was a relief, if that was all a punter wanted. It was almost nothing.

No, the prostituted are drown, are strung from the ceiling, are penetrated in every hole in their body including ones too small, are burnt, are thrown out of moving cars, are sexually tortured for many days and nights.

That is just a tip of the hell we have known.

Look deep into the normal output of hard-core porn and know that every inhumane act you see there is put into the living bodies and minds of the prostituted in every city, every small town, every continent and every culture that considered prostitution as a normal outlet for men.

Torture is having your head push into bath water as you are made to kneel as the punter anally rapes you.

Torture is having a punter in the room for an all-nighter as he rapes every cell of your body, as he rubs his sperm all over you as punishment, as he put a pillow on your head a fist into your vagina and a cock in your mouth.

Torture is having a group of punters standing round watching, each taking turns – till you lose track of time or who is doing what.

Torture is being forced into a wall with legs together and a cock going so hard and fast into your anus that your heart stops.

Torture is being kept as a sex slave in his flat for weeks, and getting raped if you signs of being tired or not enthusiastic.

Torture is being read passages from de Sade, Lolita, and from sex-murders and knowing as the punters fucks you till are alive by the skin of your teeth.

All that was my norm – all that is what I will not censor from this blog, or give the reader trigger warnings.

I want you to know it and not take the easy road of turning away.

See and know the normal torturing of the prostituted – see and know if you want to stop us being so sub-human that these tortures are just considered our role in life.

This is a hard post – but it was much harder to live it.


5 responses to “Staring Into Hell

  1. Reblogged this on gigoid and commented:
    Please read, and listen to her pain… all of us need to realize the extent of this plague on our society, and do what we can to stop it….


  2. I have read a few of your posts. It breaks my heart what you’ve been through. I’m glad you’re no longer in that lifestyle. I hope you can find peace in your life. Much love to you. ❤


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