Your Justifications are Killing Us

I would consider myself as left-wing – but the Left try to make it impossible to an abolitionist and fit in.

Too much of the Left is made of male-thought, and in this thinking it not surprising that the Left has always justify the sex trade, and ignore the reality of life for the prostituted.

I am tired of everyone letting the left off the hook – I tired of waiting for the Left to get on board with abolition – I tired of men who Leftist making their porn stash and their consumption of the prostituted is somehow better than right-wing men who do exactly the same.

In this post, I will speak of the many leftist cliches that have said to me, or I have read, or had fed to me by the media.

Much of the poison-speech by the Left is the language of pimps and punters – men who are not pimps and punters parrots their words without questioning.

I was consumed by many Leftist punters who justify all their tortures – I had profiteers selling me who imagine they were on the Left, hell they were sexual outlaws, they were empowering women, they were model-day freedom fighters.

I write to the Left, for my heart is exploring with pain and grief – silence round the Left betraying the prostituted class is killing the prostituted every day.

We must look into the language of the Left and say why it controlled by men who want the status quo of the sex trade, we mustn’t turn away because they may be our allies in other areas.

Maybe if i go into some of the common myths that the Left spread.

The major one is that if you unionise the sex trade, then it will be fine and dandy.

I agree with unions for workers – but there we the major flaw – being embedded in the sex trade is not work, the prostituted class are not workers. They are in the conditions of slavery, of having their human rights stripped from them – they are not workers.

To frame it as work, where all that need to be done putting in basic health and safety regulations, all that need to be done is to get a shop steward who go to the sex trade profiteer and speak of working rights for the prostituted.

Think a little, and you will see this is nonsense.

When there are unions for the prostituted – they always are dominated by the profiteers, punters and those who support painting the myth that the sex trade is safe.

Unions that exist do not include the prostitute who is trapped in a brothel, do not include women in the porn that is daily torture, do not include the under-aged prostitute trapped in a room with lines of men consuming her.

No, unions are not for the ordinary and average woman or girl – for those unions have no intention to stop the routine rapes, the routine beating ups, the routine throwing away of the prostituted.

No, the purpose of these unions is to whitewash away all the normal male hate and violence that underpins all aspects of the sex trade.

These so-called unions are all about protecting punter’s “rights” – so rape is made invisible or the fault of the individual prostituted woman or girl, violence is disappeared into the language of S/M and it said she must have consented, and the ordinary murders of the prostituted are not mentioned without saying maybe she was too weak to read the body language of the murderer and run away.

Do not back any sex trade union – they do not give a damn about the prostituted, they care about pimps and punters.

It is a union run and controlled by managers, but more by managers who view the prostituted as goods and never as humans.

Your belief in unions is killing the prostituted every day.

I will speak and remember how Leftist punters spoke to me, how they justified turning me into their fuck-toy, whilst pretending they were better than those nasty right-wing punters.

I was consumed by punters who claimed to be into human rights, punters who were vegan and said they would no living creature, those who deeply cared about politics and freedom for the oppressed.

These punters would sexually, mentally and physically torturing me, and also preach all this shit to me.

I would see punters who had brutalise me and other prostitutes on marches, in meetings or part of liberal religions – fighting with all the might for rights and dignity of all humans.

That when I learnt the lesson I have never lost – these men did not fight for the dignity and rights of the prostituted foe we were not and cannot be classed as humans – we were just goods for them to use to consume and throw away.

We were not given access to human rights, we were not expected to want human dignity, we were never considered worthy of the good fight for freedom.

I am crying too much – so end here.

Please question your Leftist views if they discard the prostituted class.

15 responses to “Your Justifications are Killing Us

  1. If prostitution were legal wouldn’t one be able to complain to the police about abuse? Am I missing something here?


  2. When prostitution is made legal, it makes no difference to the attitude that violence to the prostituted is a non-crime, so is highly unlikely to be reported or believed if reported. Also when it is legalised, it mainly pushed indoors and left to sex trade profiteers to self-police, and there little or no interest from the police. This means the violence is hidden and made into a non-event.
    You are also missing that intensive mental abuse on most long-term prostituted women, where they made to believe that they cannot be raped, it is just the risk of the “job”, that all violence that is done to them is just their role or they choose it so no-one will care what happened to them.


  3. Mary-Anne Wolf, what justification is there for legalizing abuse against women? That is what prostitution is. Shall we then legalize abuse against all women, or is legalizing abuse against prostituted women somehow acceptable? If it is acceptable in your opinion, please explain how abuse against one woman is okay but abuse against another is not.


  4. Rape is illegal yet most rapes of non-prostituted women aren’t reported, and the social misogynies that keep almost all girls and women from reporting their rapes are a hundred times more powerfully silencing for prostituted girls and women.

    The prostitute is intentionally the most hyperfeminized of all humans so that the punishments and blames men ejaculate over all women become hyperdefensible when done to prostituted women.


  5. The fact that most women do not report rape, prostituted or not, is a big thing you are missing here – Mary-Anne Wolf. Most women living in domestic violence do not report the crimes committed against them either. Have you been reading anything about reported rape statistics? In the US, this week there have been idiots saying it’s impossible to get pregnant from rape, and here in the UK there are more idiots, again in political positions, denying rape. These are the incompetent prats in power, then we have the police specialists units that have been slandered in the media for their foul practice. You are missing a hell of a lot of information required to have an understanding of the situation.


  6. Mary-Anne Wolf, try asking survivors of prostitution, forced on them. Many of them were forced into slavery by thugs who threatened their families (particularly the children of these young women or even the siblings or parents. There are many women telling the truth of their frightening, painful existence prior to getting out. That is why you hear of so many women referring to prostitution as abuse of women. Watch the video and tell me what you think.


  7. Mary-Ann, yes you are missing something. An understanding that prostituted women are real human beings. All kinds of crimes can be reported. It doesn’t stop men commiting them. Prostitution re-enforces the idea that women are ”less than” and that prostituted women are a sub category of women who are even less than other women. Less than human. Untill ALL women are considered fully human, women will never be accorded full human rights. So any talk of “legalisation” is nonsense when faced with the real task. It is a backward step, and does nothing to change the reality of women’s lives, and everything to smooth the path for slave masters and exploiters.


  8. Legalising prostitution is just legalising abuse, and saying that you are happy for women to be toys for men to buy. Yes prostituted women should be decriminalised, but this is not the same as legalisation. We must punish buyers of sex harshly. That is the only way the abuse can stop.


  9. I agree that punishing/criminalizing sex buyers and pimps will deter them, as the Nordic model has shown, but we must also collectively create a human condition and culture where human beings fundamentally respect one another, across the board & full-stop, so that the demand to rent & abuse bodies becomes non-existent. Things are so backwards and upside down, and there is so much work to do. You do such good work here Rebecca, by showing people what it means to be human and demanding your readers to reach in and tap into their own humanity.

    The word “human” really means something, and though (I think/hope!) we are all human, many do not act like it/have forgotten how to be it. I see why you say prostitution can be nothing less than a human rights issue because the prostituted aren’t seen as human by many, though the truth of it is that those who rent and profit from (or simply support) the sex trade are the real sub-humans, for those who are connected to their humanness cannot do or support such things being done to other humans. And so, any talk of legalizing/unionizing prostitution lacks humanness because it puts a bunch of papers and laws and abstract, stagnant ideas between human beings and gets in the way of us understanding eachother and hearing the very important messages prostituted women are conveying. Huge respect & appreciation for doing such important work! xx


  10. Rebecca – I saw you speak on this and ever since, I’ve challenged these ludicrous ideas on the Left. At least their letters page and facebook pages have one feminist contributor – but we need more to take this fight to them, make them uncomfortable on their territory, reclaim some space in OUR movement.



  11. During the abolitionist movement, some argued that slavery was better for blacks than freedom, because as free workers, they would be treated worse. After all, a master had an interest in ensuring that his property was well-maintained. If the slave were no longer property, however, she might be treated worse, with less regard to her future well-being. And if someone else were to damage the master’s property, there was a legal recourse. There’s some truth there, but it certainly isn’t a defence of slavery! It just tells us how bad and horrifying the situation was.

    Legalized prostitution is nothing less than the re-legalization of slavery.

    As for your comments on the Left in the US, there ain’t one. There are some, few, real leftists, but certainly no movement on the left. The last real Left (upper case!) in the US was in the thirties, with a strong effort to rebuild one in the sixties and seventies (thank you Black Panther Party!), though it never had the same reach and impact. Little known fact, in the twenties and thirties, Americans emigrated from the US to the Soviet Union, in search of a better life. This includes a number of African Americans who fled the oppression and violence in the US for greater equality in the USSR. This is sufficiently shocking and surprising to many, that I should point out that I didn’t make a typo there.


  12. I am not American, though I have many friends and relatives in America – please try not to American-centric.


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