It is Torture

This post is about why we must define the structure of prostitution as torture – and also porn as prostitution. We must view the conditions and environment of the sex trade through the language and concepts of torture.

Torture is about destroying the group, not the individual. In torture, those who are tortured are made sub-human and interchangeable.

That is why it is vital to go away from the language of rape, where the focus is all to often (though not by radical feminists), kept on the individual and her journey.

Exited women know all the hate and violence that was put into us was never personal.

We know that punters and sex trade profiteers never saw us human – we had no individuality, no back story, no personality outside their fantasy.

We were not humans, we were goods – and as goods torture was our norm, for be viewed as sub-humans, it was decided we could not feel pain and it was impossible to humiliate us.

As goods, we had no rights, no voice, no access to the outside world, and no hope.

I will speak to the torture – do not turn away, unless you have walked in the shoes of an exited women, you cannot understand if you constantly turn away from our forming a language to make clear what torture was to us.

Know all that I write of did happened a few times – I write of the routine tortures that I and many other exited have known. I write of tortures that is the norm of most prostitution, especially when behind closed doors.


Mental torture is everywhere in all aspects of prostitution.

The purpose is to alter the mind of the woman and/or girl until she is speaking the language of the sex trade, it is to make her speak as happy or empowered and to not know her own reality.

It is constant grinding down of her instinct to feel fear, to know pain and to want to run away.

It is the language forced down her that it was her choice to be a prostitute; it is the language that hints it her nature to have sex with nameless and faceless men; it is the language that told her she just likes sadist sex; it is most important the language that makes it clear only the sex trade truly understand her true nature.

This language is dripped into all women and girls that are inside the sex trade – it becomes her reality.

I know in my heart I hated sadist sex – but I was surrounded by language telling me I wanted, that it was my nature, that no-one did what I did so often unless it made them feel good.

I spoke the language of my oppression.

I spoke to how much fun I was having, how I choose what I did – I spoke this language as my body and mind was getting destroyed.

There is the constant name-calling that is the norm for the prostituted.

Every vicious sexual hate words about women is said to us all the time.

We thought we must be sluts, cunts, whores, bitches, cock-teasers and all the endless slurs men know to keep all women afraid and degraded.

We would used those words to name ourselves, forcing in more ways to hate ourselves and make seeing our oppression almost impossible.

It is why Slutwalk is an impossible event for exited women to be part of.

Slut was used on us to keep inside slave mentality, it was used to reminds us we were not human but fuck objects to be used and thrown.

Slut was branded into us – we can never march to that word.


Punters and profiteers will and can do any form of physical torture to the prostituted that their porn-fueled minds can imagined.

It should be known there is nothing new in these tortures – it is just more people are beginning to see and believe that it is happening.

All physical tortures come from porn – porn and prostitution are evil twins in finding ways to torture the prostituted till the point of death.

Many punters and profiteers love the power and control of having sexual goods who they assumed have no friends or family – or assume the prostitute will never tell the physical torture for it is made unspeakable.

It almost impossible to separate out physical coz it always interconnected with the sexual torturing.

But there are common tortures made invisible for society has decided the prostituted have chosen their lifestyle, so they just have live the consequences of that “life choice”.

Let me say loud and clear, that all other forms of torturing the non-prostituted, for example political prisoners, citizens tortured in war-zones – are copied from porn and usually are the norm for the prostituted class.

It is decided that the prostituted cannot be truly tortured, for they are not “innocent”, it is decided that prostituted deserve what happens to them – could this be coz they mainly women and girls being tortured by men?

It is routine and common for the prostituted – to be gang-raped often and usually or long periods; to be hung from fixtures; to have their head forced down the toilet or in bath water; to be beaten unconscious; to be thrown out of moving cars; to be pass round many violent men; to be strangled.

That is just the tip of a horrific iceberg – don’t say it can’t be true, know what I write is a very tiny part of the physical torturing that the average prostitute has to endured.

The prostituted have learnt to be silent – for it so hard to trust and believe that others will truly listen and hear if we say of our everyday physical torturing.

We can never be truly free until we can speak to our realities, without fear that we will silenced again.

Remember we lived it – you are just listening.


The invention of the prostituted class was so men had a class of women and girls they could freely sexually torture without consequences or the inconvenient of guilt.

The prostituted class are there for every form of sexual torture to be put into – this has always been true.

We are made voiceless, we have no access to the language of no – how can the prostituted speak when they are viewed as sub-human.

It is decided that the purpose of the prostitute is to holes and hands, and all other parts of her body are just there to ind multiple ways to sexually torture.

I will a tiny part of our routine sexual torturing.

An expression that makes me want to kill is the blowjobs is whore sex.

It is seen that punters expect blowjobs – but it not see the anger and desire to control the prostitute behind. It not seen how blowjobs are done to humiliate her, not seen it done to cause her pain or make her sick, not seen that it may done until she is unconscious.

It is known that many punters want anal sex when they consume prostitutes.

But it not seen how it is anal torture – there is no communication or easing, it is done with violence and hate. I was anally raped with my legs and arms held together and was forced into a wall. I was anally raped as I had head in toilet water.

It is common and a way of keeping control of the prostituted that there is gang-raping. It not just one group of punters, but there will many men waiting their turn. It is used as punishment, as a way to groom women or girls into the sex trade, used to silence the prostitute if she may be believed.

Please know everything you see or hear about sadist porn is inside the minds and bodies of exited women.


Torture is the norm for the prostituted class – if we are to build the road to abolition and true freedom for all the prostituted – we must listen and hear the deep trauma of being inside that torture, often for many years.

Andrea Dworkin said prostitution was like gang-rape – but it was one gang-rape after another after another after another.

In that environment there is no time and space for grief, anger or acknowledgement of pain.

Those of us who were lucky enough to exit – are now able to know what it was to be so thoroughly tortured – that is the language of deep trauma.

Let us speak to that torture – and do turn away.

For by turning away – you sending us back into silence, and silence is the death of us.

6 responses to “It is Torture

  1. I don’t know what comment to make here… there is now a best selling book making the horror you so clearly outlined, into ‘erotic fantasy’ and there is nothing light or entertaining about it. And your point about torture of the non- prostituted was dead on. In fact the torture was actually turned into porn and clearly it was on the prostituted that it was practised and refined. We all have a stake in heeding your words… All of humanity.

    As again, brilliant.


  2. Rebecca this is so powerful. Thank you for your courage and clarity.

    Re Shades of Gray — a book like that, and porn, are designed to titillate and sexually stimulate the consumer. This is one of the reasons anal rape is so prominent in pornography — not only is it easier to film than vaginal, but men have anuses themselves — rather than vaginas. So they can imagine their own anus which is for many an erogenous zone — and that brings sexual ‘release’ for them faster. This is the same reason why Gonzo porn exists — the idea of penetrating a woman triggers ‘sexual release’ — so films where women are multiply penetrated, brutally penetrated in every orifice — bring orgasm faster for the wankers. Of course anger and rage are part of it too. But this is what happens when a human being is consumed to serve another’s sexual fantasy –their humanity disappears.

    In the same way an entitled woman’s sexual fantasy has nothing to do with prostitution. When it’s used to justify prostitution we are looking at sexual vanity and selfishness gone monstrous.

    (I know you know this Susan — just needed to say it).

    Loads of love oxoxo


  3. Thanks Susan and Stella, for your insightful comments.
    I believe that gonzo is not new – it just another label for torture porn which has always been in porn and prostitution – it just that now it is seen and known to be an abuse of human rights.


  4. Such a brilliant, moving post. Your words won’t let me turn away because your voice is so strong & powerful in its Truth. What you say always makes sense. You also shine a bright light on one of the Big Lies that it’s a few prostitutes or “certain ones” that get abused and tortured when the reality is that is the nature of this torture industry.

    I so admire and respect yours and Stellas’ and other women’s courage in speaking out. It’s true that silence = death. Telling the Truth must release some of the inner prison & trauma that silence creates, and your readers are bearing witness to your Truth. I hear you and believe what you say 120%. Your words shoot beams of light straight through the dark veil of spun lies that try to glamorize and normalize the sex torture industry, and which mostly gives a platform to women who are lost/stuck in their slavery and the oppressor’s language. I watched a show last night about hugh hefner and the playboy bunny slaves he keeps in his home. Makes me sick how he treats women. Your words hold a lot of weight for prostituted/porned girls & women; I imagine you inspire and help many who are lucky enough to find you; your lived experience makes you more credible than others in reaching other trafficked women. I am so grateful you and your allies exist, for eachother and the rest of us. Thank you for doing such important work, you are one of my favorite teachers and writers. I wish you much peace and continued healing.


  5. It’s torture, but because women, especially prostituted women, aren’t considered human, it isn’t – it’s sex, sexual excitement, sexual entertainment for men.

    Thank you for this analysis Rebecca.


  6. It must be known this is invented to be against the prostituted class- though it may effect non-prostituted women and girls. – the torturing of prostituted women and girls is to keep them as sub-humans, whilst much of the violence done to non-prostituted women and girls still seen them as humans, and certainly not as goods. We need to see that torture of the prostituted is industrial, so the prostituted have no human rights.


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