A Message For Radical Feminists

This post is written to say about the emergency that call for the abolition of the sex trade, and why radical feminists must allow for the separate voices of the prostituted class.

We are not just and only part of a continuum of male violence, and the ways to degrade females – the prostituted class must be allowed to have a separate way of communicating their realities – for we have had our language stolen, and more we have had our humanity stolen.

With much of male violence – such as rape, child sexual abuse, or domestic violence – women and girls are made to feel sub-human – but the violence is done to the person, it is a crime where the bastard sees the woman’s/girl’s face, he knows her as he destroys her.

Most male violence is to an individual woman/girl – and even as he is destroying her he still hate that she remains so human.

That is not true of how and why men are so violent inside the sex trade.

Most violence inside the sex trade is not done to a human, to a woman, to a girl – it is done to goods, to an object, to a sub-human.

This means it is decided there no real violence for there is no human to hurt – there is no degradation, for goods have no human emotions.

Radical feminists must take on board this basic point of the sex trade – that they see,hear, feel or speak no harm in their industry – no, it just simple movement of goods.

To understand the cold heart of the sex trade, is the major entrance to being alongside exited women, and truly seeing why abolition must be the goal.

We must see it is bigger than just a radical feminist issue – it is a human rights issues, it is an issue of seeing and knowing the depths of long-term torture.

When I say it is a human rights issue – I do not speak as a Humanist, I have never been or ever will be a Humanist. I cannot understand that individualistic way of being, it allows the majority of women and girls to be abandoned.

No, it is far more basic than that – when I speak of basic human rights, I speak from the starting point of giving the prostituted class the basic human right to be and to be viewed as full human not goods/sub-humans.

It is that basic.

This means not constantly separating out the prostituted class to prove they cannot be like or connected to other women/girls. Such as saying “the porn word vs the real world.”

To understand the prostituted – radical feminists must look into the centre of PTSD as it affects exited women.

It has been reckon that our trauma is some of the worse and long-lasting types of trauma that any group of humans can know. It is on the levels of long-term slaves, of blacks under apartheid, of soldiers trapped in the front-line.

I was able to connect into my essence partly by reading Primo Levi, reading letters from soldier in the Western Front, and listening to Chileans who survive torture.

Radical feminists must see the depths of our trauma, if they are to bring a road to abolition – they must hear our words, see that we are learning how to be human, know we are finding we do not have to live as the dead.

We do not know or have the language of rape, we do not even have the language of abuse or exploitation.

Give us space and time to make language fit our realities – do not speak for us or over us.

Our trauma is our shadow – it is painful and full of grief – but it also give us a deep knowledge, an ability to make connection, and give us compassion.

Trauma drives us to be determined to have long-term and real change.

Most exited women have too many memories of those who could not exit, or could not live to not fight for real change.

We do not want endless generations of women and girls to suffer as we did.

In our the depths of our trauma, we know and understand that men who consume the sex trade hated us, we know their violence was pre-planned, we know to them it no crime to destroyed the prostituted class for she does not exist.

We know every day, that we exited and have relative good physical health and some type of sanity – is just luck. We are just alive because punters or profiteers could be bothered to destroys their goods.

That is a huge part of our trauma – the fact we were nothing as we were raped, nothing as we were tortured, nothing as we were moved round the sex trade, nothing as we were brought and sold.

A bee has more rights than the average prostitute.

To support exited women, radical feminists must know we live extreme trauma, but still we can teach and speak out.

I have never meet such brave and determined women before I was connected with other exited women.

They fight for change inside their trauma – their body memories, their flashbacks, their knowledge of torture, their grief, and their utter sense of loss. They made a powerful path to abolition.

Exited women have so much to say to radical feminists if you can listen and hear.

We have lived and known the cold heart of male violence, we know it is a genocide of the prostituted class made invisible by replacing the goods.

We deserve a leadership role – we must lead the road to abolition, else it may never happen.

8 responses to “A Message For Radical Feminists

  1. “We deserve a leadership role – we must lead the road to abolition, else it may never happen”

    Yes! Brava Rebecca. It’s very hard for me to understand any anti-trafficking organization which isn’t raising up survivor leaders.

    We have a right to our own language — I’m so glad you said that. Thank you for this brave, bold, honest & beautiful post. You are my inspiration. XOXOXO.


  2. Brava indeed. The slave abolitionist movement of the 1800s had the same problem. They’d put former slaves out front to garner sympathy, but when it came to leading the movement, the white abolitionists, for the most part, held on very tightly and wouldn’t give it up for reasons that are not remotely admirable.


  3. It’s very difficult. We are constantly being told that “You can’t speak for all ‘sex workers'” and other such lies, like “You don’t know anything about sex workers lives” and the like. I don’t want to burden you with it much, I’m sure you’ve heard all the crap. The pro-pornstitution movement tries very hard to erase the fact that radical feminists know very well what “sex work” does to women, and that some of us are survivors of it ourselves.


  4. “We deserve a leadership role – we must lead the road to abolition, else it may never happen.”

    You are one of the best and most powerful teachers I’ve ever had. I learn more Truth about porn & prostitution and what it means to be human with each post that you write. You ARE a leader of the abolition movement to me, as are the other exited women I’ve discovered through your blog. I too have never met such brave and determined women (other than my wife) until I began hearing exited women’s voices. Please keep up the amazing though difficult work you’re doing, you are making a difference. When I have conversations with people about porn and prostitution, I try to direct them to your blogs because you are the real experts and it is only experts that truly know what the problem(s) is and how to fix it.

    Your words make the connection so clear that porn/prostitution = harm; by explaining the extreme degree of trauma/PTSD/torture that women endure makes the Truth so obvious –> the more trauma endured, the more harmful the environment is. I see why you say it is an emergency, prostituted women endure some of the worst degrees of trauma. They/you are also some of the most human people I’ve encountered, while the punters/profiteers are some of the weakest, inhumane people I’ve ever heard of, who inflict their poison and self-hate on the women. I kind of see your words as detoxing the men’s dis-ease out of you. Your words and Spirit are stronger than their filth, they are your weapons, sharp daggers slicing through the bullshit shiny curtain trying to redirect people’s attention from the Reality of the sex trade. Thank you so much for your hard work, I am with you in Solidarity, listening very closely to your messages and thinking about how to apply it more in my life.

    (fyi, I’ve commented on your blog before under my old blog name ‘healingthruwords’ but ‘Feminist Rag’ is my new blog and name).


  5. I think it’s some sort of strange coincidence that I’ve been learning about what leadership means and then stumbling upon this post. You’re absolutely right Rebecca, it’s about leadership from within. And the moment you are free in there, no one can touch you. And the next moment when you empower someone else to be free is what takes you through the journey of freedom. You are fearless and you have inspired me to be even more mindful of my feminist thought.


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