The Longest War

There has always been a war against the prostituted class – for at least as long as written history and some time before that.

It is a war that includes brainwashing, genocide, mass rape, torture of all forms, the abuse of young girls.

It is a war that takes advantage of all natural and man-made disasters to keep a constant supply of prostituted women and girls.

It is a war that spread it boundaries as far as technology will take it, and is often is the main factor in advancing technology to reach more profit.

This war is old and new – this is a war that is made invisible in plain view.

This war is on your street, this war is destroying women and girls you know whether they tell or not, this war is waiting for any vulnerable female to enter.

This war is in flats you walked pass, this war in the streets you pass through, this war is hotels you entertain yourself in, this war is a click away on every computer.

This war has become so normal that no-one see it as a whole – even most who are abolitionist or anti-trafficking will select what they think the real harm is.

Each time you select what is real porn or real prostitution, you are throwing many girls and women back into the war-zone.

You decide poverty is the only reason any woman or girl would be in the sex trade – then watch as the war drown those girls and women with money but have lost access to self-respect, have no one in their lives who truly cares for them, who have been persuaded by friends or “lovers” that it just for fun, who think the sex trade is easy to leave – see them be destroyed as you discount them.

You decide some cultures are ok with prostitution – leaving many women and girls no access to freedom or to having a voice – you see the war rage on their bodies and minds from afar, and say well those particular women and girls are somehow built that way, it must be their nature – any excuse to do nothing.

You decide it only bad if the war is raged on under-aged girls – you decide in your wisdom, that if a prostitute hits 16 or 18, or if a grown woman enter the sex trade, if must be her free choice, and so she should accept the consequences and not moan – so you abandon the vast majority of the prostituted without regard to whether they have no sense of self-esteem, how often violence is done to their body and mind, without regard to the intense brainwashing of the sex trade, without regard to their human rights or safety – you just ignore the mass destruction coz they are not children.

You decide that trafficking is a very narrow thing, just a prostituted woman or girl who it is proven their violent force to take out of her country to be in some brothel with appalling conditions – you ignore that almost all women and girls in the sex trade are in conditions of trafficking – stripped of the right to the language of no, kept away from outside influences and views, made to accept any violent, move around from one aspect of the sex trade to another, knowing that punishment is common and can include gang-rape and murder – you ignore that so many women and girls were internally trafficked, coz it does fit your picture of real trafficking – you are sending the prostituted into the front-line of the war.

This post is angry, this post is pissed off with frustration at the many excuses used to do nothing – I am burning up with the knowledge that there is a carnage of the prostituted – and so many wilfully ignore it, coz so many want to keep their access to porn and prostitution, so do not want to know it built on the blood and guts of the prostituted.

Each time you make the choice to click for free porn – think.

Think is that rape, is that sexual violence real, is the woman in it trafficked, was she abused as a child, is being gang-rape fun for you, is having several penises force into you fun, is being deep-throated till you are sick or faint fun.

Each time you casually make the choice to buy an escort – think.

Think is she trafficked, is she under-aged, can she really say no, will you bother to wear a condom, do you think money means consent, do you buy her to do whatever porn fantasy in your head, do you buy her to have full control and power over a woman, do want an escort coz you know if it is indoors no-one will intervene if decide to be violent, do you buy her coz you know prostitutes will do all the bad stuff that your girlfriend won’t do.

Each time you go with the group to a sex club – think.

Think how you look as part of the howling crowd demanding a lap-dance, do you go coz you know you hate women without shame, are you there to see if you can get away with touching up the girls, do want to know if you will a private dance, do you be part of throwing stuff at strippers, do you hope that it is true that you get extras is you meet the right people.

I could go on and on – but it so hard not to be bitter as the war against the prostituted class is made so minor and for many is just a joke.

This is not aimed at the many who see and understand that destruction – it is aimed at those who turn away and say it no big  deal.

Genocide is a big deal.

5 responses to “The Longest War

  1. I never know what to say, except men suck. … And perhaps also, that as I have gotten older and feel more comfortable telling people the truth that they don’t want to hear — that when they ask me why I never married, I reply that even from a young age it was obvious to me that men take great joy in dehumanizing women. They particularly recoil when I add that NOBODY ***in their right mind*** would have anything to do with men until the misogyny stops. … Hmmm, I should start smiling at that point, and mention how mentally healthy I am. 😀


  2. This post is powerful and brillant, thank you. Last night I had to leave the group of girls I was with to help a friend who was being harrassed, and when I got home I found out that men tried at least 3 times in 5 blocks to pick up the group I left. You’re absolutely right that it isn’t just a small group of punters who take advantage, it’s literally systemic in the culture (France in my case) and it makes me sick. Keep writing.


  3. Yes I understand this destruction all too well… and it pisses me off big time. And as James said, it`s systemic. Guys are always going off to strip clubs and talking about going to Amsterdam and it makes me so disgusted and pissed off that I have to leave the room. Keep up the good fight!


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