It Could Be You

Prostitution is always made to be something that happens to some other woman or girl.

If you are female and reading this – know if about two or three things go seriously wrong – it could be you. If you get in with wrong crowd and have the need to impress or to be invisible – it could be you.

Don’t make the prostituted into the Other – for what will do if you become that Other.

The Othering is everywhere and made nowhere – all talk of prostitution being chosen is Othering; all insistence that prostitution is just sex work is Othering; all speech that true prostitution only exist with poor women and girls, only with women and girls of certain nationalities, cultures or ethnicities is Othering; all speeches saying that only street prostitution is harmful is Othering.

I know you make us the Other to protect yourself, to imagine that there no way you could ever be prostituted, or if you were a prostitute it would be glamorous and fun.

I know that – I know I should be patience with your ignorance, I should step-by-step teach why you are deluded.

But I am sick, literally sick, of as an exited woman always to have the nice one.

It is bloody hard to be patience and nice where all the time everywhere my prostituted Sisters are being tortured, are being brought and sold, are being brainwashed, are being constantly raped, are being murdered – are being made sub-human.

I cannot be patient and nice whilst you put what is a real prostitute in many categories; make our realities into statistics without doing anything practical make a change; whilst you used our words without credit to get your book publish.

This is just the tip of the surface of how we are Other – how so-called allies keep as sub-human as the sex trade had.

How can I have the patience to stay nice in that environment?

It is true that the vast majority of the prostituted have been previously sexually abused; it is true that many prostitutes have serious problems with money or come from poverty; it is true that non-White women are over-represented in prostitution.

That is undeniable – but it is not all of the prostituted, and even inside those groupings the reasons for being prostituted are never that simplistic.

Do not think being middle-class, White and having a happy childhood will prevent the sex trade from attempting to trap you – they just wait for any vulnerability to captive you.

That is the point – it is not about the individual woman, it is about the sex trade wanting to plug a gap in demand.

Look with a clear eye at what the sex trade supplies and what it is decided that punters demand.

It is decided that for each type of prostitution there must be a constant supply of all types of women and girls.

That all ages, well say from 6 to 28: women and girls can be Asian, Black, Aboriginal, White or whatever the punter demand; women are made to dress young, and girls must say they are 18.

Whatever the prostitute’s background is of no matter – for all prostitutes are made sub-human into holes and hands for punters to fuck.

It is never about her rights, her dreams, her background, her intelligence or her personality.

The sex trade will make all prostitutes the same – no matter if they are on the streets or doing “high-class” escorting.

She is not human – she is a machine that punters buy: a machine to poke, to fuck, to push around – and most important a machine to make his perfect living porn-toy.

No wonder you want to Other the prostitute – that is hard to imagine inside your own body and mind.

I can have sympathy that you must Other the prostituted – but there is a genocide going on while you turn away with self-pity.

You could that Other that you run away from.

At any time – you could fall into self-hatred, and in that self-hate believe your only worth is to be a sex object for men.

That is never far away from many women – even women who the outward appearance of self-confidence or power.

The sex trade is always waiting for women to hate themselves – and to feed them with the lies that to be prostitute is empowering, that it give her sexual freedom, that she can regain control of her life, and that punters will choose her coz she is so attractive.

At any time or place, any woman can hit financial rock bottom.

Again the sex trade lies in wait – it hangs around watching for communities where many women are made unemployed, it does feigned sympathy to the individual woman who is poor – the sex trade plant seeds in their heads of escorting could a great and safe money-spinner.

At any time or place, women can get caught in natural or man-made disasters – can lose all hope and connections.

The sex trade hangs rounds all wars, floods, earthquakes, droughts etc waiting for women to be desperate enough to not think or care about what they must do – only care to somehow stay alive.

Those are the huge factors that can push every woman into prostitution.

Know you are lucky not to have that self-hate, to throw into sudden poverty or to be inside some disaster – it is just luck, not who you are.

When you decide to Other the prostitute – you are making us sub-human.

Be careful – for you may one day be that sub-human.

3 responses to “It Could Be You

  1. Thank you so much for speaking straight on this. Yes, it could be any of us women. As a woman, I know that no little girl dreams of growing up to be prostituted. Not one. She has to be in dire circumstances, groomed, threatened and tortured to go through it even once.
    As long as men feel entitled to buy and torture women, no woman is safe. Using bogus claims of “choice” perpetrates violence, torture and death upon the prostituted.
    Can any of us afford to turn our eyes and hearts away from that truth? I hope not.


  2. Well said! I have a friend who is beautiful and intelligent and financially comfortable and she has been prostituted her entire life. It’s all she’s known, since she was a girl. And now, as a mature woman she doesn’t know how to leave it. It breaks my heart.


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