We Were Called Girls

There is a language inside the sex trade – the language that is a constant reminder that it is not work or just adult entertainment – it is the language that is used to create a class of sexual slaves.

In this post, I will try to write about that language – the language that still sends trauma through my mind and sickness into my body.

It is the language that has colonised the prostituted class – it makes all women and girls that enter the sex trade into disposable sexual goods, makes them so sub-human that when they are thrown away or have constant violence happen to them – it is made a non-event.

There is a language to being made that sub-human – whore, ho, tart, escort, slut, sex-crazed.

This language may be disguised into sounding good – sex worker, adventurous, tart with a heart, sex counsellor, sauna/tantric sex provider.

But nice words and labels does nothing to stop the violence, the hate, the destruction of the essences of all the prostituted.

It is a slow murder of their right to be a full human – it is sexual slavery, nothing more and nothing less.

To be frank, to be embedded inside the sex trade – whether in a porn shoot, whether on the streets, whether inside a brothel, whether being a high-class escort, whether doing video sex, whether being so-called girlfriend experience – is to have your essence so ripped out that all you become is the living dead.

As the living dead it is easy to act the role that the punters, that the users of porn, that the sex trade profiteers demand you to be.

Words are important here to switch down into that robot-role.

We were commonly called girls.

We were their girls whatever our age.

Think about that – think with your heart and mind.

We all know racism is powerful – when whites called all black men “boy” or similar phrases. It is a weapon to keep all black men in their place, and to stereotyped them as child-like and therefore without intelligence.

It is an evil act to call a black man boy – we strive to end it.

But little or no notice is taken as the prostituted women are all called girls – it is instead made to be trendy speech, hip with those who think they are cutting-edge.

Being called girl as a grown women is to have all your rights taken from you, and to say that the prostituted are too stupid to care.

In other words, it a clever way to keep the prostituted as slaves, whilst pretending to care about their welfare.

I know if anyone called me a girl now – I am sickened, I feel fury, I wonder what their motivations is, I can feel trapped.

Being called a girl was the language of my pimps and punters – it was the language that every violent person who brought or sold me said over and over and over again.

Being called a girl is to put poison into me.

It is very important to know that to truly tackle the sex trade, means looking at their language and destroying it.

We must stop saying porn is adult entertainment – speak as if there is no real torture, no real mental and physical damage done to the “actresses”.

I hear and read the language round porn – and know too many speak the language that frames it as fantasy, as just acting, as harm-free.

It is the language that speak of – that the women inside porn are faking it, that they are just plastic women, that it is fake pain, fake orgasms, fake everything.

Only men who consume porn want it to be real, men want real pain, want real degradation of females, want to see that women can be made into dirt.

I hear and read everywhere the language that justify indoors prostitution.

Language that speak of – it must be high-class, must be safe, that pimps/businessmen that own indoors prostituted women are caring and concerned about their welfare, that it could empowering for the prostitute, of course that it is a high-earner.

This is the propaganda of the slave-owner.

It is not safe to be shut in a room with punters who have full permission to do any porn violence they want; it is not safer for no imagined bodyguards or alarm system is there or the prostituted, just for show if there is a raid.

It is not safe when the major profit is made through providing sadistic sexual practices for the punters – be that gang-rapes, be that no use of condoms, be that letting high-earners keep the prostitutes for many hours/days/months.

What is empowering about having all your human rights stripped.

The human right to safety – when a prostitute is there to be raped, to be sexually tortured, to be beaten and can be murdered. All this is made unimportant, as the prostituted is made into goods that are disposable – so violence done to her is made into a non-event.

The human right to freedom of expression – when all her thoughts and ways of being are controlled by the sex trade; she must please the every wimp of every punter without any access to the language of no or the language of sexual abuse.

That is a tiny parts of the erosion of the basic human rights of the prostituted class, and the creation of sub-humans named as whores.

I am weak with grief now, so write again soon.



4 responses to “We Were Called Girls

  1. YES.

    I am 37, and I become ENRAGED when men call me a girl. I correct them while trying not to scream in their faces… I must always be polite to men lest they hurt me, you see. :/


  2. Thanks you both.
    Yisheng – I think it is very important this is not general about the way that some men treat the non-prostituted when they call them girls – even when there is violence. It is about how the use of the term girls is used to keep the prostituted class in the slave mentality – as boy is used to keep black men in that slave mentality.


  3. Hi rebecca,

    I think there is a difference in how “girl” is used for prostituted women than how it is used for non-prostituted women. For one thing, prostituted women are ALWAYS, always referred to as “girls.” Non-prostituted women, as they get older, will at least *sometimes* be referred to as “women”. Non-prostituted women can at least say, “Hey! i’m not a ‘girl’!” But in the case of the prostituted class, ‘girl’ is used as a sign of OWNERSHIP. That is to say, the prostituted class is *always* referred to as ‘girls’ rather than just sometimes.

    So, yes I’m sick of being called a girl, even as I’m in my 20’s, but it play s a different function than it does with women who are being prostituted.


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