Are We Not Human

This week the week of Shakespeare’s birthday, and I think of –

“If you cut me, do I not bleed?”

That may be said by a male character, but it is true for all prostituted women and girls.

It is true we are cut, we are raped, we are verbally abused, we forced into ignoring all human emotions – and always it is made of no importance.

Could it really be that it is more than just punters and sex trade profiteers who are the instruments of making the prostituted class sub-human.

It is the majority of most cultures and societies that makes our wounds and hurting invisible – this includes those who claimed to be on our side, but still view the prostituted as sub-humans.

Let us look at the normal existence of many of the prostituted – look with eyes of denial, eyes that make the normal abuse of the prostituted into no big deal – let’s imagined the prostituted as I have to imagine others do.

Imagine the prostituted can only done by cutting out your heart – and seeing no pain or terror or grief.

Imagine the prostituted by losing all sense of logic and reason – by saying she does feel pain as you would, that clear-cut degradation is fine for her, that she is so sex-crazed she will sleep with up to twenty strange men in a night with great enjoyment.

Imagine the prostituted by knowing she must not be you, no connection to you – you being a human, the prostitute being sub-human.

Do that and that may explain away how you can claim to be on the side of the prostituted – whilst abandoning her to a living death.

Look and know that most of the prostituted were children when they were first paid to be raped. In the West, the average entry age is 12, that is so in “nice” countries like Britain, USA, Australia, Germany and so-called rich countries.

They are children, they have the fear of a child, the naivety of a child, the trust of a child – and for a very short time the hope of a child.

But when you rape a child and pay her money – when it is many men paying to rape that child – then it become not child abuse, but something she has chosen.

For once labelled as a prostitute, you become unrapeable, you are in control of all your own choices, and of course you stay because you must enjoy your lifestyle.

So the age means nothing – for all the prostituted are considered to be girls no matter their age.

Child abuse cannot exist in the world of prostitution.

To feed this imagined world of prostitution, it is important that the prostituted are so dead to sexual, physical and mental violence that they can be just objects for men to fuck.

But to have your belief that prostitution is fine and dandy – all previous abuse done the prostituted is made invisible.

We must not acknowledge the large amount of women and girls in porn and prostitution that have for many years been abused by family members, have experienced gang rapes, have live with carers who neglect their every need, have been mentally and sexually betrayed by a series of “boyfriends”, are runaways from a very young age, and so other ways to destroy their defences and deaden their emotions.

We must freeze the prostitution or woman in porn in a small moment where she appears happy and in control – and cut out her abusive past, ignores the pain and terror of her present, and not even imagine she has a future outside our fuck-moment – then maybe we can imagine prostitution is ok.

I am always amazed how much the mind has to be twisted to make prostitution acceptable.

What is so sad – is as the prostituted are being destroyed – we have invented an upside-down world that said the sex trade is normal.

It is such a heartless world.

6 responses to “Are We Not Human

  1. I want to say it takes a fool to believe the world is generally good, that people are generally okay, but the vast majority believe everything you just said…

    Thanks for speaking the truth. It’s scary to think of a majority who condones the industry, that the human heart is so twisted to believe that human beings are anything less than that, yet every society has its’ own class system, it’s own prostituted. There’s something wrong with people. It feels like a hole we’ve fallen into that we can’t get out of on our own. Whatever your thoughts are on God I think He’s working through you. The fact that God speaks is so much comfort in a world that’s too content to be silent. Thanks for sharing.


  2. So much wisdom and pain in your post. i volunteer in a residential program for teenage girls with prostitution experience. I read posts like your to keep my mind and heart engaged so I can help them carry their pain in the process of recovery. Thanks for keeping it real for me


  3. You bleed like me because you are me. You and other prostituted women are every woman on this planet. You bear the brunt of misogyny, you bear the scars and that’s why exited women are in the vanguard. No one’s liberation is possible without yours, as long as there is a class of humans made into goods, no one is free. I love you all.


  4. Reblogged this on gigoid and commented:
    This young woman knows whereof she speaks… and she speaks the truth, with no shadings for comfort… Are you strong enough?…. I’m glad she is…


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