Just My View

After my post, I was asked for advice about how to be with exited women, and what more can done to forward the movement to full abolition.

I do not have easy answers, in many ways the answers are already inside you – it just means reaching into your heart and knowing with every cell of your body that the prostituted class, whether in the sex trade or exited, are fully human.

But for many that is the hardest step of all not othering the prostituted, not in the back of your subconscious thinking that the prostituted are goods, are sub-human – and cannot or do not have normal human reactions and emotions.

I know you may think or want to believe I am being harsh in writing that – but in this post I say the constant betrayals and the constant reminders of being sub-human, that those who should be on the prostituted side do and say.

I do this from a place of love, but also from a heartache from at least 3000 years of the prostituted class being pushed away and made invisible.

I want to know that the prostituted may the longest complaint of physical, mental and sexual torture being made their norm of any group of humans ever.

The prostituted woman or girl has been raped, has been beaten up, has been thrown away, has been silenced, and has been murdered – from the first caveman who found he could away with sexual violence by exchanging goods with the one he raped.

Prostitution has always be normal violence and degradation as long as early man discover he could just rape without consequences, but he could gain more goods by passing her round other men.

That was the invention of the prostitution – founded in male sexual greed, male desire for goods, male love of violence to women, male want to degrade in a sexual manner.

It is simple – but to keep prostitution going and to make normal in all forms of culture, all types of societies, in all periods of history – those who back the sex trade will claim it is complicated.

Always to make it seemed complex – the blame is placed on the prostituted, and the punters and profiteers become invisible.

If you keep your eye only the prostituted woman or girl – if it all about her individual history, if it just whether she poor or not, is just what type of prostitute she is, if it become just about her protecting herself – you are completely missing out prostitution is and nothing will ever change for the better.

For no individual prostituted woman or girl has any real power or control inside the sex trade – it does matter how “high-class” she appears.

If we constantly make the profiteers and punters invisible, and allow them to carry on destroying the prostituted class – we are part of the genocide of the prostituted class.

So my major advice to help all of the prostituted – is to always keep your focus on the real problem – that is that men make the conscious decision to buy and sell the prostituted class for huge and outrageous profit, for sexual greed and hate, to have a class of women and girls that can be degraded and tortured without consequences.

It is an issue of males using their power and control to create the prostituted class into sub-humans.

It cuts across all male political systems – brothels are common in capitalist nations and so-called socialist countries. All male religious structures find excuses for there being a prostituted class. In every male war, there is provision of prostitutes for rest and recreation.

It is a fact that the vast majority of punters are male – it is a fact that most male prostitutes are viewed as women to be abused by these punters.

Prostitution is an issue of male violence and hate – stop annoying the elephant in the room.

I hear so many ways to make excuses for those male profiteers and punters.

There is old and regular European/American guilt – it just a problem of the capitalist system, and ignoring that prostitution is common in all left-wing political systems – all so-called equal societies have an underbelly of the prostituted class. It may be hidden indoors – but I do not know of any political system that does not gain from having the prostituted class.

Don’t have rose-tainted glasses just coz you want to believe that one male political system could better than another – as long the prostituted are being fucked to death under a red or blue flag, you are part of their genocide.

Do not fall for simple and quick answers to control prostitution – must are invented by sex trade profiteers and made into language to please liberals, the Left and Feminism.

A classic is the constant push to put prostitution indoors. This will framed as being about the dignity, safety and rights of the prostituted. It will framed inside the language of labour, or the guilt-trip feminist language of women empowerment and liberation.

It is classic gas-lighting, don’t be duped.

Indoors prostitution is a money-spinner, the profits are huge – especially when there is a constant turn-over of the goods.

Indoors prostitution is nothing to do with the safety and welfare of the prostituted – they are nothing but fuck-goods to be used and then thrown away.

Indoors prostitution is great for punters for they can any sadistic porn fantasy onto the prostituted – with no regard to her safety or mental welfare, knowing it will made invisible and there no consequences for him.

If you support indoors prostitution – you will be part of the genocide of the prostituted class.

I want you to be aware this is urgent – as you read prostitutes are dying and their lives are made invisible.

Yes challenge all hate-speech about the prostituted class, yes tell about the conditions for the prostituted, yes fight to put the voices of exited women in the fore-front of the abolitionist movement.

But if you really want to destroy the sex trade – keep your focus on the male hate and mate greed that is the backbone of the sex trade.

4 responses to “Just My View

  1. i always say over and over when people get distracted over individuals’ choices, “focus on the men! keep the focus on the men!!!” i’ve seen so many discussions about prostitution get derailed by focusing on the choices of the ones who claim they enjoy it… it is so frustrating because those discussions *never* get anywhere! no one wants to face the reality of what the majority of punters are like, and the inherent misogyny that drives them to want to purchase women and girls in the first place.


  2. Milady… I’ve already re-blogged your previous post today, so I will wait until tomorrow to re-blog this one, and the next, in order to not detract from the power of the message… but I wanted you to know I will be doing so, and to know that you are not alone in your fight to end this atrocity. Until I can purchase my handgun, to use on those misogynistic assholes I intend to eliminate from the face of the earth at my earliest opportunity, it is all I can do… but I will do it as long as necessary…..Stay strong, and Blessed Be….


  3. i concur with gigoid, you are so strong and brave and powerful. thank u for this post and directing our focus to the root of the problem. there are many different and creative ways to shine the spotlight on these bastards. there is such a deep collective denial about how horrible prostitution really is. hmm, how to deal with people in denial…need to think more on this one. you are doing important work and i look forward to learning more about it and you.


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