Pimp- and Punter-Language Will be Deleted

This is a blog that is about abolition, and showing the reality of what it is to have exited indoors prostitution. This blog has a large readership of women recovering from the damage of being inside the sex trade.

Therefore this is not a space for pimps, punters and other apologists for the sex trade to rant on – hell there is millions of spaces for that language.

As an exited woman in most of the public sphere I have no place to voice my reality. All the time it is drowned out by the apologists of the sex trade.

Exited women rarely have access to freedom of speech. So when exited women create their own spaces it becomes vital to their survival.

We will not allow it to be poisoned by those who want to silenced us, and destroy us utterly.

So here are a few guidelines of what will be deleted.

I will not publish endless rants of how individual women are happy doing indoors prostitution. Of course, some women are happy, but unless it is recognised and fully acknowledged that the vast, vast majority of prostituted women whether on the streets or outdoors have no real human rights or access to control – then those types of comments are just callous to the many exited women that read my blog.

I will not publish justifications that are wrapped up in how certain prostitutes hold power over the punters. This is an upside-down view of prostitution which was created by the sex trade, and promoted inside porn. For the majority of prostituted women and girls who have no power to stop the ordinary violence and degradation of their lives – that is a highly hurtful concept.

I will not publish endless words on how some privileged prostituted women own their own bodies – and just rent it out. I can be understanding in wanting to believe that – and not wanting to know the bitter reality that the sex trade and its consumers do not see the prostitute as a human, but as goods to buy and sell. There is no equality, there is no access to humanity inside the world of prostitution – even if it is surrounded by honey words.

I will not publish how other forms of work are more dangerous, that it more dangerous to cross the road. I will never stop saying that prostitution is highly dangerous – and that far too many prostitutes are murdered, died from lack of hope, or commit suicide. I will not have compare with other jobs – for prostitution is not work, but sexual slavery for the vast majority of the prostituted.

I will not published the constant refrain – I was not raped, so doing indoors prostitution is fine then. Yes, I truly delighted for any prostitute who has never been raped – but that is not true for millions of prostituted women and girls. I write to end the violence of prostitution, not to be stopped because a tiny few may be treated with respect and dignity.

I will not publish that the words of abolitionists put the prostituted into more danger by pointing out that the prostituted are viewed as sub-human. It is not abolitionists that created that terrible lie – it is the punters that buy the prostitute as goods to be his fuck-toy, it is the sex trade profiteers who make the prostitute into goods to pour any sexual torture into – and it is those with power in society who turn away from the exploitation of the prostituted. Abolitionists stand up for the prostituted, and see their full humanity.

I will not publish the gas-lighting tactics of saying the only problem for the prostituted class is that is stigmatised. This is used to hide the punter’s violence, this is used to make invisible that the sex trade wants to keep all the prostituted as sub-humans they can control. Compare the threat of murder, the constant sexual torturing, the endless rapes and verbal abuse – being under a stigma is relatively minor.

I will not publish words that put the blame on the prostituted woman for the violence and degradation that is her life. I will not have words of how she did not have the temperament to do indoors prostitution. I will not have words saying she should have read the body language of the punter – and seen that he was going to be violent. I will not have advice of how she should have known self-defence, or it her own fault for not fighting back. I am sick of this for it ignores the reality that the prostitute is no position to have any power to stop the violence – and even if she may stop one time of violence, there will plenty more violence coming at her – until she learns the only way to somehow survive is to stop caring or fighting.

I will not publish how prostitution is freedom of choice. This is said only from a short moment when the prostitute is acting happy – usually to pleased the punter or to stay safe with the pimp/profiteer. It does includes the reasons she became a prostitute, it does not let in that she may raped as a prostitute, it does look at whether she has any real power as a prostitute, and it does worry if she is trapped or not. As long as the prostitute keeps the appearance of being happy – everyone can pass by deciding she choose that lifestyle.

I will not publish punters justifying that they are not as an individual violent to their prostitutes. Big deal – and to be honest why should I take the word of any punter. Even if he is not violent to that one prostitute – he is still buying her for his selfish needs, and in buying her he is owning her. He can be violent at any time, for he can always make it into nothing and say he is a good man.

I will not publish punters going on and on about how they love prostitutes, and that prostitutes are their real friends. Not when I know those type of punters were the ones most prostitutes hate the most. The talkers, the ones who think they have the right to get under the skin of the prostitute, the ones who think it some kind of relationship – they are the ones most prostitutes want to kill. They don’t invade your body, they want own your mind and soul as well. It is the talkers that many exited women still get nightmares about.

Right that a few rules.

13 responses to “Pimp- and Punter-Language Will be Deleted

  1. Good on you, sister…. you tell those assholes the way it is… if you have no objection, I will re-blog this post, with great pleasure for the opportunity….


  2. Hear Hear!

    When liberation runs amok a new reality can be imagined.
    And I think your blog does that for survivor’s speech Rebecca.


  3. The truth rips away every comfortable lie that shields their monstrousness from the light of day. They can’t rewrite the truth but they will kill us trying, because they know it’s us or them. Their monstrousness does not survive the light of day.

    Your courage and will is truly extraordinary. ❤ ❤ ❤


  4. I’m glad you are unyielding with the truth. I have this *fool* that likes to tell me I am part of problem cause I don’t want to help the all the girls for whom prostitution is such a rosy career. If is is so wonderful, why would they need my help?


  5. Thanks for writing this. I just wish more people would read this. We need to start changing the way people think about prostitution. I’m over hearing the following; it’s a choice; they enjoy it; they make good money;it’s empowering. What a load of crap. And I am over hearing the nasty names given to women who work in the sex industry; like whores or skanks etc. Arent the men who use these women worse. What names do we give to them?


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