Reasons I Cannot Celebrate Yet

Today is International Women’s Day, and as an exited prostituted woman I find I cannot celebrate yet – but I continue to fight in the hope that one day I can.

I cannot celebrate whilst in almost every country in the world, almost every city and small town, inside so many buildings you may walk pass – prostituted women and girls are in conditions of slavery.

I cannot celebrate while in my heart I know almost every long-term prostituted woman or girl is sexually tortured, is beaten up, and is raped beyond the language of rape.

I cannot celebrate when in every computer, anyone can access watching the torture and rape of the prostituted class in the name of adult entertainment.

I cannot celebrate when inside that same computer, any man at any time or place can order up a prostituted woman or girl to do whatever porn-fuelled fantasy he wants.

I cannot celebrate when all the time everywhere prostituted women and girls are getting murdered, and it is only noticed if it is the sensation of being a serial killing.

I cannot celebrate when men that consume the prostituted know they owned her completely – knowing that gives them full rights to any violence and hate to her body and mind with no consequences.

I cannot celebrate when so many so-called feminists say it is just “sex work”, it must be a free choice for any woman, heck being the prostituted class must be liberating for all woman.

I cannot celebrate as those same feminists say I would do it – but it must free for other women to choose that lifestyle.

I cannot celebrate as prostitution and violence inside porn becomes just an appendix to the feminist revolution – or our lives and truths are just viewed as a terrible example, but ignored for it too big to deal with.

I cannot celebrate when always voices of amazing exited women are side-lined in the campaign for abolition – our voices are made statistics, made part of some academic book, used as quotes – we are spoken over, spoken through, and spoken around.

I cannot celebrate until the abolitionist movement put the voices and writings of exited women in a leadership role – we are not your token prostitute, we will not be treated like pets.

I cannot celebrate as every day I feel in my gut what is happening in hotels, in flats, on the streets – that so many walk pass and say is normal.

I cannot celebrate as trauma is just what now the normal torture and hate being put to any woman or girl named as escort, named as girlfriend experience. I was and am never unique.

I cannot celebrate as other invent and find multiple excuses to normalise that torture and hate – that men have a “need” for sex, that some women are just made as “natural” prostitutes, that is a good thing for it stops “real” rape.

I cannot celebrate when all round I hear statements to remind that the prostitute will always be sub-human – maybe she was born sex-crazed, women like that don’t feel pain like real women, she loves being humiliated, or in reality she is using the men.

I cannot celebrate when all round images of the prostitutes are just the happy hooker or the dead victim – there is no reality to these images, and they drown out any truths spoken.

I will celebrate IWD – when all prostituted women and girls have complete freedom, are give a voice, and are made fully human.

I cannot celebrate until then.

13 responses to “Reasons I Cannot Celebrate Yet

  1. one thing i can celebrate, Rebecca: having found so many strong, amazing, brilliant women to communicate and network with, such as yourself! i know they say that the internet makes people feel more isolated, but in some ways that’s not true. it has made me feel a lot less alone to finally be able to talk to so many like-minded women. i now know how to articulate what i found so wrong with so many things i’ve noticed as a woman… i finally have that language and other women’s experiences to back me up. most of my life i’ve been mocked, called all sorts of names, and treated like a freak because i spoke out against things no one else ever questions or thinks critically about (one of the main criticisms i received from people was “You think too much”. seriously, since when was thinking a bad thing???). now i’m finding that i was right about so many things that others mocked me for and i’m glad that i stuck to my guns and had enough self-esteem and worth to not let anyone convince me that i’m crazy and defective.

    anyway, it inspires me to see the work you do, and to see that more and more exited women are speaking out and networking. i celebrate that women are finally able to communicate with each other globally and join together to fight the things that have been keeping us down for so long. THE GASLIGHTING WILL NO LONGER WORK ON US. i celebrate that you and other exited women are joining up to spread the truth about the sex trade and that you are finding the courage and support to do this. i celebrate you and other women who won’t be trampled and silenced! love ya, Rebecca!!!!


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  4. amazing post. xxx
    my favourite bit: I cannot celebrate until the abolitionist movement put the voices and writings of exited women in a leadership role – we are not your token prostitute, we will not be treated like pets.

    total truth


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  6. Thank you again Rebecca. Personally, I will celebrate International Women’s Day when the male demand for sub-human women has been criminalised globally. That’ll be the day, as far as I am concerned, that women will have something international to celebrate.


  7. Rebecca, I’m admin for a small FB group of anti-trafficking activists. If you’d like to join, just friend me on Facebook and let me know you want to be part of our group. Even if you would not like to join, if there is anything I can help you with, please know I would like to.



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