It is Not Rocket Science

I am very tired and sick – and one of the major reason for that because those who want to keep the status quo of prostitution makes out it is a highly complex issue.

It is not – that is just a trick to make outsiders turn away from the many simple realities of what prostitution is, and the ways women and girls are made into the prostituted class.

The first and most important simple fact about prostitution – is that all the violence in done by men who make the choice to buy a prostitute as sex goods, all that violence is the selling point of prostitution for the sex trade profiteers.

So it is not because the prostitute is weak or unable to read the punter’s body language.

It is not because she may have been abused prior to entering prostitution, so cannot know what good sex is.

Men pay for sex, not for communication, not because they are lonely, not in a spontaneous manner – men pay for sex to have control, freedom to do any sadistic sex act they want, to have no come-back for their action, and to know it is disposal sex.

Even punters that act nice are still fully in control and can turn violent or mentally abuse at any point.

Punters know that the prostitute he is fucking would not go near him if it wasn’t for the money or others forms of payment.

Think clearer – think harder – that is paying to be able to rape and sexually torture without consequences.

That is how simple and terrible prostitution is.

No wonder that those who want to keep prostitution make it as complicated as possible.

They are constantly saying there many different types of prostitutes – attempting to find the prostitute who will never be raped, never be disrespected by punters, never viewed as parts of a body not a full human being, never have to disconnect from the violence.

They imagine some nirvana of indoors prostitution – where all punters are safe, clean and respectful, where a prostitute can and does turn away any man who is even looks violent, where the pay is high and nothing is cut from that pay, where it run by women who are kind and fun to work for.

They imagine fiction from novels, from listening to jazz, from too many old movies, from some invented whore-goddess, from dreams of the Wild West, from imagination that refuses reality.

There will never be a safe space for the prostituted class – for it is always the right of the punter to own her body and mind, it is always the right of the sex trade profiteer to make her nothing but fuckable goods.

It does not matter how golden the cage is that the prostitute exist in – she is always a target of rape, always a target to be sexually tortured, and always stripped of human rights.

Survival is learning to adapt to this hell – adaptation is about accepting violence as your norm, and refusing to feel or know that norm.

So it is not rocket science that the majority of long-term prostituted women, especially those in indoors prostitution – will be highly defiant and claim to be happy in their life.

To survive prostitution, it must be blocked out firmly, it must become something where you only see the good in it.

There are huge gaps where all the rapes, the verbal abuse, the hate, the being made into good, the isolation, the torture, and access to fear go into.

So when you endlessly told about the happy hooker by those who want to keep prostitution, be very sceptical about their motivations for this kind of talk.

Ask if they know her full life. Ask if they know that every single punter who has her is non-violent, see her as a full human not just goods he can fuck.

Ask if they know her managers/pimps would never send to know sadistic punters if the money was enough. Ask if she is not gradually been made to do extras that when she started she said she would never do – and if those extras endangered her.

Ask if she has many times she cannot remember. Ask if she takes drugs or drink before and after being with certain punters.

Oh these question are not asked – for it may undermine the dream of the happy hooker.

I will end here coz my sickness is overwhelming.

Please see prostitution for what it is – slavery and torture – not what you want it to be.

4 responses to “It is Not Rocket Science

  1. It is not rocket science but so many want it to be. The truth is simple, always. Thank you for the truth and may everyday give you ease. Bless


  2. You are right, there is nothing complicated about the dynamics involved when men prostitute women. Unfortunately what is complicated is the process of rebuilding our lives after the abuse in the sex industry – something the johns never have to worry about.


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