It is Not Acceptable or Cool

As an exited prostituted woman, I am surrounded by expressions that reminds me of my place as a sub-human. Most of these expressions are said to be trendy or that you just want to appear cool.

Well, as I write this post, I would love it if you minded your language.

Do you go round thinking racist remarks are just trendy? Is it cool to make jokes about rape? Would you amuse your friends with your wild homophobic statements?

No, I would have thought the vast majority of those who come to this blog would be outraged at such behaviour and attitudes. You would be the first to be embarrassed or to hush up such hate-speech.

But, then you uses the words “Whore”, “Pimp” and “Slut” in random, and for exited women, deeply damaging ways. These words become nouns and occasional verbs to fit any situation, as long it nothing to do with the reality of the sex trade.

In this post, I will show a selection of how these words surround me, how these words are a daily daggers to the heart.

I have written many times on the Slutwalk – say how for the prostituted class it is impossible to reclaim the word Slut.

How can we when it is blood and ashes in our mouths? How can we use the word Slut when it was said to make us sub-humans? How can we say Slut as we always know that is the word of our conqueror and controller?

To say Slut without seeing the terror, the memories of being tortured, the being made into a sex object – to say Slut with none of those connections is to be deeply privileged.

With that privilege, you should be reaching out and helping those who have Slut forced into them as a poison and a weapon of hate.

I cannot viewed Slutwalks without the deep hurt of knowing it nothing more than minstrel show that insult all the prostituted class.

Please know what it really is to be named as a Slut when you are prostituted – know and stop being so romantic about that word.

To be named Slut or the many other hate words that confined the prostituted – is to know you are not allowed to be human, you are just sex goods to be brought and sold.

The prostitute is always named and viewed as the Slut, it becomes her only purpose in life, and will be killed or thrown away when her Slut-hood is worn out.

For all those who gain or the sex trade – a Slut is the prostitute for she is always sexually available.

She is available or sex even if she is ill; she is available for sex even as the sexual acts put in grave danger or give her diseases; she is available for sex that disgust and or terrified her.

A Slut who is the prostitute has no right or access to the language of No to any sexual act.

To be truthful and very frank, to be a Slut as a prostitute is to know torture on every level. To a Slut as a prostitute is to deeply understand what slavery is.

So stop saying Slut in such a flippant way.

The word Pimp is everywhere.

You can pimp – my car, my baby, my cake, my wedding, my dress, my hair, and on and on and bloody on.

Pimp has somehow come to mean something made to look fabulous.

Where the hell is the connection with the selling and exploiting the prostituted class?

It may come from a fantasy visions of 70’s factual pimps such as Huggy Bear, it may be from the fantasy world of commercial rap music.

Both paint the Pimp as the hero or anti-hero, we should want to be.

It has the image that selling women and mainly girls is a quick and easy way to make money – and in much of the West with the deeply racist overtones that it could the only way for young urban Black men to get rich and have a reputation.

But look beyond the fantasy image of the Pimp – and know what it means to the prostituted class.

Most so-called Pimps make themselves invisible, and are not this cartoon image of rap and 70’s films/TV cop shows.

Pimps are called businessmen; Pimps are the men in offices who do no dirty work, but get rich on the blood and guts of the prostituted; Pimps are the police who turn a blind eye to the violence done to the prostituted, but get money to say it is safe and legitimate; Pimps are women who run brothels saying it is clean and safe, as the prostituted are being tortured.

Those are tiny examples of what Pimps are to the prostituted class.

To be under the thumb of the Pimp is know you are nothing but sex goods that must get used to mental, physical and sexual torture.

To be under the thumb of the Pimp is to not a whole body – you are a cunt to get fucked, you are an anus to know humiliation, you are a mouth to service men, you are hands to make sure every punter has an orgasm – you have everything except a mind or a face.

To be under the thumb of the Pimp is to lose all hope that you can be fully human – it is to live by learning not to dream.

So next time you say something is Pimped – be aware your casual use of the word is part of making the torturing and exploitation of the prostituted class.

Finally to the use of the word Whore.

I have been made furious and saddened by the liberal artsy-fartsy use of Whore with things and actives that are nothing to do with prostitution.

You can be a music-whore, book-whore, clothes-whore, food-whore, film-whore etc etc.

I suppose it means you love variety and are eclectic in your tastes – but to this humble exited woman asks, what the fuck does to do with reality of being made into a Whore?

To be a Whore is as I have said is to be tortured, is to made sub-human, is to know you are brought and sold, it is knowing at any time you could be murdered.

Why would you want to prettied the word Whore – when millions of the prostituted class are made into disposable good – so you can remain trendy and cool.

Then there is the common “‘Ho and Pimp” parties. Dressing up as mainly 70’s cartoon images of what the privileged think is the world of the prostituted.

Sorry to wreck your fun – but the clothes you wears are killing us with reminders that the prostituted will always remain sub-human even after we have the determination and courage to exit.

Maybe if at the end of your party the “‘Ho” was placed inside a room with a strange man or men paying for the right to sexually abuse her until they are bored.

Maybe if at the end of the party the “Pimp” is standing outside the door taking money off those men, and stopping the “‘Ho” from leaving.

Then maybe you would stop taking the piss out of the prostituted class.

I can dream.

4 responses to “It is Not Acceptable or Cool

  1. “To say Slut without seeing the terror, the memories of being tortured, the being made into a sex object – to say Slut with none of those connections is to be deeply privileged.”


  2. I love the way you pulled all those terms apart and laid them out clearly… Perfect and I know I will be forever mindful of the violence behind those words. Thank you.


  3. I applaud your courage and honesty in explaining what these words *really* mean. I never felt comfortable with the casual and unthinking use of these words that to me, always demean women. With thanks.


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