We See Through You

Dedicated to all the amazing exited women from the sex trade who cannot and will not be silenced. You are all my true heroes.


There is a constant war against any exited woman who speak out, who dare to use the personal to be deeply political. An unending war to silence our voices – and in the long run to destroy our will to live.

I will focus here on some of the tactics used when exited women use the internet.

We are attacked through multiple methods on the net – we have comments left on our blogs, on Facebook we get private messages and threads attacking us, we are Skype, we have vicious articles or blogs written about us – it is relentless and would be laughable, if it was not setting off deep trauma.

It must always be remembered that these attacks on exited women is not normally done by individual saddoe trolls, or just nasty bored people.

Most of the attackers of exited women are highly organised inside the pro-sex trade lobby. Many have funding from the sex trade and its supporters – so can be relentless for they will not run out of money.

Many of our attackers, whether male or female – do it because they are profiteers inside the sex trade.

They may say they just business folks, just sex workers, just friends of the sex trade – we know they are pimps, we know they view us as sub-humans.

That is the fundamental truth of all this constant attacking of exiting women – especially for exited women who are powerful leaders in the campaign to bring about abolition – it is done to remind of our place in society.

That is the place of the sub-human.

In the minds of our attackers – we should not be alive, we should have lost our minds, we should have no rights to speech.

The sex trade lobby are furious with each and every exited women who has a strong voice.

They are doing everything in their corrupted power to silenced us – silenced us on a permanent level.

They are not just being nasty to us – they want to wipe us off the face of earth.

Our attackers do not attack in the heat of the moment – it is cold and calculated, and is always done with long-term thinking.

Pimps are patience as they mentally destroyed the prostituted – always they want to hide their hate and anger behind the veneer that she is just self-destructive.

If that was domestic violence or incest – we see it as it is, the breaking down and brainwashing of the vulnerable woman or girl. But, but when it is done to the prostituted class, it her own weakness, and any how it always decided she has chosen her life, so why is she moaning.

Pimps use the concept of “choice” to be invisible, pimps invent the world of sex workers to make all hate and violence the fault of an individual prostitute.

This language is used every day to silenced exited women. But every day we see through their illusions.

We are no longer the prostitute who obeys out of terror and wanting to stay alive, we are no longer the prostitute who can act happy as torture becomes her norm – and we are not longer the prostitute who acts stupid and stays silent in order to imagine there is a world outside prostitution.

We are no longer your sex toys – that you will manipulate, that you enjoy breaking, and that you always throw into the trash to get another whore.

We are angry, we will lay bare our pain, we will speak to the unbearable – and most important we see you and know you.

Yes we do have some fear of you – for it reminds of what was to made sub-human, it reminds us of being goods pass around, it reminds of the deep hate you embody, it reminds us of your casual violence to us.

But this fear will never silence us – it does the reverse it spurs us into action, for we know there are millions of prostituted women and girls living inside that hate and violence now – and we fight to free them.

I will name some of the common tactics of our attackers – so our allies and friends can be on the look-out. We can fight alone, we have often fought alone for our whole lives – but solid and loving support is wonderful.

The most common tactic is to attack exited women for their mental health issues.

This is rarely a true recognition of severe trauma – for to recognised that it is vital to acknowledge that the violence done to the prostituted by punters, the making of the prostituted as consumable goods by sex trade profiteers, and the almost complete turning away of society from the oppression of the prostituted that are the real reasons for trauma.

No, “concern” for our mental welfare is not from a place of caring – no it come from wanting to send us into mental illness enough to silence us, hopefully forever.

There is the language of maybe we are too fragile to be able to cope with debate or anyone who may disagree with our views.

This sounds fair – but often we are stating the normal use of violence, the constant dehumanising, and the no space that can be safe for the prostituted class. And our attacks say that just your “personal story”, I know of prostitutes who are happy – so that is made into a full stop.

One mythical happy hooker lined up against the millions of prostituted women and girls who have no rights, no access to safety and no voice.

That is not a debate – that is silencing.

Whenever our attackers have run out of logical and reasonable views, they reach for the – it just you personal story; oh, it is sad what may of happened to you, but not all prostitutes are you; maybe you were just very unlucky; well it not like you can really remembered the “facts”; and the classic, weren’t you abused before entering prostitution, maybe you just know what good sex is.

This shows how our attackers refused to read or listen in a real way that we work our message. For if and when we used the personal, it is always for deep political reasons.

We use the personal for it is the norm for all aspects of prostitution – our “histories” are just example of the common grinding down of vulnerable women and girls into sub-human that are made into fuck-goods. Each one of us is just a tiny example of millions of prostituted women and girls from many centuries, many cultures, many backgrounds, many classes or castes.

It is very definition of the personal is political.

I love the statement often made by our attackers that we are too mentally fragile.

That is hilarious.

Fragile after coming out alive from some of the most relentless, most constant, most painful forms of mental, physical and sexual torturing.

Fragile that we not only somehow survive, but came out sane.

We are not fragile – yes we live with trauma, yes we know and remember the true meaning of torture – that is a normal reaction to the hate and violence of the sex trade, not a fragile brain.

You say we are fragile to keep us inside a cage – a cage where you can pity us, you can always put us away if we make too much noise or have self-belief.

You say we are fragile to prove our word is always unreliable.

You are consciously silencing us by naming us as fragile.

We are not fragile – we are letting in the pain in order to bring life back into our bodies, we allowing fear to be known to end being cut away from own realities.

We are not fragile – we are furious that we were made sub-human, furious that any violence done to us is made invisible, and furious that we have most of our lives had no authentic voice.

We are furious that our attackers dare to patronise us.

Please read and support exited women more.

Leave comments on their blogs, get them to be leading speakers at anti-sex trade meetings, use their words to form ways towards abolition.

Let us be leaders and discredit our attackers.

That is real support.

Just don’t be silent as we are attacked – for that silence feeds our haters.


8 responses to “We See Through You

  1. ‘This is not debate, – this is silencing’.

    exactly. You put it into such clear words. They pretend they want a friendly debate, but we cans sense what they really ‘want’. we can read between the lines and see what they’re saying for what it really is.
    Just know that the louder they are, the more scared of you they are, the more powerful you are.


  2. The ones who are truly mentally ill are the violent, sadistic, selfish punters/pimps/profiteers. THEY are the ones who are sub-humanm, because to be fully human is to treat all people with dignity and respect.

    Yours is the only blog of exited women I so far know of, as I find more I will certainly give my support.

    In Peace & Solidarity,


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