Looking For Unicorns

I am tired and exhausted by how “discussions” round prostitution are controlled by a constant search for two unicorns.

The unicorn of the prostituted women who have never had bad experiments, is completely in control, has no past experiences of sexual violence, and is able to leave at any time.

The other unicorn that others are desperate to discover is the good punter – the punters who would report any abuse or under-aged prostitutes without testing the goods first, the punter who would not dream of making the prostitute into living porn, you know that Richard Gere punter.

Well, if you are on the search for these unicorns, you are more than wasting your time, you are diverting the work of the abolitionist movement.

Look within yourself, why you need there to be good punters and happy hookers – why do have the need to make the reality vanish.

I know many prostituted women who when deep inside the sex trade who will say they are happy and in control.

I also know that their words are the language of the sex trade – the language to please the punters, the language to avoid punishment from sex trade profiteers, the language of defiance when in the public gaze.

It not the words of freedom, it is not words that comes knowing their authentic selves – it is the language of the brain-washed, the language of the tortured, it is the language of women who can no longer imagine hope.

This is what you find in your search for your happy prostitute.

What I want to know, what most exited women want to know – why do believe every word that prostituted woman says when in front of your eyes it is clear she is in conditions of torture.

I know that many women beaten by their partners will say many times that everything is good, say how much in love they are.

But most feminists would not take their word for it.

The same with acquaintance rape. The language of maybe he didn’t understand that she didn’t want it, that she wants to forgive him, that it must have been her fault somehow.

These are words we choose not to believe.

But if a prostituted woman said she is happy – then we discount her past, we make invisible any present violence and degradation , and we make the choice to poison her future.

We refuse to see any past for the prostituted woman when it is decided she must be happy.

We cannot allow that she may have been abused as a child; we must discount that she enter the sex trade from poverty; we ignore that she lied to, coerced or threaten to become a prostitute; heck, we must destroy any past of pain and confusion to make into our happy prostitute.

We cannot see that being paid to be a sexual object feels and is being raped over and over and over and over again; we mustn’t know that most punter pay to sexually torture the prostituted; we mustn’t know that most prostituted survive by being so dead that none can matter.

All this must vanish, so others can believe in the unicorn of the happy prostitute.

That is a betrayal of all of the prostituted.

Looking for the unicorn of the good punter is not just wrong, it is also endangering for the prostituted.

If all you care about is finding that good punter – then you can live with ignoring the extreme violence and hate that nearly every single man who make the choice to buy the prostituted puts into her.

You will abandoned the prostituted, or they get in the way of your rose-tainted scenery. For that I will damned you to hell.

One myth of the good punter is the concept that punters will say and even shop if there are prostituted women in danger, if he sees prostituted may be trafficked, that the prostitute is under-aged, that the prostitution is run by crooks.

This is utter bullshit – but it is nice to believe such rubbish.

Punters know and don’t care that all those types of prostitutes are easy to access. Most punters see and hear the prostitutes being beaten, raped and mentally tortured – even if he make the choice to be “gentle”, he is in the environment where he has full permission to be sadistic.

I hate to burst your balloon – but if punters do report abuse or trafficking, it is usually to save his own skin in fear of being arrested or having his name known. He would have fucked the prostitute before he chooses to report it – he gets his money worth.

There is no such thing as the good punter – for if a man has “good” in him he would not even think to buy a prostitute for his selfish sexual wants.

If a man is to be good, he will part of the movement for the complete abolition of prostitution – not looking for the endless excuses for why men must have the prostituted class.

Just remember there are no unicorns – forget the myth of the Happy Hooker and the good punter.

Stop getting in the way of abolition – for prostituted women and girls are being destroyed as you hunt a dream.

10 responses to “Looking For Unicorns

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  2. Really, really good points. I’ve seen people quote these unicorns all too often. A lot of funfems seem to believe there are a lot of happy prostituted women..I know why men like to believe that (get rid of guilt over liking buying women), but why would women believe that? Maybe these funfems have coped with their daily objectification by making it into a fantasy, that to get money for more intense objectification would be good. But since they aren’t actually being bought for sexual torture, they have no idea what it is really like. And it’s insulting and very hurtful to all the women who are dealing with this torture, to have other women saying it’s “fun” to be ever be prostituted.


  3. Had an amazing conversation with my plumber today regarding punters and he said so clearly any man who has a conscience, respect for women and an ounce of good in him would never buy sex and it shamed him to be a man at times. It was reassuring for me to hear clearly from a man that “prostitution is not work it is women being raped and society supporting it ” It gave me hope to hear it as sadly it is so rare that someone talks so openly about it.


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  6. Thanks everyone. Sarah – it is good to know that some men have compassion, I hope he speaks to other men about it.


  7. Thanks Rebecca, it felt a big thing which in it’s self feels sad, but his words were powerful and yes he does speak to other men about it, if the subject comes up and refuses any stag dos events that involve lap dancing, topless bars etc and will speak clearly as to why. He said he can’t not respect men that don’t respect women.


  8. Wow, awesome post.

    “Look within yourself, why you need there to be good punters and happy hookers – why do have the need to make the reality vanish.” — this is a million dollar question. I would be very interested to hear people’s answers to this.

    One thing that comes to mind is that in this age of so-called freedom and choice and individuality, yada yada, people are scared to have opinions and speak out for fear they are taking away other people’s “choice” to do what they want, which is understandable, but this fear has gone overboard in many areas including porn/prostitution. Also, if only enslaved prostituted women’s voices are being given a platform to spin sex trade lies, and that is all the public is hearing, then that must also contribute to the stubborn unicorn hunting/believing. I don’t know, just some thoughts.


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