Sickened by All the Lies

The sex trade has for a long time infiltrated feminism – and now this has the ridiculous label of sex-positive feminism.

This is a “feminism” that all about the individual women’s right to do sex work, or at least play at doing it, or not do it but fully back the status quo of the sex trade as some kind of liberation and empowerment for women.

No matter that this will discount round about 98% of women and girls inside the sex trade; no matter that this belief is built on imaging the violence is not eminent in the sex trade, is just there for women who are not them may have made bad choices.

None of that matters for the purpose of being a sex-positive feminist is not to care about or even support the ordinary woman or girl inside the sex trade – no, most of their energy is focused on keeping as much the sex trade  making its endless profit; their focus is pandering to the “needs” of the male consumers of the sex trade; and the only women they may focus on are the highly privileged who can make a hobby of being inside the sex trade, or are women who are in the management class, are pimps/brothels owners or so-called business women.

Wow, that sounds like feminism to me – allowing millions of prostituted women and girls to be destroyed, in order that you can fulfilled selfish sexual needs.

This type of feminism make the choice to buy the sex trade lie – that being inside the sex trade is just work, oh it may nasty  and dangerous work, but heck it must be better than being a cleaner or working with fast food.

Thanks for showing up your deep and totally insensitive privilege.

I laugh until I am sick with bitter tears at the inevitable –

“It must be better than working at McDonald’s”

I always expect that old cliché for at least 20 years.

Yes, I know McDonald’s is the whipping boy of the Left, I know it will make you look cool to be so bloody unoriginal – but please don’t compare prostitution, stripping or doing hard-core porn to working in McDonald’s.

Is it common that staff at McDonald’s are mentally and sexually tortured? Is it routine for them to have their pay stolen or taken into nonsense “fines”? And is a every day experience that some of McDonald’s staff disappear, with those left living with the knowledge they are more likely move to more violent conditions or murdered?

Oh, well it is said over and over and over – that being inside the sex trade may be dangerous, but think of the mainly male jobs that are far more dangerous, such as firefighter, lumberjack or soldier.

I am sorry apart from the solders – most people who die at work are through accidents, man-made or not. Most are not murdered just because of the job they are made into.

Women inside the sex trade rarely die in an accident, and the vast majority of their deaths are because of their role as the “whore”. She dies because she is not allowed to live outside the role of the Whore – she will die if she sees and knows a world outside that role.

The deaths of women and girls are through suicide or self-harm, death through the men going too far with their sexual violence, or through outright murder of the Whore.

This is not a job where death is considered to be normal – that is closer to slavery and mainstream torture.

Oh, there is the classic lie –

“We all prostitute ourselves – heck, work is a form of prostitution.”

So, everyone everywhere is living with being raped by multiple men; everyone everywhere are living with so much sexual, physical and mental violence, that they survived by being dead inside; and everyone everywhere hates their job for it the conditions of a slave.

Do you really believe that? Are you really that much of a fool?

No by saying everyone is a prostitute – you are callously dismissing and refusing to change the conditions of the vast majority of the women and girls trapped inside the sex trade. You make the choice to ignore, dismiss or even ridicule the constant rapes and sexual torturing; to throw away the endless brainwashing and closing the prostituted away from reality.

How can be that callous – and call yourself a feminist?

Oh – I suppose you do so by willingly buying the endless lies of the divide and rule of the prostituted.

You will say we are not talking sex slaves, but adult women who freely consent.

Well I have never meet or heard of that unicorn outside of Hollywood or in Happy Hooker “memoirs”.

I know and think is very normal that women inside the sex trade will be out-spoken at saying it is empowering and they may say it is liberating. That is not the language of freedom, it is the language of survival and determination to block out all the violence and degradation that is their norm.

You will say we must know there some bad in the sex trade – externally trafficked if there is proven violence; child prostitution; being “forced” into the sex trade; illegal indoors prostitution or sex clubs; working on the streets.

You say that “bad” mustn’t be used as scare tactics to close down the sex trade.

Only that is only true, if you refuse to see all this is interconnected.

How can you be against trafficking if you discount so many women who externally trafficked by re-branding as “economic migration? How can you make internal trafficking invisible, when it one of the most common method to recruit the vulnerable into the sex trade.

How can you really be against child prostitution – if when the same women hit 16 or 1 they8 are allowed to disappear into the sex trade. When it an unwritten rule for those who back the sex trade – to let the punters and profiteers to use young teenage girls, saying they looked like adults. This is a lie – for they are often brought and sold cheap, cheaper than adults in the sex trade. But you choose to make their pain invisible.

It is a massive lie that the violence only happens when the sex trade is forced underground.

The sex trade is never truly underground, it always available or any man with money, especially if it becomes his habit.

The violence is always the norm of most aspects of the sex trade – the whole purpose of the sex trade is to tell men who make the choice to consume it, that it ok to make women into dirt, it is ok to have and do any violent sexual porn-fuelled fantasy on the living bodies of the prostituted class.

That is what the prostituted class was invented for – to be a dustbin for male hatred and disdain or women.

Think of it as a social service – for the endless destruction of the prostituted class is used to keep non-prostituted relatively safe.

This of course, is pure bullshit. For violent men will be violent to any woman as the Whore – be that his wife, his daughter, or his neighbour.

But that is not the complete truth – there is an ugly truth that most of feminism is refusing to see and know – that many punters that make the choice to use extreme violence to prostituted women and girls, only to it to the prostituted, and act with kindness and respect to non-prostituted women and girls.

This is an uncomfortable truth – that men will make the choice to create the prostituted as so sub-human that it made not real violence and hate – just some kind of release so they can be “normal”. They believe no harm is or can be done to the prostituted – for it just consuming goods that is all.

If you can see that coldness – and still want to back the sex trade, then you also have no heart.

A classic lie that sex-positive feminists buy very quickly is that being inside porn and prostitution must be liberating and empowering for women – for it is framed as having body autonomy.

That is not the universe for the vast majority of women and girls inside porn and prostitution – who are told, have no access to full consent, are pressured, are forced and are threatened to do whatever sex act the punter or that makes the most profit.

To have body autonomy would be a dream and a luxury for most women and girls inside the sex trade – for the vast vast majority it is an impossible dream that is smashed every day.

This is very long – so I will stop now.

But to be a feminist – you must rise up women and girls that are the most oppressed. The prostituted class live in conditions of slavery, are continually tortured, know murder is their norm and are some the poorest women in the world.

To abandoned the prostituted class for your selfish sexual needs is not feminist.

Stop blocking out the voices and experiences of exited for it makes you uncomfortable. Your comfort is unimportant when you abandoned millions of girls and women to the hell of the sex trade.

10 responses to “Sickened by All the Lies

  1. it always blows my mind how sex trade supporters *never* seem to think of any of the points you have just made and it seems to me they actively try to avoid thinking about these points… i’ve never seen any of them give much of a response to any of it. they just parrot “bodily autonomy” and “choice” over and over again without digging any deeper or coming up with a real thought out answer. it’s like listening to a broken record. i think perhaps it is much easier for them to try to convince themselves by repeating certain mantras rather than having to face their own consciences.


  2. You are gutsy and glorious Rebecca!
    YES: She dies because she is not allowed to live outside the role of the Whore – she will die if she sees and knows a world outside that role.

    And the ‘sex positive’ ‘feminists’ who heap praises on madams like Sheila Farmer while allowing them to steal the the identities of prostituted women for their own profits — do their best to silence us and disenfranchise us, to ignore the millions of women worldwide who are suffering. They even seem to enjoy demeaning us.


  3. Really have nothing to add, just to say thank you for another brilliant post. I’m thinking of donating to CATWA Australia because they need the $$$ to fight against the sex trade, which is multi billion dollar industry here. There is really nothing here to help women here. Thanks.


  4. I also love how when i speak out and say, actually guys it isn’t like that, i am immediately dismissed as i am retired so therefore my opinion is not as valid as an active prostitute. Another thing is saying that as I was abused into the sex trade i wasn’t a ‘real’ independent sex worker, so therefore, again, my opinion and experience is devalued. The people on the ‘side’ of the prostitute often seem to actually just have contempt for us.


  5. You have hit the nail(s) on the head. Totally accurate and even if one who has gotten free cant speak out yet, she can hear the comments around her, see the prejudices on TV and in movies, feel the lonely pain of the isolation, and still smell the foul odors of the assaults…even in her dreams and memories. She is still a dead woman walking. Keep up your posts they are true and necessary.


  6. One of the most sickening lies I have encountered from a sex-positive “feminist” was written on my blog by Professor Michael Goodyear, with whom I had an extensive debate on prostitution after I gave up on the Ms. blog:
    “We are the only people offering some care and support.”

    I had been trying to have a civil discussion with that man–at least he did not have the gall to insist I am sex-negative–, but that and some other statements he made got me furious. I let him have it, and he did not return.


  7. Rebecca wrote:
    But to be a feminist – you must rise up women and girls that are the most oppressed. The prostituted class live in conditions of slavery, are continually tortured, know murder is their norm and are some the poorest women in the world.

    To abandoned the prostituted class for your selfish sexual needs is not feminist.

    Stop blocking out the voices and experiences of exited for it makes you uncomfortable. Your comfort is unimportant when you abandoned millions of girls and women to the hell of the sex trade.

    Yes!!! This is so true.


  8. This is so heartbreaking. I stumbled across the blog by accident, whilst seeking support on an abuse/rape survivors site. I am staggered. I believed the feminist hype until now, thank you for baring your soul with such brutal honesty & revealing the truth. I will always be totally abolitionist from now on & will add my voice wherever I can. I’m so sorry for your suffering & I’m in awe of your bravery & strength in speaking out. For you & every other woman trapped in this nightmare, I pray wholeheartedly that you find freedom, peace & love xxx


  9. This post just reaffirms what I already knew, but it was very nice to see it all laid out. Very powerful post and I hope it finally opens up some eyes.


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