Shit Said to Exited Women

The latest craze on youtube is to do “Shit Said to ….”. This got me remembering some of the rubbish I hear all the time, and that other exited women report.

This is a random selection, and if you say or think these words, take time to refresh those words by reading and truly listening to exited women.


“Isn’t it the oldest profession?”

“You can’t change men’s nature – they have to get sex somewhere.”

“If it was so bad, how come you aren’t dead then?”

“Your experiences were very sad – but you discounting the many sex workers who like their job.”

“At least you didn’t work at McDonald’s.”

“Yeah, it may have been nasty work, but you were paid well weren’t you.”

“Thanks your stars, you weren’t a cleaner.”

“Prostitution has always been with you, who are you to want to change that.”

“If you worked in my brothel, as my girl, you would realise it ain’t that bad.”

“You just don’t know what good sex is.”

“You are bias coz you were abused as a child”

“Did you take loads of drugs?”

“There must have been some nice punters.”

“I bet you meet loads of interesting men.”

“My boyfriend wants a blowjob/anal, have you any tips?”

“Wow, that is dead sexy.”

“You should write a book.”

“If there was a film of your life, how much sex can we put in it.”

“That’s a bit strong saying it was slavery.”

“Oh I have been raped/beaten, I know what it like to be a whore.”

“You were not in conditions of slavery – you were paid loads.”

“You must have had some fun sometimes.”

“Wow, I love to do that, it seems so glamorous.”

“So, you do it for free now, do you.”

“You just hate men/hate sex.”

“Women like you couldn’t be prostitutes.”

“But you weren’t poor, you are white, you are educated – it is impossible that happened to you.”

“It must have been illegal what you did.”

“Wow, you have a vivid imagination”

“I would have killed myself if that was me.”

“I don’t believe you, you so cold about it.”

“It is not true unless you can remember in detail.”

“No man I know would use the sex trade.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t do it but I would never judge any woman doing sex work.”

“Things like that don’t happen where I live.”

“Maybe you pretend you didn’t like it, for you are ashamed to say how much you enjoy it.”

“Did you always fake orgasms?”

“It can’t be genocide – for there always tons of women in the sex trade.”

“Being a miner/lumberjack/fireman is far more dangerous.”

“Don’t you think we should legalised prostitution, then it can be made safe.”

“What about forming a union for sex worker?”

“Did you have a pimp?”

“Tell me, what is the worse thing you had to do.”

“Wow, sex with strangers, no ties plus money – what wrong with that.”

“Was it not just many rapes?”


That is enough for now – maybe someone can make a youtube video round this.


7 responses to “Shit Said to Exited Women

  1. “Thanks your stars, you weren’t a cleaner.”

    Maybe someone should say to a cleaner…thank your stars you weren’t prostituted…? Oh wait, that doesn’t work now….because being prostituted isn’t actually a job.

    “Being a miner/lumberjack/fireman is far more dangerous.”

    Right…because we always have to turn our attention back to jobs that mostly men do. There’s a reason miners/lumberjacks/firemen aren’t dying to get into the sex industry. And as far as I can recall…when men are stuck in a mine…their lives are actually cared about. They are seen as a human being with human rights, not the lowest creature on Earth (I hope it is not offensive that I said that…but honestly…prostituted women are just so hated and it breaks my heart).


  2. *jaw drop* Wow, just wow. But it would be an excellent you tube video, in fact with many voices to show it isn’t just one woman who “just had a bad time”. Yep a group video. Brilliant post


  3. Thanks everyone.

    Womomonajourney – You are so right. Those male jobs are not full of men being murdered for being the role they – if they die it is an accident man-made or not. Many prostituted women and girls are murdered, die from suicide or give up living – because they are a prostitute and no other reason. They die because others decide they are non-human, so their deaths are no big deal.

    Susan – I do the words, others can do the acting and make the ace video.


  4. The best/weirdest thing ever said to me was… “You should have worked harder at school; got some qualifications behind you and then you wouldn’t be in this mess.”


  5. Denise – that is a classic, well, everyone know “whores” are just dumb. Through tons of punters want the intelligent “whore”, so he can ground her into dirt.


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