Just Men’s Nature

There is a dangerous myth that is very popular and highly destructive to the prostituted that is –

It is just men’s nature to consume the prostituted, they must or else they will be sexually violent to ordinary women and girls.

It goes alongside the rubbish like – prostitution is the oldest profession; men are just machines who must have sex at any cost; and the classic that most prostitutes are just doing a social service out of the kindness of their hearts.

These delusions every day endanger the lives of the prostituted – but why care if the men that make the choice to consume the prostituted are happy.

If you really believe that men’s nature is always to sexually violent, that he is just some unexploded bomb – why are not doing anything practical to re-educate those men away from violence? Why are you not suggesting serious punishment or such violent behaviour?

You instead decide to give up on men, and turn your back on the prostituted.

May I say loud and clear, I have never believed it is just men’s nature to be violent. No it is learnt behaviour – learnt because men gain power and status by being violent to women and children.

It is not in their genes; it is not something they can do nothing about; and heck, most important there is nothing inevitable about male violence.

It is a conscious choice – that I learnt in every cell of my body as men made the choice to torture me.

Knowing it a choice, gives me hope that with firmness and education we can turn men into consciously choosing not to be violent to women and children.

I hate the men who make the choice to be violent, especially men who pick on the prostituted thinking it no big issue – but I have never hated all men, or given up the hope and dream that men can re-learn how to be fully human.

My hate is targeted, for men that torture the prostituted are fully conscious of the harm they are doing and just don’t care.

I would love to give excuses – to say it something they could not help due to their genes; say they just don’t understand how treat a prostitute with respect coz they were abused themselves; say they just over-stepped the mark.

But I can’t believe those excuses even as the thought flashes across my brain.

My memory and experience tells me – don’t let such feeble excuses in. Don’t let their lies and manipulation capture your logic again.

I know and say loud and clear – that all that punters do to the protituted is pre-planned and done with a cold heart.

Men that are violent to the prostituted, are often and usually non-violent to women outside of the sex trade.

If it was just their nature to be violent to women – how come they can control it so much to treat the non-prostituted women and girls with respect or at less some decency.

Many of the most violent punters are very ordinary, often have the appearance of being caring and moral men outside of being with the prostituted.

These decent men will and do rape, mentally abuse, physically and sexually torture, and even murder the prostituted.

This is ok to them – for harming the prostituted is a non-crime, it will become a non-event. But do the same to non-prostituted women is vile, disgusting and men like that should be punished.

After all, men created the myth that prostitution as the “oldest profession” was invented to put all dark male emotions into and then closed that box – and be good men in the world again.

To heighten this terrible myth – men constructed the prostituted woman to be their fantasy of a whore.

A whore is only viewed through male eyes – she has no existence outside of the sex trade, and is always available for men to use, abuse and then throw away.

A whore is not allowed a mind of her own – all thoughts, ideas and dreams must fit into what the punter wants.

A whore is not allowed to owned her own body – it must be always ready for his porn fantasies. Her body may know pain and terror – but learns very fast to be dead enough to fake pleasure for him.

Know the whore is never allowed to be real – only what the punter has pre-planned her to be. The skill of a prostitute is to learn bloody fast to read what he wants before he has even touch her – that skill doesn’t stop the violence or prevent the hate, but it can save her life.

Do not buy the rubbish that is just male nature to make the prostituted into trash.

Know their violence is calculated and is highly targeted.

See that – and then you understand why there is never a good enough reason for any man to buy a prostitute.

2 responses to “Just Men’s Nature

  1. “men gain power and status by being violent to women and children” — SO true. If men gained power and status by being kind, respectful and caring towards women and children, then the world would be a very different place.

    Excellent point also where you point out if it’s men’s nature to be violent, why do they only do so to prostituted women? This pokes a huge hole into the bio-medical excuse for violence.

    It is a recent trend that is only getting stronger to excuse everything away with biology and genes, and I think this is dangerous and intellectually lazy as it means people don’t have to work to change themeselves and their communities, they can just blame and excuse everything on genetics. It’s rubbish and junk science, no matter how many big science names back bio-medical theories.


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