I know I was prostituted now – but at the time I had no idea what it was or why it was constantly happening to me.

All I could do then was to believe that I was such a rotten or damaged person that I must have chosen to go with sadistic men time after time after time after time. I had to blame myself – for to see and feel my truth may have killed me.

I was a prostitute, but I was rarely paid in money.

I was a prostitute, and as I was mentally, physically and tortured – I was meant to grateful for so much attention.

I was a prostitute, and I had to believe that many men just fancied me.

I like so many women and girls trapped inside “posh” prostitution was so manipulated, I had to believe it was constant accidents of being with men who hated and degraded me.

Now, I would labelled it as the girlfriend experience or being escorted – at the time there was a general silencing that it had any connection with prostitution.

Prostitution was what nasty common men do to women who deserves to be hurt – that was planted inside my brain over and over and over so I would never dare even imagine that I could be a prostitute – or my inklings that I was being brought and sold had any truth.

But I was a prostitute, as I grow away from that time, the more I see how I was manipulated. The more I slowly grow to come to terms with my confusion, and living with months and years of blankness.

I have been date-raped, I lived inside incest – and all I know is that girlfriend experience and or escorting is nothing like that.

Dates rapes and incest are done with the same hate and contempt – but as I was raped, as I mentally abused, as I was hit – I was seen as an individual human.

I was never seen when I was inside girlfriend experience and or escorting – I was always a commodity, and basically I was just one whore and any whore would do.

I know from the depths of my essence, that there was nothing personal about what the punter did to me. I know if it was not done to me, they would just buy another escort or “girlfriend”.

Prostitutes live with the knowledge that all the harms done to them, all the hate put into them, all the porn violence infecting them – is never personal, never done to them as an individual.

It just the buying of any whore to turn into dirt, to put fear into her body and mind, to make into a sexual experiment to see if you keep her alive when “good” women would die.

Exited women live with the knowledge they were not raped – for rape is an individual act done on a personal level – no, they have to live with the knowledge they were tortured mentally, physically and sexually.

Exited women live with the knowledge that it is just chance that they are still alive – for I have never met or know of an exited woman who had not had to live with death as her shadow, and who does not know that prostituted girls and women are dying/disappearing all the time.

As an exited woman, part of my politics and mission to speak out – comes from carrying in my heart the “missing” prostitutes I have known on a personal level. They are always the true spirit behind my work.

No wonder that women that in the middle of girlfriend experience and or escorting must believe they are empowered, that it must be safer than other forms of prostitution – and that in many ways it is not prostitution.

To see it as prostitution, is to see your own terror, to know that punters have pre-planned to hurt you bad, to understand that there is always some manager/businessman/pimp profiteering from your hell.

That is too much for most prostituted women to bear – of course they make themselves dead to their own reality, of course they will speak of it as empowering and their free choice, of course they must believe without any real evidence that they are manipulating the men.

To know the cold and death-loving reality of escorting and or girlfriend experience is so terrible is can destroy the essence of the prostituted woman.

I like so many in that environment – had to believe I just had many “boyfriends”.

Only underneath that rarely made sense.

These men would not talk to me or look me in the eye – but would know I was like a robot who would do any sadistic porn fantasy they imagined.

These “boyfriends” would in silence fuck me into hell, and then throw me out.

I survive by refusing to see and know my own reality.

I had “boyfriends” who from nowhere – as I sitting in a pub listening to music, as I trying to fit in a party – would whisper in my ear some sadistic sex act, then take me to the toilet or into the back of building.

Some of these men paid in cash – saying filthy words and blaming me for making them so bad. Many just fuck me into degradation and left me in pain, never paying me.

But the “posh” punters give me gifts, brought me meals, dress me up, show me off, formed my mind into their toy – but refuse me cash, coz they were never disgusting men who “needed” to buy a whore.

These punters have damaged me to the depths of my soul. Their lies, their making me into their private porn toy have almost killed me.

These men were rich enough to owned my body and mind, and they were rich enough to have for long period and to shut me away from the real world.

In that environment they would manipulate and framed me until I had no will left, no ability to know I could resist or even have a voice.

I hate these men with more hate than I thought could be possible.

These rich privileged and highly entitled men view the prostitutes as toys that they play until they are bored – then she throw away on a trash-heap.

These punters will manipulate the prostitution by giving her the dream that he loves as a person, that he see her as a person.

These are terrible lies used to isolate her, and to close away the outside world. He made himself her centre – then makes sure she forgets all people who may care about or see as more than just the role of the prostitute.

He does this by spoiling her, by saying she is intelligent, so beautiful – he does this and all the time keeps her as a whore, giving him sex usually with violence at any time or place.

In my experiences, this leaves the prostitute completely confused, and gradually she losing the will to think for herself and to struggle for some dignity.

That is the reality of escorting and girlfriend experiences.

So, listen to the pain and confusion of the exited prostituted woman.

Know that for many who were trapped inside indoors prostitution – they have the trauma of breaking the lies they were surrounded.

As they think back – knowing that behind closed doors, any form of sadistic violence was their daily norm – but they were told the lie over and over and over that at least it safer than being on the street.

Our trauma rising to explosion point as each murder of a prostituted woman or girl is more than likely inside a building – whether she brought or pick up on the street or did indoors prostitution.

So what the hell is so safe about placing prostitution indoors?

Oh yeh – it make the punters feel safer for they know there be little or no intervention as make the choice to be sadistic to the prostituted woman or girl.

And indoors prostitution gives more profit to those who manage it – for they can charge more for “extras” no matter how dangerous they are to the prostituted.

I am exhausted now – please respond to this post.



20 responses to “Manipulation

  1. Rebecca this is so brilliant. Brava. Loads of love always, xoxoxo

    What you describe is exactly what I experienced with a knighted punter. The grooming is so insiidious:
    These rich privileged and highly entitled men view the prostitutes as toys that they play until they are bored – then she throw away on a trash-heap.

    These punters will manipulate the prostitution by giving her the dream that he loves as a person, that he see her as a person.

    These are terrible lies used to isolate her, and to close away the outside world. He made himself her centre – then makes sure she forgets all people who may care about or see as more than just the role of the prostitute.

    He does this by spoiling her, by saying she is intelligent, so beautiful – he does this and all the time keeps her as a whore, giving him sex usually with violence at any time or place.

    In my experiences, this leaves the prostitute completely confused, and gradually she losing the will to think for herself and to struggle for some dignity.


    I think your distinction about being a ‘seen’ victim of violence, versus being an invisible prostitute — is brilliant, and very true. I believe acknowledging what we experienced was torture and insisting that society understand this is essential:

    Exited women live with the knowledge they were not raped – for rape is an individual act done on a personal level – no, they have to live with the knowledge they were tortured mentally, physically and sexually.


  2. I think the ‘posh punter experience’ you describe, which I recognized immediately, is a highly structure socially enforced ritual among a certain class of men, especially in England.

    My experiences with my knighted punter were so similar to what you describe, and what Jean Rhys described in many of her works, especially Voyage in the Dark. Loads of love always, xoxoxo


  3. Hello Rebecca,
    About what you write:
    I wonder if rape when we speak about date rape or incest rape, would be more personal and targeted to an individual girl than the rapes inflicted to a prostitute (that it be in a subtle vicious role of escort/girlfriend rather than a less hidden prostitute role.. and thank you to analyse there like you do it, that it is even more toxic in the girlfriend experience than in the more classical prostitute role).
    My point of view can’t come from the so sad experience of prostituted you passed through, just from mine that can have experienced rape and abuses, like maybe all girls, and by the way to my mind, I rather feel something like : all rapes would not be so personal but committed to submit, terrorize, kill and trash, etc.. any women and even any people less able to fight back and that rapist men want to dominate.
    To my point of view, but I can make a mistake, It is rather a kind of system used by males to hurt women, it is not so personal, and it might be caused for a big part by the culture and by the pathos of these men but as well by the sad particularisms of all males, their minds, hormones, lack of empathy, etc..
    Our culture has been made by them after all. And it seems to be a particularity unique to men and to male animals to rape, to mass rape.
    I must say that I would never trust any male, even if a revolution would try to establish the end of a rape culture in our human communities…
    But could you explain me better your point of view? If you have time of course..
    Cheers and happy new year to you anyways! I wish you happiness!
    Don’t exhaust yourself too much in writing, even if writing helps you and all of us and especially the girls trapped in prostitution.. Thanks to be there and to be alive! And thanks to write your so beautiful truths on these so sad things, it helps everybody.



  4. As a woman who was prostituted for ten years — I’d love to address your question from my experience. There is a huge difference between experiencing violence as a prostitute and experiencing it as a woman with another role or identity within society.

    Because society thinks its OK and acceptable for prostitutes to experience this violence. We are erased and made invisible, as is our suffering in the eyes of others. In contrast, much of society is outraged if a college student is raped. The college student has access to much support and empathy denied the prostituted.

    We experience rape, beatings, threats to our lives, threats with weapons so routinely that researchers have found we’ve experienced the same levels of trauma as the victims of state-sponsored torture. And the men who abuse us know we are a special underclass not entitled to the rights of other women.

    In so many ways society acquiesces to this and denies us humanity. In contrast, a college student who’s raped is not invisible.

    This isn’t to say that as a formerly prostituted woman don’t I feel profound empathy and deep connections with woman who’ve experienced male violence while they aren’t prostituted. It’s important to honor the commonality of our experiences with those of other women. But at the same time — our situation is unique.

    When you attach prostittuion as a footnote to all male violence, we become invisible. And the feminist movement will often sacrifice us for the sake of other interests. Which is at the core of the whole ‘sex positive’ propaganda bullsh-t. Other victims of male violence aren’t invisible in the same way we are.

    What the women who were systemtically raped in the Congo experienced as an aggressive act of war, prostituted women experience on a daily, hourly basis in the plain sight of society. And then we have to endure ridiculous things like the recent parading of Sheila Farmer, a madam who ran a brothel, as a prostitute. She does not have the right to that identity. But she assumed our identity to help promote legalized pimping, and so few called her on the offensive charade.


  5. Monique – Although all rapes on the mass scale are a war against women and children.
    The thing about most rapes done to the non-prostituted or outside of a war-zone is that it done by men who usually know the woman or girl, and will view her as a full human even if he hates her.
    The prostituted class are viewed as sub-human, and for most punters that means they are impossible to rape. As I have it is not to framed in the language of rape – but the language of torture and human rights. For prostitutes are considered to be goods and interchangeable.


  6. L-separatiste — I also wanted to add that I don’t think Rebecca is saying the BF-punter experience is more toxic than the ‘more classical’ prostitute role. She’s just describing how the manipulation, the grooming is so destructive and annihilating — as is all prostitution, which has at its core deep deception of the prostituted woman, with society’s scapegoating approval. Please don’t interpret this as though I’m giving you a hard time — I appreciate your thoughts. Just going for clarity, for my own sake :-).


  7. I think it’s brilliant to frame it in the language of torture and human rights, rather than rape Rebecca. What you say is so true:
    The prostituted class are viewed as sub-human, and for most punters that means they are impossible to rape.


  8. Thank you, Rebecca, for “outing” these male strategies. This kind of “gas-lighting” women away from the truth of their experience also happens in personal relationships, alas, for even if the distinction you make is very real – that between the prostituted and the non-prostituted -, most men hold even the women they actually relate to in very low esteem, certainly with little regard for their humanity.
    I have translated your essay in French and hope it will brig even more readers to your insights. Here it is:

    Être manipulée
    par Rebecca Mott

    Je sais aujourd’hui que l’on m’a prostituée – mais à l’époque je n’avais aucune idée de ce que c’était ou de pourquoi cela m’arrivait constamment.

    Tout ce que je pouvais faire était croire que j’étais quelqu’un de si pourri ou de si endommagé que je devais avoir choisi de toujours me retrouver avec des hommes sadiques, fois après fois après fois. Je devais me blâmer moi-même – parce que voir et ressentir la vérité de ma situation aurait pu me tuer.

    J’étais une prostituée, mais j’ai rarement été payée en argent.

    J’étais une prostituée, et alors qu’on me torturait mentalement et physiquement, j’étais censée me montrer reconnaissante pour autant d’attention.

    J’étais une prostituée, et il me fallait croire que beaucoup d’hommes me trouvaient simplement de leur goût.

    Comme tant de femmes et jeunes filles piégées à l’intérieur de la prostitution « chic », j’étais tellement manipulée qu’il me fallait croire que c’était par accidents constants que je me retrouvais avec des hommes qui me haïssaient et me traitaient de façon avilissante.
    Aujourd’hui, on étiquèterait ce que je vivais comme la girlfriend experience (« expérience copine ») ou la condition d’escorte – à l’époque, personne ne reconnaissait l’existence d’un lien entre ce genre de traitement et la prostitution.

    La prostitution était ce que des hommes brutaux et ordinaires faisaient aux femmes qui méritaient d’être maltraitées – voilà ce que l’on m’a mis constamment dans la tête, de sorte que je n’aurais jamais osé imaginer que je pouvais être une prostituée, ou que mes soupçons que l’on m’achetait et me vendait pouvaient contenir un grain de vérité.

    Mais j’étais bel et bien une prostituée, et plus mon rétablissement personnel m’éloigne de cette époque, plus je comprends comment j’ai été manipulée. Et plus j’arrive progressivement à prendre acte de la confusion et à m’habituer à la disparition de mois et d’années de ma mémoire.

    J’ai été violée par des « copains », j’ai vécu à l’intérieur de l’inceste – et tout ce que je sais, c’est que l’« expérience copine » et la condition d’escorte ne sont en rien semblables à ces agressions.

    Les viols par un partenaire et l’inceste sont commis avec la même haine et le mépris – mais lorsqu’on m’a violée, qu’on m’a molestée mentalement, qu’on m’a frappée, j’étais perçue comme une personne.

    On ne m’a jamais vue comme telle quand j’étais dans le carcan de l’« expérience copine » ou de l’escorte : j’étais toujours une marchandise – fondamentalement, je n’étais qu’une putain, et n’importe quelle putain aurait fait l’affaire.

    Je sais, du plus profond de mon essence, qu’il n’y avait rien de personnel dans ce que le prostitueur me faisait. Je sais que s’il ne me l’avait pas fait à moi, il aurait simplement été acheter une autre escorte ou fausse « copine ».

    Les prostituées vivent avec la conscience que tous les torts qu’on leur fait, toute la haine qu’on déverse en elles, toute la violence porno dont on les infecte – ne sont jamais personnels, jamais dirigés contre elles en tant que personnes.

    C’est simplement l’achat de n’importe quelle putain pour la traiter comme moins que rien, pour emplir de terreur son corps et son esprit, pour se livrer à l’expérience sexuelle de voir si l’on peut la maintenir en vie quand une « bonne » femme ne survivrait pas à pareil traitement.

    Les femmes sorties de la prostitution vivent avec la conscience qu’elles n’ont pas été violées – le viol étant un acte individuel commis sur un plan personnel – non, elles doivent vivre avec la conscience d’avoir été torturées mentalement, physiquement et sexuellement.

    Les femmes sorties de la prostitution vivent avec la conscience que c’est par pure chance qu’elles sont encore en vie – car je n’ai jamais rencontré ou connu de telle femme qui n’avait pas dû vivre avec la mort pour ombre et qui ne soit pas consciente que les filles et les femmes prostituées meurent / disparaissent constamment.

    À titre de femme sortie de la prostitution, une partie de ma vie politique et de ma mission de parole me vient de porter dans mon cœur les prostituées « disparues » que j’ai personnellement connues. Elles demeurent l’esprit qui anime réellement mes efforts.

    Il n’est pas étonnant qu’au moment où elles vivent l’expérience copine ou la prostitution d’escorte, les femmes ont besoin de croire qu’elles acquièrent du pouvoir, que leur situation doit être plus sécuritaire que d’autres formes de prostitution – et qu’à bien des égards, ce n’est pas de la prostitution.

    Parce que voir ce qu’on vit alors comme de la prostitution c’est voir sa propre terreur, c’est savoir que les prostitueurs ont délibérément planifié de nous faire aussi mal, et c’est comprendre qu’il y a toujours un gérant, un homme d’affaires ou un pimp qui tire bénéfice de l’enfer où vous êtes.

    C’est trop à porter pour la plupart des femmes prostituées – il est évident qu’elles se ferment à leur propre réalité, évident qu’elles vont en parler comme d’une prise de pouvoir et un choix libre, évident qu’elles doivent croire, malgré l’absence totale de preuves, que ce sont elles qui manipulent les hommes.

    Être consciente de la réalité froide et morbide de la condition d’escorte et/ou de l’expérience copine est un savoir si terrible qu’il peut détruire la femme prostituée dans son essence même.

    Comme beaucoup d’autres femmes dans ce milieu, il me fallait croire que j’avais simplement beaucoup de « copains ».

    Mais au fond, ce prétexte était rarement crédible.

    Ces hommes ne me parlaient même pas, ne me regardaient pas dans les yeux – mais ils savaient pouvoir compter sur moi pour mimer comme un robot n’importe quel fantasme porno sadique qu’ils imaginaient.

    Ces « copains » me baisaient à mort sans un mot, puis ils me jetaient dehors.

    Je survivais en refusant de voir et de comprendre ma propre réalité.

    J’ai eu des « copains » qui surgissaient de nulle part – alors que j’écoutais de la musique dans un pub ou que j’essayais de me sentir à l’aise dans un party –, ils me chuchotaient à l’oreille quelque acte sexuel sadique, puis m’amenaient aux toilettes ou à l’arrière du bâtiment.

    Certains de ces hommes me payaient en espèces – en m’agonisant d’insultes et en me blâmant pour leur comportement dégueulasse. Beaucoup d’entre eux me baisaient jusqu’à l’avilissement et me laissaient blessée, sans me donner un sou.

    Les prostitueurs « chic », eux, me donnaient des cadeaux, m’apportaient des repas, m’achetaient des vêtements, me présentaient à des gens, façonnaient mon esprit pour faire de moi leur jouet – mais ils refusaient de me donner de l’argent ne voulant jamais être ces hommes dégoûtants qui « avaient besoin » de se payer une pute.

    Ces prostitueurs m’ont endommagée au plus profond de mon âme. Leurs mensonges, leur stratégie pour faire de moi leur jouet porno personnel, ont failli me tuer.

    Ces hommes étaient assez riches pour s’approprier mon corps et mon esprit, et ils étaient assez riches pour le faire durant de longues périodes, pour me confiner à distance du monde réel.

    Dans cet environnement, ils me manipulaient et me circonvenaient jusqu’à ce qu’il ne me reste plus de volonté, plus de capacité de savoir si j’arriverais à leur résister ou même à retrouver ma propre voix.

    Je déteste ces hommes avec plus de haine que je pensais qu’il existe dans le monde.

    Ces hommes riches et privilégiés – des piliers de la société – voient les prostituées comme des jouets qu’ils manipulent jusqu’à ce qu’elles ne les amusent, après quoi ils les jettent aux poubelles.

    Ce prostitueur va manipuler la prostituée en la laissant rêver qu’il l’aime en tant que personne, qu’il la voit comme telle.

    Ce sont des mensonges terribles utilisés pour l’isoler, pour la couper du monde extérieur. Il fait d’elle son centre – puis s’assure qu’elle oublie toutes les personnes qui peuvent se soucier d’elle ou voir en elle plus que son simple rôle de prostituée.

    Il le fait en la comblant, en lui disant qu’elle est intelligente et si belle – il fait cela et en même temps la tient à sa disposition en tant que putain, appelée à lui donner du sexe en tout moment et en tout lieu, souvent de manière violente.

    Mon histoire m’a appris que cela laisse la prostituée complètement confuse, qu’elle perd peu à peu la volonté de penser par elle-même et de lutter pour conserver une certaine dignité.

    C’est la réalité de l’escorte et de l’expérience copine.

    Alors, écoutez la douleur et la confusion de la femme qui a quitté la prostitution.

    Sachez que pour beaucoup de celles qui ont été piégées dans la prostitution vécue derrière des portes closes, il y a en plus le traumatisme de devoir fracasser les mensonges dont elles ont été entourées.

    En y repensant, en sachant que derrière ces portes, n’importe quelle forme de violence sadique était leur norme quotidienne, elles se souviennent du mensonge qu’on leur a si souvent répété, à savoir qu’au moins leur situation était plus sécuritaire que dans la rue.

    Nos traumatismes sont exacerbés jusqu’au point d’explosion à chaque nouvel assassinat d’une femme ou d’une fille prostituée, probablement à l’abri des regards, qu’un homme l’ait racolée dans la rue ou qu’elle l’y ait reçu en prostitution d’intérieur.

    Alors qu’y a-t-il donc de si sécuritaire à installer la prostitution derrière des portes closes?

    Ah oui – ce sera plus sécuritaire pour les prostitueurs, car ils sauront qu’ils risquent peu ou pas d’intervention s’ils font le choix d’être sadique envers la femme ou la fille prostituée.

    De plus, la prostitution d’intérieur amène plus de profits à ceux qui le gèrent – parce qu’ils peuvent faire payer plus cher pour des «extras», peu importe le danger qu’ils imposent aux femmes prostituées.

    Je suis trop épuisée pour continuer à écrire; veuillez répondre à ce message SVP.

    Version originale :


  9. Thanks Martin so much. I think we must make a distinction between the prostituted and non-prostituted women. For though most non-prostituted women who are abused are made to feel sub-human – they are still seen as individuals and are more than the role that that one man put onto them. The prostituted are viewed as sub-human by the particular punter – but as interchangeable with all other prostituted women – which means she is made into goods. But much of society will not allow the prostitute to any other than the role of the prostitute – and she is no full humanity not just those who abuse her, not just by those who buy and sell her – but by most societies that condone that the prostituted are stripped of human rights and the ability to be a full human.

    Stella – Of course I believe all punters that use any form of prostitution are highly toxic – personally I think all men that consume the prostituted class should be seriously punished for the destruction of her essence.


  10. I so agree with Rebecca that we must make a distinction between prostituted and nonprostituted women. This not at all a denial of violence against women in general. I’m actually surprised there’s so much resistance to this idea, as it’s very obvious there’s a big difference between the prostituted class and other women. In stating there’s a difference, we’re not saying we don’t care about violence against other women — nothing could be further from the truth.


  11. I agree that there is a huge difference – the simple fact that prostitution feeds a worldwide industry and Rebecca’s excellent point about the interchangeability of prostituted women and girls for punters say that much. I wouldn’t want my edgewise comment to be seen as “resistance” to that all-important distinction. It just seemed relevant to my experience to point out that male sexist violence done to non-prostituted women did not always take their humanity into account either. Indeed it is sometimes rationalized by abusers as not-personal, the expression of their privilege and general misogyny. But *that* violence is not legitimized as a men’s right and the basis of an industry and I understand how much more abrasive it is to be systematically prostituted than occasionally abused even if both are destructive of women’s self-esteem.
    Thanks for insisting!


  12. Martin — I’m sorry it sounded like I said you were ‘resisiting.’ I didn’t mean it like that. You should always say what you think — I am well aware of your wonderful work, and think of you with gratitude and love. Thanks for being you.


  13. Rebecca, your insights, being solidly grounded in the perspective that comes from direct experience, had quite an impact when I quoted some excerpts from this blog to counter prostitution apologists on the Ms. Magazine blog. It seemed easy for them to dismiss my arguments by claiming I did not know what I was talking about, but your words it seemed they could only evade, claiming your experiences are not representative. Talk about denial! The second time I quoted you, the Ms. blog moderators kept my comment in moderation for over a week. The moderators eventually succeeded in driving me away.


  14. I love it when it is claimed my experiences are non-representative, for it such a weak argument it shows they have no solid evidence that prostitution is safe and good for the women inside it. The concept of the Happy Hooker that they so desperately cling hold of is mainly a myth to recruit yet more vulnerable women and girls into the sex trade, or about 2% of all prostituted women. How can they imagine the violence done to me was not routine in all aspects of prostitution – only by avoiding reading or listening to all other exited women, and refusing to see with a clear eye the conditions of the vast majority of prostituted women and girls worldwide.


  15. Hi Rebecca,

    I apologize to you and to Stella and others there not to have had the time to come back there so far to see your comments.
    I do not have all the time I wish to read all your posts as well, even if they are so beautiful and I just realise it is a big mistake because I did not catch all your plight to make you understand by women like myself.
    You certainly know that I am a kind of extrelist and found happiness in a totale women/lesbians-only world and I remain on my own opinion that male’s nature cannot be humanity, even if some rare men seems to behave well on this Earth.
    I know I will hurt a lot of people and women by saying that. And it is controversial.
    Also, we certainly differe opinion on this point,
    But what I wanted to tell you is not about that, it is that you made me understand a very important thing when I read more of your posts (which are all bringing something more and special to the understanding of prostitution and the understanding of your inner strength and person, so it is a mistake not to read them all).. You are right! Women in prostitution experience much more violence than non-prostituted women who are raped.
    You are right, the prostituted women are treated as sub-humans, much more than other women, in fact it is not by chance, prostituted women are made as a sub-class of women and it is on purpose and when a prostituted woman speaks, she cannot be heared, even not enough sometimes by other feminists, who can’t imagine that she endured something even worse than average women.
    Her sufferings as victim of a system of torture, as having been put in such a class, could be the real starting point for a real feminist awareness, for solidarity with prostituted and and a deeper and truer rebellion against this system to protect us all.
    It will change my point of view.
    Thank you again and sorry for my bad English.



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