Personal Statement

There are certain things I need to get off my chest.

This is a rare personal statement, for as I keep having to state over and over and over and over the point of this blog is not my own personal healing or journey – this blog is a part of the wider abolitionist movement to end the sex trade.

I do not think that is a dream or some kind of delusional concept.

It is possible to rid the world of the sex trade – for it just an invention for mainly males to put their hate and fear of women and children into.

There is nothing natural about the sex trade, it was and is never the “oldest professional”, it does not stop the spread of male violence outside of the prostituted class, it cannot be made into art, and most important the sex trade will never allow the prostituted class the right to have full humanity.

Stop making excuses for the sex trade, stop imaging it can ever be made safe and give the prostituted class a small piece of dignity, stop saying men need the prostituted or else they will insane and rape and kill real women.

Just stop thinking if you can find the tiny areas of less violence, less hate, and less degrading of women and girls – then we can keep the sex trade.

A major bug-bear of every exited woman I know or who I read, is the cliché –

“Prostitution/porn has always been with us – so there is no point in fighting it, just reform it a little and then shut up.”

Well slavery has always been with – and especially sexual slavery which is the reality for the vast majority of prostituted class over all centuries, in every continent, inside almost all culture.

See the sex trade as it is – not how you want it to be.

It is sexual slavery – call it brothels, named as the Devati caste, say they are comfort women, say it just escorting, put it into any street, say it just massage with extras, call it girlfriend experience – oh give it a thousand and one labels, anything to ignore the brutality of slavery.

But, as one woman who throw a dagger into my heart, said –

“It cannot be real slavery, you were paid weren’t you.”

Like the exited woman should apologise for being paid by rapist, paid as punters put her body and mind into a depth of hell that I really hope most non-prostituted can never imagine fully – sorry we took their money or “gifts”, is like having to say sorry for not being convenient and not just being dead or silent forever.

The prostitute is not meant to know she is or a slave – she is meant to be powerful, to be that bad woman who controls men, meant to have chosen every step of her life – she should be grateful, not moaning about rape or violence.

After all, in too many sick views – prostitution is just having loads of “exciting” sex with the bonus of getting paid.

I often wonder what those who think that thinks the sex trade is selling, and most punters are buying.

Do you imagine it just a quick blow-job in some alley? Do you think it just missionary without much violence? Do you really think Richard Gere is waiting in the wings?

It is just mainly hard-porn being put into the living bodies of the prostituted. Every gonzo horror that so many anti-porn people hate, have been put inside the bodies of the prostituted class for over 3000 years.

Every image or word of hate inside all porn is buried deep inside the bodies of the prostituted class.

We have always known the damage of porn – we are waiting for the world to catch up with us.

Our rapes must be made invisible – for our rapes are saying loud and clear there is no entertainment in porn, porn cannot exist without pain, hate and degradation – and it inside our every cell, it belong part of our blood.

This post is draining me – I will write more later.

Please know this does make me sick – but that sickness is important.

The sickness is the truth refusing to be silenced any more – the sickness is a demand that this never about my personal “wellness”, it is far bigger than that.

This sickness is the demand for real and long-lasting justice for all the prostituted class. The fight for abolition is urgent – as millions of the prostituted are being destroyed as you read this.

We must think beyond reform – we must think of it as a human rights issue, an anti-slavery issue and an issue of saving lives – we must abolish the sex trade, not give up on the prostituted class.

10 responses to “Personal Statement

  1. “Do you imagine it just a quick blow-job in some alley? Do you think it just missionary without much violence? Do you really think Richard Gere is waiting in the wings?”

    HA. (Bitter “ha”). This is *awesome*.


  2. Thanks so much both o you.
    Heart, glad you like that part, laughing is only way to deal with pain of such stupidity.


  3. I just saw a commercial for a. breast cancer walkathon. Their slogan: we’re in it to end it. What if people just said cancer will with us. Let’s. not improve treatment instead let’s just redecorate the cancer ward. Love to you all. Xoxo


  4. Truth. Have seen this among child prostitutes, many of whom have very short lives. They just die of despair.


  5. A great many adult women prostitutes self-harm or kill themselves for the same reason, but it is made invisible coz it is decided it is her choice to be there – so her welfare mental and physical is of no concern.


  6. Awesome post. I like that you clarified what prostitution really is vs. a quick blow-job in the alley, etc. I know it’s laughable to those in the know, but I think the vast majority are ignorant and think that is the overwhelming reality, so telling what prostitution really is is very eye-opening. I myself had no idea what really goes on behind those closed doors/cars/etc.; I had a feeling it can’t be good, but I had no idea just how horrific it all is until reading your blog.


  7. Thank you for your testimony, for your action Rebecca. I think you give hope to many women and you save them from death. God bless you,


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