In the Front-Line

Exited women have a deep understanding of male violence – but constantly are knowledge is ignored, thrown away and made out to be too extreme to be heard.

In my opinion if feminism, if the campaign against all male violence is to ever succeed – the multiple voices of exited women must be heard.

But not just heard – no the voices of exited women should have a leadership in the war against male violence.

In this post, I will write of a few pieces of knowledge that I have received to dig into the depths of male violence.

A fundamental truth for the prostituted is that the violence is never done to an individual, the violence is never personal.

Male violence done to the prostituted is not done to the human, it is always done to a consumable goods. All the males that make the choice to be violent to any prostituted woman or girl, do not see or know her.

To all these men, every prostitute is just a whore, and being a whore has no existence as a full human.

That is the environment of cold and pre-planned hate that is inside all memories of being the prostitute.

It is the despairing memory that male violence was done to goods, to an object, to consumption – never to an individual woman or girl who had dreams and a desire to have a future.

This is the knowledge that must be dismissed.

We are meant to just see each individual act of violence as separate from other acts of violence, we are meant to say each punter was different from each other, we are meant to not think all prostitutes are treated the same.

We are meant to still inside how it affected us as an individual, see it just about “healing” on the individual level – never to think that we are connected to all the prostituted, those we know and those we don’t know, connected over centuries with the pain, grief and anger of the prostituted class in all cultures.

The prostituted class are meant to stay in the neat role of the victim who can never connect – exited women are hated because they refuse to remain stupid, because they remember and know far too much – exited women are despised for they will no longer be silenced.

It is easier to frame male violence as a one-off, as some negative force of male nature, as spontaneous.

Exited women know better. We know that most male violence is pre-planned, is cold and unemotional, is repeated over and over and over – we know the worse thing of male violence is that is mundane and utterly predictable what is done to the prostituted class.

Punters mainly buy the prostituted with a pre-planned porn scenario in their heads – all violence has been orchestrated way before his hands, mouth and dick is destroying her.

Male violence should be known as it is – it is planned often months, weeks or hours before it happens.

Male violence is rarely to do with sex or just hitting the female – it is always about owning and controlling her enough that she lose the right to have a voice, and force into the role of the sub-human.

Male violence is never just some individual man, it always connected to all men forcing women and children into the dirt.

Of course, there are and always have been men who resist this force of hate and power – but as long as male violence underpins everyday lives of women and children, all men gain from allowing male violence.

Exited women have inside every cell of their bodies how that force is made invisible and unimportant when male violence is done to the prostituted class.

Our being made invisible is every day, in every country and inside the street you live on.

All the time, everywhere – millions of prostituted girls and women are being raped, sexually tortured, murdered and made sub-humans – as everywhere this is made a side-story.

Exited women see this with a clear eye.

They see an endless genocide of prostituted women and girls – made endless by every time a prostitute is killed, there are many more vulnerable women and girls to replace her.

Genocide is made invisible, genocide made unimportant – but we know it is genocide whether you want to hear use or not.

What else do you call it – when a prostitute is murdered is usually such non-news is not reported.

What else do you call it – when must prostitute know they could be murdered any time, or may commit suicide, or may die coz they mind and body cannot take the living hell that is the sex trade any more.

What do call it – when all long-term prostituted who have manage to exit have to live with the memory and grief that they know prostitutes who “disappeared”.

It is genocide.

That knowledge must be silenced.

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