More Dangerous Myths

There are so many lies and myths around prostitution – many are used to attack exited women who dare say it was not empowering and made them so happy.

I am tired of all this, it is not ignorance, it not a few speaking these myths – it is mostly an organised attack by the sex trade profiteers and their supporters to destroy any voices that question the conditions of the sex trade, destroy any speech of abolition.

I have had enough of their constant ridicule; constant de-bunking everything that abolitionists say; their constant dismissal that many abolitionists are women who were embedded inside prostitution, often in legal indoors prostitution; and their constant search for the unicorn of the prostitute who has never been raped, never had to be with punters who disrespected her, never had money stolen from her by sex trade profiteers, never was abused as a child, never been battered by pimps and or punters etc etc.

These voices are loud, these voices are lapped up by the media, these voices can speak endless nonsense for they have funding from the sex trade – these voices cannot hide the truth, only make it bloody hard to find.

A popular myth, and in my opinion a highly dangerous myth – is prostitution is ok is the prostituted woman fully consent.

This frames prostitution as an equal business relationship. There is a buyer and the brought who somehow made equal.

But when you brought, you become a commodity – you are made sub-human.

To be brought is have no rights to say no to any sexual act – however violent, however disgusted it makes you.

To be brought is to be made into holes and hands that the punter will consume and masturbate into.

Where is the equality in that?

As for the buyer – he has the power to do whatever porn violence his mind can imagine. It his choice how violent he wants to, or he may even make the choice to be gentle.

The buyer has the power whether to use a condom or not, most don’t.

The buyer has the power of life and death over the prostituted.

How that be viewed as equal?

A popular myth is prostitute who are not happy inside the sex trade are just not mentally strong enough to cope with the life.

Wow, that is so insulting and deeply hurtful – I just scream at anyone who even think that until their head falls off.

Women inside the daily violence and hate that is named as prostitution are maybe the stronger women I know of.

After all, most prostitutes are violently raped and sexually tortured by hundreds if not thousands of punters and sex trade profiteers.

After all, most prostitutes live with the real threat of being murdered as their shadow.

After all, many prostitutes are forced into hard-core porn.

After all, you must have extreme mental strength to survive a world that makes you worthless and names you as throwaway trash.

How dare anyone not see the massive strength of the prostituted class, and say they are weak or mentally ill.

Let them spend six weeks in the hell of the average prostitute, and see how sane they stay.

There is the myth – if it was so awful, why didn’t the prostitute just walk away at the first rape or the first time she was hit. For life is that simple.

This ignore that the vast majority of prostitutes believe that they are worthless, often believing they deserved whatever violence is done to them.

This ignores the real threat and actual violence from punters and sex trade profiteers done to any prostitute who raises her head above the parapet.

This ignores that most prostituted women have been put through so sexual, mental and physical violence before entering the sex trade – that they think it their role, and at least they are getting goods or money.

This ignores that prostitution is a living death, so imaging running away is unimportant when you think you will dead any moment.

This myth goes alongside the myth that all violence is the fault of the individual prostituted woman – because she never fought back or fully defended herself.

That often is just a porn fantasy of all-powerful vengeful “whore” beating up pimps and punters. Being a fantasy, it has nothing to do with sordid terror of real prostitution.

Most prostitutes are in no position to defend themselves – for most violence done is so fast and so terrifying, that just staying alive is often a miracle.

But it is damned hard to defend yourself, when you have been brainwashed to believe you are worth nothing.

It is hard to defend yourself – when you are told over and over and over that your only role in life is to be a fuck-toy for whatever man who buys you.

It hard to defend yourself when you have become the living dead.

Final myth – and the most ridiculous – there must be prostitution because men would die or be force to rape “real” women, if there is not a constant supply of the prostituted class.

Well, personally I think men are better and stronger than that.

No man will die from not having access to the prostituted – oh, his dick will not fall off if he cannot buy sex.

No man can use the feeble excuse that he must rape any woman if he cannot pay money to put that sexual hate onto the prostituted.

Are you really saying that it is ok to rape and use sexual torture on the prostituted class – for they are so sub-human, they feel no pain, have no terror and obviously their internal and external injuries are fake. Is that what you are saying?

For that how it sounds to exited women.


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