Some Job

It is so common to say indoors prostitution must be ok. View it as an ordinary job and then everything is ok.

This is said everywhere, until it becomes a white noise that eats away all hope for exited women to express their realities.

Let me be frank – all prostitution is of itself founded on violence to the prostituted class. There is no such thing as prostitution that does not have that violence as it background noise.

To divide prostitution between indoors and street prostitution makes little or no sense for the safety and dignity of the prostituted – it only makes sense as yet another excuse to keep the buying and selling of the prostituted class as a society norm.

Look closely at the majority of murders of the prostituted class – most, whether they are street prostitutes or existing indoors – are murdered indoors.

The murders are easier if indoors – for there it a private space, often noise of terror or unexpected silence is ignored when in that private space.

Murder is normal when in a flat or hotel room, more strange in open space. Women are murdered every day in some room, whether they are prostitutes or not.

I live inside a world where prostitutes expected to be murdered – so became reckless thinking each day was their last.

I had to learn how to live with a view to the future. I had to learn how to live without constantly having the threat of death hanging over me.

I had to learn to live as a human with hope. A human with dreams. A human who had a real worth.

I – with millions of exited women – spend every day and night learning how to be a full human.

And some say indoors prostitution is just an ordinary job.

So imagine that job, and tell me you could do it for the minimum of six months.

I have been told – it must have been ok, it just sex with lots of strangers with added bonus of money.


Ok, yes it tons of strange men, suppose you would in hundreds as a lot – I remember so many my brain want to explode.

You think it may be adventurous, exotic and sensual sex – you still think it can be define as sex.

Men that buy prostitutes rarely want to show respect, treat the prostitute as an equal, or even care about her safety.

They are not buying a person, they are buying a commodity made of holes and hands that they will masturbate into.

Punters don’t care who the prostitute is. Punters are not interested in why she is a prostitute. Punters enjoy her pain and terror.

When punters make the choice not to be violent – it does not mean that he has respect or see the prostitute as a full human. It just means he may be playing mind games, or may be saving the violence for another time or with another prostitute.

Any man who make the choice to buy a prostitute is doing a violent act of making another human into a commodity for his selfish sexual wants.

Is that an ordinary job?

I will finish for now – please fight for abolition and give the prostituted class real hope and a real future.

One response to “Some Job

  1. “Men that buy prostitutes rarely want to show respect, treat the prostitute as an equal, or even care about her safety.”

    If punters viewed prostituted women as their equals, they would not purchase “sex” from them. Both gender (male) and money (rich, or at least enough to spend on prostituted women) are forms of power over.

    I am so sorry you have been told that you “just” had sex with tons of men with the bonus of money. That must be such a mind-fuck for you, as it can cause insanity for a victim of a single rape to be disbelieved.

    I have never understood this business about moving prostitution indoors to make it safer. The women I know who have been employed in indoor sex services have experienced HORRENDOUS abuse.


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