Blank Canvass

Violence on real women and girls from porn is nothing new.

It would be easy to believe that it is only since the invention of the camera that real women and girls have been harmed by porn. It would be easy believe to think that extreme porn violence is just since film and the invention of internet.

This is not true – violence on real women and girls from porn is as old as the first drawing or piece of writing that depict sadistic sexual violence done to women and girls.

It is not a new form of violence – it is just that as the violence of porn has been and is now done mainly to the prostituted class – that is kept hidden.

Porn is not ideas or fantasies to the prostituted class- it is what is forced into their bodies.

Porn is made safe and sterile when all the women and girls inside that prostituted are long dead.

Their voices are silenced, their memories are discarded.

As we make porn into “high” art and history – those prostituted women and girls become screaming ghosts.

Look at the endless books and photographs of Roman whorehouses. See depictions of sexual violence painted on the walls – it must be art, it cannot be real.

Look at the glam pictures of high-class courtesans in Western art – no concept that they are throwaway women, only wanted as long they can be a sex object.

Read the endless male novels making out being a prostitute is life-affirming and inventing the myth of the happy hooker.

Art hides violence, art hides utter despair, art lies about the prostituted class.

But much of art is brutally clear that the “whore” class are made nothing but holes for men to put in their porn fantasies.

In Greek and Roman art, constant images of what is now called gonzo porn is shown.

Double penetration, deep-throating, anal fisting etc are not new – they were never new.

Porn is repetitive, when on the receiving end of porn is very boring in its repetition.

There are only a limited amount of things that be done to the female body – porn may of reached that limit centuries ago.

Only the changes is what is put into the body. The change is what technology is used to make and send porn to the consumers.

But the violence in porn has always been extreme, always be life-threatening to the women and girls inside the prostitutes class.

Porn has always put violence into the bodies and minds of the prostituted class – for then it is proven that they are not “real” women, for it their job to take all that hate and violence.

Porn has always been violent to the prostituted class – and made ok as most cultures and societies say it is natural for men to have porn fantasies, it is natural to then take that fantasy and poison the prostituted class.

What does it matter, they are just throwaway women and girls.

Well if you believe that highly dangerous nonsense, you should imagine what it is to be that prostitute of any time and any place.

You be her, as you know each punter/client/john is not seeing you, just seeing receptacles for whatever porn is embedded inside his brain.

Tell me you are not scared, tell me you have not got disgust – and say you will not go dead inside.

Porn throughout its existence has taught male consumers that the prostituted class don’t feel pain, don’t have real terror, enjoy life and death “games, that they love sadistic sex, that they love being mentally abused, that there no racism in their actions.

Porn make all hate disappear – for the prostituted class don’t mind, do they.

So you be the prostitute who more the likely on the receiving end of this porn-fuel sex.

You will smile and act happy, you will boast his ego, you will make every porn noise you can remember – all the time trying to remember how to stay alive.

That is the norm of porn being made real inside the bodies of real women and girls – only made invisible being “only” prostituted women and girls.

I write this not just for now, not just for my own personal pain and grief – I write for the millions of prostituted women and girls over many centuries, in most countries – who were made nothing but porn goods.

I write to say all those women and girls lived inside torture, live a life where hope was stolen.

Human history is tainted by the silent screaming of their destruction.

Porn murdered their futures.

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