Been Away

I have been taking time out, coz my power force is very tired. But I am also doing extremely well, and feel on yet another level with my work to expose the sex trade.

I feel free to slow down, and to as focused as I can. For now, I can leave my family behind, and not worry too much about their judgement or hurt from my work.

I know my family do not read this blog – and that is a good thing, for it was a shadow censoring me.

I love my family for who and what they have become – I need my work to be separate from that. Just knowing I have their love and non-judgement is a power force for me.

I can now focus on issues that are deeper, which I may write about very soon.

Issues on why surviving the sex trade is not just some far end of a continuum of male violence to women and girls. I want to write and explore the differences – and say the connections as well.

Issues of accepting that many if not exited women may not display the emotions that others want from them. To explore that the worse and the longer term the sexual, physical and mental torture is – the more likely that prostituted will react with deadness, with a tough exterior, will bat it off with humour.

Issues of speaking into the reality of being in that room, the reality of being made invisible coz indoors prostitution must be made nice so men can always get away with the buying and selling of the prostituted class.

Issues of the constant condoning of indoors prostitution in the media, by so-called feminists, in high and low cultures, by leftists, by all religions and man-made politics/philosophies, and all my surroundings.

Issues of being told not to say that prostituted class are made into goods, made sub-humans – by the same people who back harm-reduction. When harm-reduction is a concept that keeps the prostituted as goods who are patched up and sent back into hell.

So I been away, but I not dead yet.

4 responses to “Been Away

  1. Keep up the work of writer Rebecca, your writing is superb, even if the subject is rude. the more people will read you, the more people will understand that the only way is to abolish prostitution, legalization does not solve anything as you mention. Luv ya, “excuse” my english….


  2. Keep up writing Rebecca, more you write and more you will help and save other women. From talks with my friend in same situation: “Always smiling but I am sad inside”, “I don’t care anymore for anything”, … and you wrote: ” that prostituted will react with deadness, with a tough exterior, will bat it off with humour.” Other words but same sad reality. God bless you Rebecca.


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