Sickness of the Soul

It nearly time for Reclaim the Night, and I want to write my passionate plea to make visible what is continually made invisible.

I have been on many Reclaim the Night marches, and always find them inspiring.

But, there is a giant but, for me is that there little or no recognition of the realities of indoors prostitution. This brings a sickness into my soul that makes words get drown out.

I go on the London as often as I can afford it, or have the mental and physical energy to go. But each year is getting harder and harder.

It is just the march goes through areas – lovely touristy areas with beautiful architecture, areas full of party-goers, folks going to the theatre, going out to eat – areas full of hotels, posh hotels that I escorted in or know of other prostituted women or girls being sexually tortured in.

It is just the march goes through areas – areas of cheap hotels, students flats, hostels, and lovely parks – areas where indoors prostitution is everywhere and made nowhere.

When I first started on the London march, I knew this, but I shut my mind and body from knowing it fully.

I march as a robot, and wonder why I could not celebrated.

I had the start of the sickness of my soul.

Now, every year it is getting harder – but every time I know the march is vital,  just there is the loud silence round indoors prostitution.

How do we reclaim the lives back for those prostituted women and girls inside those hotels, those flats and those hostels? How can we give them back dignity and tell they have access to the basis human right to full safety?

I do not have answers, just a few ideas. My ideas are coming from the screaming of my soul.

I speak out so one day all prostituted women could be on Reclaim the Night without the sickness inside their souls.

We must look seriously at indoors prostitution, and place it outside simple stereotypes.

Know that indoors prostitution can be inside almost any type of building. Be that a up-market hotel or a hostel for the homeless; be that flats above a high-street shop or a penthouse flat; be that in some suburban street or a street in the middle of city-centre tourist trap.

Indoors prostitution can be on every type of street – so Reclaim every Street from the pimps and profiteers that claimed those streets.

Don’t allow our streets to be just their cash-cows, and because it is closed away, to allow those pimps/profiteers to make it invisible.

This is hard, for Reclaim the Night and most feminist action against violence against women and girls is very strong at speaking out how the vast majority of sexual violence done to non-prostituted women and girls that is behind closed doors.

The feminist movement is powerful at pushing open the doors for non-prostituted women and girls – it was feminists that shown the reality of rape in marriage, of acquaintance rape, of child sexual abuse.

There is tons to be done for non-prostituted women and girls – but it is spoken about and it is on the banners when feminists campaign about violence against women and girls.

Speak out against indoors prostitution – and there is a deafening silence or too often excuses made to make it acceptable.

I dream of the day that exited women from indoors prostitution speak out to the marchers – speaking out how you are marching in streets that you don’t see the routine hate and torture.

Streets where the prostituted are raped so often, they have lost the language of rape – all they have is knowing they are still breathing.

Streets where there may be flats, hotels or hostels where any punters can enter, knowing it has the front of looking just normal and acceptable.

Streets where every porn fantasy the punter wants is cater for – be that under-aged girls, be his sick porn ethic dream, be that whatever sadistic violence he can imagine. Everything is available when firmly behind closed doors.

To cater for this constant demand – there will be internal and external trafficking, there will be a supply of under-aged prostituted girls, there will be production of sadistic porn, there will be access to beating up the prostituted, there will be any and all types of sexual torturing, and there will be the throwing away of the prostituted class.

That is what we are marching through. We must reclaim back the streets for the prostituted class trapped inside the hell of indoors prostitution.

One response to “Sickness of the Soul

  1. Here in Canada, prostitution was almost legalized this year. It makes me sick. Luckily it didn’t happen. I want to live to see sex slavery abolished.. Just like you said, every street needs to be free of it. This is where feminist energy needs to be right now.. dismantling the sex/woman trade.


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