Students Beware

When I first started this blog, I wrote about the cynical attitude of the sex trade about students with debt issues.

The sex trade profiteers view students just a vast market to exploit and use to get cheap labour. The sex trade profiteers use students to promote that escorting and lap-dancing in harm-free and a great earner.

The sex trade profiteers lie and manipulate students – but what shock me is how so many quite privileged students buy the lies.

But they are only shown the veneer – never the reality of being inside the sex trade full-time and long-term.

The sex trade knows it can get in students”working” in lap-dancing clubs.

These students will get to what appears a large sum of money – but she is exactly being under-paid, but most managers of these clubs always have policies that no lap dancer can communicate too much, especially never mention so-called wages.

Unlike full-time lap-dancers, most students do get constant fines for any and no reason. Students are not paying horrific house kick-backs, that leaves most full-time lap-dancers in debt to the manager and unable to exit.

The managers are careful to keep students away from the normalisation of violence in lap-dancing clubs. They prevent the “customers” from feeling them up, from throwing objects at them, from following them outside the club, from forcing them to french-kiss.

They do not make students have sex with the manager’s “friends” or business pals. They do not make student lap-dancers do prostitution and/or porn as one way to get extras.

They keep students away from the back rooms, where sex is expected, where violent sex is often the norm.

This is all calculated and very cynical.

It is done for the sex trade knows having students are part-time and usually short-term, means they can keep it glamorous and cool. It is little and nothing to do with the hell for most lap-dancers.

The students are used to get rid of trouble-makers in full-time lap-dancers, or for the managers to make profit by moving the full-time lap-dancers in the more lucrative business of indoors prostitution and/or being inside mainstream porn.

This means the managers can pay less with more lap-dancers. It is a win-win for the sex trade, and loss-loss or the humans rights of lap-dancers.

It is the same with escorting, the other so-called glam way for female students to pay off their debts. Again the escort managers are very careful to students far away from the reality of full-time long-term escorting.

The managers select the punters very carefully, making sure the normal sadistic punter is not with the student.

Again the student is paid what appears to them a large sum, but this used to cut down how much full-time long-term escorts are paid. But more likely, coz students are cheap the managers can sack other escorts and still have plenty of chioce for the punter to select.

Students are used as a propaganda machine by the sex trade.

They know if they get students to go back into colleges or with their friends, and say it is a myth that the sex trade is women-hating and full of violence – that will recruit far more women than coming direct from the sex trade profiteers.

These profiteers and their normalising of violence and degradation invisible, or just make them into “decent” business people.

Meanwhile, for the vast majority of lap-dancers and escorts, the hate, the violence and the deaths continue as normal.

Meanwhile, for most lap-dancers and escorts are raped, are sexually tortured and made sub-humans – and those who are lucky enough to exit are living with extreme trauma.

But students are happy – so what’s the problem?

Please use your intelligence – and don’t fall for the lies of the sex trade.

3 responses to “Students Beware

  1. Rebecca, I learn so much from you! It makes sense the sex industry would use students in this way; it just never occurred to me HOW devious they would be about it, treating students differently than over women, etc. But now that you have said this, it makes so much damn SENSE!

    Everyone should read this piece! I mean, everyone!!!


  2. This does give a very good explanation for why the women that go on about how great the sex industry is are such privileged women. It never occurred to me that they might think to intentionally treat the women most likely to be there short-term and then talk about it afterward differently than the women that they know aren’t going anywhere. This makes sense as a strategy, but I’ve never heard it laid out this way.

    The way it’s usually put is that if any sort of lip service is paid to differences in danger level and “job satisfaction” are more a case of where a person happens to wind up on a dice roll like “whoops! You picked the beat up hooker club! Too bad you didn’t find one of those nice places with expensive sheets. Better john hunting next time.” I feel rather dim for not figuring out that in an industry with this much money and organization there would probably be more method to who winds up where and who finds out about what than in a Magic 8 ball. The fact that they have PR should have been self-evident.

    This reminds me of a practice that I read about in Dita Von Teese’s book. She spoke about how back when there were obscenity laws and they were enforced, in strip joints there would be a set of signals or lights to let the dancers know when there were cops present and they should strip down to nude colored full underwear and do less provocative routines. They called that version the Boston version. It makes sense that they would extend the practice of dressing the situation up not just to cops but also to women most likely to be listened to when they got out.


  3. I feel like I should print this off and post it everywhere! Or we should have some kind of warning pamphlet to place anonymously in women’s washrooms or anything..


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