Living the Life

The expression “living the life” is commonly used to normalise prostitution, especially street-based prostitution, and as usual is yet another excuse to lessen the violence.

I choose to look at that expression and change it – I would say many prostituted women and girls have little or no choice but to live the life – for the sex trade is inside every cell of their body, and the intensive brainwashing make that life the only one they can know.

Think how it is with a one-off rape, many women will speak of pollution and not being able to get rid of the invasion under her skin.

Then think, think and be the prostitute who is raped by the thousands. How would you be in that scenario?

Would you not have pollution in every cell of your body? Would you not react by being hard and deadening all emotions and feelings?

Then you will have an inkling of what it is be in the life.

The life is have your body is a playground for any and all male porn fantasies. In that life, all your choices are stolen, made to be manipulated.

To be fully in the life, you must not remind the punter too much that you are human – no you are holes, you are sexual noises to make him a master, your hands and mouths are just there to wank him.

To be in the life, you must forget you have rights and that you are an individual with dreams.

Yes to be in the life thoroughly, being the living dead is highly recommended.

This is the life that is glamorous in films, inside male novels, inside popular songs and even in advertising.

The life has become a soft-core mainstream image of prostitution – making it look relatively safe, maybe a money-earner and a regular job.

The life is sometimes as sordid, as full of violent usually pimps, where other prostitutes will cut the throats of new prostitutes – all male porn fantasies.

There is little or no showing of the relentless routine of the life – routine as in taking drugs or being inside a concentration camp.

I can only speak of the relentless routine of indoors prostitution.

The routine of being picked by punters who are more than likely going to treat your body as their porn-doll, making you into trash.

The routine of the routine being constantly broken by being moved round many aspects of the sex trade. Moved from brothels in sex clubs, moved from sex clubs to flats/hotels, from flats/hotels to being filmed in porn, from porn to brothels and on and on and on.

The routine of profiteers/pimps choosing to “punish” the prostitute from any or no reason – be it putting into gang-rapes, be it beating her up, be it moving her from one city to another city a long way away, be it making her go with the most sadistic punter/friend, and so many other punishments.

The routine of the fear of being killed or made to disappear, routine of living a life where you learn not to get attached to other prostitutes coz they disappear all the time.

That is the very tip of the iceberg of the life in indoors prostitution.

It is not a life – it is a living death.

2 responses to “Living the Life

  1. You speak the truth, Rebecca, but sadly one heard all too infrequently. To people who have grown up around the normalisation and glamorisation of porn, the actual facts – rapes, violence, pimps, physical and mental damage – are so far removed from the picture as to be dismissed as unbelievable. For those of us who lived that life, it makes it even harder to speak out.

    Keep on putting the truth out there! It’s all we have.

    In solidarity.

    Angel K


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