Explanation For Last Post

I have never understood why the endless sexual torturing of the prostituted class in and around war-zones is made so normal. It is part of myths, it is romanticised in war literature and films, it made to normal so no-one will question it.

But when and if these same soldiers or men who are following the tracks of war go and rape the non-prostituted, there is a rage and disgust.

I cannot come to terms with that – I may never come to terms with that.

It is expected that all male followers of war must have full and unrestricted access to the prostituted class.

We must provide as many brothels as it is needed; we must say all women and girls that are attached, caught up or follow those men are the prostituted class; we must say it is the right of men in wars to use the prostituted class as rest and recreation.

This is not new – men have always used the prostituted class to ease their trauma of war.

Why do we think that is ok?

These men may be so hardened and battle-weary that it will be normal for them to torture the prostituted.

Why is that ok?

It is ok, for the prostituted are classed as non-humans, as commodities for soldiers and other men will fuck their hate, rage and confusion into.  It is ok or the prostituted class have the role to soothe and comfort those men enough to get to go back into war.

It is no matter how many prostitutes are raped, no matter the many varieties of sexual torturing that is forced into the prostituted, no matter how many of the prostituted are killed or cannot live – as long as the war machine keeps going.

The prostituted class are not humans, just another tool to get soldiers and their followers in the right frame of mind to hate and kill without question.

So, I wonder why anyone is surprised that men caught in the war machine would step outside the prostituted class to rape and sexually torture.

For as long as we normalise the raping and torturing the prostituted class, it cannot be a huge leap to viewing all women as whores and available to men in wars.

What shocks me, is that anyone is surprised when this has been going on for at least 3000 years. Only every it is found out men in wars are raping and torturing the non-prostituted women and girls – there is a huge outrage, and usually very little action.

Each time it just like we have discover fire yet again – like it is some mystery we cannot fathom.

Each time, there is outrage – there is no demand to close down army brothels, no demand to end the constant access to the prostituted class or men in wars, no care about the prostituted class having full access to basis human rights.

Until that happens – there will always be rape and sexual torturing in war-zones – only it will made invisible for it is mainly done to the prostituted class.

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