I Dream the Prostituted Will Be Fully Human

This is dedicated to Catherine MacKinnon, whose birthday is today.


Although each and every woman and girl inside the sex trade are human – there is little or nothing in most cultures that treats them that way. Instead they are viewed as any and everything that is not connected to being human – especially as the prostituted class are made into consumable goods.

It seems that no-one wants to be reminded that there is a human essence inside each and every woman and girl inside the sex trade.

To know that, to see that, to fully feel that – would mean having to know, to view, and to feel the relentless destruction of that human essence.

Look at the language that is used to described the prostituted.

Call them sex worker – this is a general term that eases your soul, but does little or nothing to stop the endless violence that is her norm.

By re-branding the prostituted as sex workers – you are pushing them into the role of being consumable goods, goods without humanity whose purpose is to be fucked until she is worn out. But you it is ok, coz it is just work, maybe nasty work – but at least she has a job.

Most language around the prostituted class makes it ok by using the language of sex – usually the language of implied consensual sex. That is why the term sex work is so damned dangerous.

If being inside porn and prostitution is just sex with money – than it very hard to speak of rape, to speak of sexual torture. It become almost impossible to have words for the terror, the inner resistance, the deadness that keeps you alive.

Without that basis language – how can the prostituted class ever reach being fully human. For they are women and girls who are abused – it just the role that they are.

This belief is destroying millions of the prostituted every day.

It is a genocide that is hidden in plain view – which only proves that the prostituted are not considered fully human.

Also this is proven by how it common to think the solution to prostitution is put it indoors – that is to continue business as normal just hidden from the public gaze.

This is considered a reasonable approach only if you view the prostituted as goods that can and will be moved around at beck and call of the sex trade market.

Place it indoors – and the prostituted are made just porn-goods in maybe a nice environment; much of high-class prostitution is just the same old violence and degradation, just more time and space to torture the prostituted in.

Most punters that used indoors prostitution view the prostitute as non-human. She to him is holes to be fucked; she to him is every piece of porn he has read or viewed – be that his pretend girlfriend, his private Lolita, his fuckable slave, his racist fantasy, his fucking the posh girl into the ground.

See, she is everything but a full human.

To be made a porn-toy, is to have your body treated as an experiment to see how far the prostitute can take pain and still live. To made a porn-toy, is to know not to show fear, never to cry, not to fight back – for it is learnt that just make him happy and he does more violence.

How can anyone say the prostitute is fully human when she is made that porn-toy?

Others may be more academic, may have statistics to show the horror, may be able to change the laws – but I as an exited prostituted woman have visceral reaction to whether the prostituted are fully human.

I was not human as men queued to fuck in violently as the pea-brains could imagine. I was not human as anal-rape, gang-rape, deep-throat-rape, rape into my ear, rape as I strangled or made to drown, rape with suffocation, rape before, during or with being beaten up.

That was my role as a prostitute – how could I possibly remain human then?

But I just a very tiny example of the norm for the vast majority of the prostituted. The violence that I existed inside – is the norm in most countries, norm for indoors and street prostitution, norm for most commercial porn, norm for the prostituted from all backgrounds and cultures.

Don’t just think of the tiny few of the prostituted who may not have violence as their norm – and dismiss the close to 98% of the prostituted who survive by killing all that is human in them, just to make through the day.

That is my visceral reaction – it bloody hard to be calm about this.

But maybe my dream of the prostituted being made fully human will happen.

2 responses to “I Dream the Prostituted Will Be Fully Human

  1. What is your reaction to feminists who call for full legalization of prostitution? It seems feminists, especially, are so divided on this issue and I can’t help but wonder why.


  2. I believe that legalisation is a highly dangerous way to deal with prostitution. To have full legalisation is to accept that there must be a prostituted class who are made sub-humans and into sexual commodities. It view prostitution as a “need” of men, not a selfish selfish want. Full legalisation always increase internal and external trafficking – there is always supplies of every and each porn fantasy that punters want, or that the profiteers decide to market – be that under-aged prostituted girls, all porn views of different ethnicities and access to sadistic sexual practices. When prostitution is pushed indoors, this put the vast majority of the prostituted into grave danger, for it is private and often this mean there more time and space for sadism to the prostituted.I am mentally tired – but I fight for abolition not legalisation.


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