Sex Tips From a War-Zone

One of the hurtful and ignorant things that has ever been said to me, and to many other exited prostituted women – is that we must know great sexual techniques, maybe we should be gurus of sex.

This comes from the propaganda of the sex trade, that being inside prostitution is all about loving sex, learning to be sensual and pleasing the punter, hell it their view that whores are sex goddesses.

This has nothing to do with reality – it covers up the deadness, the violence, the terror, and the sheer isolation.

So I will give you some sex tips – but you may not want to use them.


This is vital.

Learn to lay dead whatever is happening – lay dead whatever the pain; lay dead whatever porn fantasies are being poured into your body; lay dead however much you want to run away.


This is mostly become his personal porn-toy.

To be this, you must lost your right to have a personality that is yours – you are what he thinks you are.

You are a schoolgirl, his private Lolita. He may know you are an adult but fucks you as a child, even speaks to you in childish language. Or inside the sex trade he may fuck the under-aged prostitute whilst pretending he knew she was an adult whore.

You may be put inside the violence of porn – may be in a double/treble penetration in the vagina or the anus; may be anally raped whilst your head is suffocated by pillows or drowning in water; may be made to be inside gang-rapes which you must enjoy.

You must accept this, you must act as if it is wonderful and life-fulfilling thing you have ever known – you must at least make sure the man/men have a really good time.

You may be part of the jolly whore game – that is being very close to death through his sexual violence, then it will stop, and you hear laughter of how it is just the “let’s kill a whore” game.

This may be through having oral sex rammed into so hard and so far back into your throat that you lose consciousness or are sick; this may be suffocated, strangulated or drowning; this may be from being beaten up whilst violent sex is happening; this may be from being sexually attacked in every hole of your body that all it can is to collapses towards death.


Believe the lie – that real sex is only good if there is violence, preferably with you being damaged and the male having complete power and control.

You will find you get so used to violence, and your body being as an experiment to see how much pain and degradation a woman can take.

It will be so much your norm that only extreme or out of the ordinary sadistic violence will give you the emotion of pain. Most other sadistic sexual acts will be made to be numbed or will be made unimportant.

Your body will be a battleground – and like a good soldier you survived by not knowing your reality.


So you still want sex tips from an exited whore – you still want me to say it was life-affirming, that it was empowering, that I reach some spiritual sphere through fucking strangers for money.

Tough, that is a sick delusion that keeps the prostituted class imprisoned inside violence and degradation.

My reality, and this reality is a tiny example of the reality for the vast majority of the prostituted class – is that I lived inside violence that was so constant, so relentless and so cold, that I only survived by refusing to know my own destruction.

In that environment, I learnt to smile, I learnt to boost the egos of bastards, I became an expert at faking orgasms, I learnt to lose myself and be a porn-toy. I became a happy hooker – whilst inside there was a constant screaming of rage, pain and terror.

That is my sex tips – take them or leave them.

2 responses to “Sex Tips From a War-Zone

  1. oh rebecca what “good idea”s for these awful men you have survive and now you can tell us please thank you for continue to explain I would like to be a god to punish individuellement these men, men after men, but they are rire certainly we are thinking to you and at your combat


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