You March, We Drown

I have written about Slutwalks before – but now I wish to say again why the vast majority of the prostituted class can never fit inside the movement of Slutwalks.

We cannot belong as long Slutwalks allow itself to be hand-in-hand with profiteers and promoters of the sex trade. I would love to believe this is naivety – but the more it goes on, the more it becomes a conscious political statement that Slutwalk is allied with the sex trade.

This comes from the simple statement – “being a Slut can be from pleasure or through work”. This comes from having at most Slutwalks speakers from sex work unions,  or marching with those who back keeping the status quo of the sex trade – never with exited women who now are abolitionists, or those who back real change for the prostituted class. This comes from thinking it would ok to have fund-raisers inside lap-dancing clubs. This come from not recognising that most women and girls inside the sex trade may be forced to wear “slut” clothes. And this comes from not taking on board from most women and girls have the word “Slut” used as a vicious weapon of war against them.

With all that in mind, it has become clear that Slutwalks has consciously excluded the prostituted class. For we stubbornly will continue to fight to frame it not as work, it is not a labour issue – we fight to show it an issue of human rights, and it about preventing the normalisation of sexual torture.

I see no signs that any Slutwalk as yet has taken that on board – too busy looking for happy hookers that some book has said exists, to notice that around 98% of women and girls inside the sex trade have all their choices stolen from them.

It is easier to frame as just a job – a job that in some romantic imagination is all about meeting interesting men, learning amazing sex techniques, hell becoming a goddess-whore, earning loads of cash, and easy to exit.

In that frame, it will easy to spot rape for the prostituted class – for in those rose-tainted glasses sexual violence would be unusual, and obviously the managers/pimps would be outraged, the police would believe the prostitute, and the violent would be banned and arrested.

For of course, any sexual violence would dealt with in-house and the prostituted class would be respected, when it is kept as sex work.

That is the fantasy that Slutwalks supports by saying it is just sex work.

The reality of the sex trade is that is organised around rape as the norm – but when framed as work, it is not branded as rape but that it is the role/choice of the individual woman or girl inside the sex trade.

It not normal that the prostituted class will know or have the language of rape for their realities – for the rapes, the sexual torturing and mental violence are so constant and endless that it has to frame as “work” in order to stay sane.

It is a betrayal of the prostituted class to frame it as work – for it leave inside an institution that is founded on sexual torture and seeing the prostituted as disposal goods.

I will stick with Reclaim the Night – for it confronts male sexual violence, which means the prostituted class can found a voice inside it.

One response to “You March, We Drown

  1. I completely agree. The slutwalk was born as a kneejerk reaction to a sexist statement, so there wasn’t much critical thinking behind its creation. That so many people gleefully jumped on board and made it as popular as it is tells that this culture views female degradation as something to be celebrated and made “fun”. No way in hell I’d march to the celebration of “slut”, unless I was holding a contrary placard. There’s no way to “reclaim” slut; what must be done is to eliminate the thoughts and behaviors that led to the creation of the term.


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