Collateral Damage

Dedicated for the inspiration to Denise Marshall

There is a terrible concept that one of the major reason to have a prostituted class is to prevent rape.

This is only true if you place the prostituted class as sub-humans who are impossible to rape, let allow do sexual torture to.

This is only true if you make the choice to say rape only happens to “real” women and girls who are outside the sex trade.

This is only true if you think rape is a crime of sexual passion and lack of control – not a crime that is pre-planned, and done to control and degrade.

This is only true if you think the prostituted just love sexual violence for it is their nature.

Believe all that, then maybe it is a rape prevention to have a massive prostituted class.

In reality, the vast majority of sexual violence done to the prostituted is made invisible, because of this terrible concept.

The prostituted are told, made to feel, brainwashed and collapse into believing that it is almost impossible to be raped.

One horrific expression kind of sums it up –

It not rape, more like shop-lifting.

The sex trade and the consumers of the sex trade know it is the role/purpose of the prostitute do be an empty receiving object for any sexual violence.

If the prostitute complains, or acts as if she does not want it, if she withdraws out of fear or disgust, if she goes unconscious – it is not to be classed as rape, just withdrawal of goods to the consumer.

The prostitute is expected to take any and all sadistic sexual fantasy the punters wants. If these acts were done to the non-prostituted, it would name as rape, as sexual torture – done to the prostituted it is named as her role, her purpose, her job.

The lack of care for the prostituted is shown every day.

There is outrage about rapes in wars – but there is no closing down of brothels in war-zones.

There is a questioning whether mainstream porn is increasing cold and more violent sex with young men – but it is considered that violence inside mainstream is either just acting, or done to plastic women who don’t know pain or degradation.

There is outrage about gang-rapes done to the non-prostituted – but little or no concern that it is common practice in many aspects of the sex trade.

But there is more and for me this is the most important issue – many punters and profiteers who do sadistic sex to the prostituted would never rape or even harm the non-prostituted.

Many of these violent and hateful men will speak with disgust and outrage of real rapists, real child abusers – often as they torture the prostitute they will rant on about how rapists should be hung.

Punters believe that it is impossible to rape a prostitute, producers and consumers of porn know it not sexual violence just fantasy.

So as the prostituted class are raped, are sexually tortured, are degraded till they want to die – they are told, made to feel and brainwashed that it of no importance.

The prostituted class should just smile and put up with it.

Be happy they are preventing rape for real women.

4 responses to “Collateral Damage

  1. Thank you, Rebecca. An excellent argument, as usual, and one that shows another way how patriarchy works to justify some rape and turn its categories of women one against the other. In “The Politics of Intelligence”, one of the essays of her anthology “Right-Wing Women,” Andrea Dworkin tackles head-on this construction of a conflict of stretegies for relative freedom from male rule between prostituted women and wives.


  2. “There is a terrible concept that one of the major reason to have a prostituted class is to prevent rape.

    This is only true if you place the prostituted class as sub-humans who are impossible to rape, let allow do sexual torture to.”


    Interestingly, I have heard since the Nordic model was implemented in Sweden, the rate of rape was gone up there. Maybe women just feel they are being taking more seriously now that prostitution is a crime. However, a recent study on so-called “johns” aka sexual predators found they said if they hadn’t gone to a prostitute they would have raped someone. So it could be that with the decrease in prostitution, men really are going out and raping more.

    Hey, a socialist model of rape!!! (sarcasm)

    I’d rather be more at risk of getting raped as a non-prostituted women than no women are being put through sexual torture for me to be supposedly “safer.”


  3. Rebecca I know you’ve been told you are brave many times but you are keep on surviving.

    This is calculated, cruel social engineering creating conditions where women will become prostituted and having them as scapegoats of the brunt of misogyny. This must end.


  4. I’ve always felt that paying for sex is rape. No question about it. The punter holds the power over the prostituted woman or child and uses this power to do whatever he wants. That’s why I believe in the statement, “rape for profit”. And it’s absolutely disgusting that society dismisses the literal torture and rape of prostituted women as necessary. These women are our daughters, sisters, wives, nieces, cousins, and they absolutely, in no way, shape or form deserve to be systematically raped and sexually and physically tortured.


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