Just Sex

One viewpoint that is common with many leftists and too many so-called feminists on the left is –

That prostitution is not the buying of a human, it is just buying sex.

Wow, how on earth does that even make sense – unless you truly believe that the prostituted cannot be fully human, just sexual organs and parts of flesh to be fucked.

If you believe that nonsense, then you are truly keeping the prostituted as sub-humans.

Think what you are saying and promoting.

You are saying sex is nothing to do with the human who is getting screwed – oh no, you are not saying that – for it only applies to the prostituted class.

Would you say that to a woman who tells she has been raped – it is fine, it was just sex, it will have no effect on her.

Is is just sex for a stepdad to fuck his teenage daughter?

Damned – I bet all you folks who claim that prostitution is just sex, and has no effect on the prostituted woman or girl’s mental and physical welfare – are shouting loudly about the terrible results of rape and child abuse for the non-prostituted.

I bet you see huge harms in the just sex of the rapes, sexual abuse, incest, child rape and sexual torturing of the non-prostituted women and children. These are viewed as crimes, even as major abuses of human rights.

But all the rules of justice is thrown away for the prostituted class.

We are not raped, not sexually torture, not batter and not threaten with death. For it is not our bodies that are there – just the parts that can brought to be used as sex objects.

All that is happening is an exchange of body parts for the punter to masturbate into or to use as his personal porn-toy – it can be considered harm-free, for the punter knows it is a non-human he is fucking.

That is what you are saying if you dare to claim that prostitution is just sex unattached to a real human.

Say that and you are part of the problem in a major way – for your words said so lightly are giving permission to punters and profiteers to do any and all sexual violence to the prostituted class.

For why would it matter, if it just sex not connected to a human who feels fear, who will be on the receiving end of utter agony, who may get killed or want to give up life – who will if she is lucky enough to survive have a lifetime of trauma.

Punters want to believe it is just sex with no consequences – sex where he as in his porn fantasy he is a master, and can pour in any pain and hate into the prostitute without consequences.

Say it is just sex, and you give punters the right to be as sadistic as he wants, for you cannot harm an object or a hole.

You imagine you are a prostitute – imagine that for me.

Imagine having countless punters using your body as their porn-object, imagine the pain, imagine having to deaden fear, imagine seeing injuries and having no time or space to deal with that – imagine all that and make it a million times worse than you what you want to imagine.

Then tell me prostitution is just sex and is not attached to your human body and mind. Tell me you can be that detached. Tell me you would not get extreme trauma from that deadness.

Tell me prostitution can be harm-free without saying that coz you want it to be true. Tell me it is harm-free after knowing what it feels to be inside prostitution.

Damned it, imagine your body and mind is told it is just sex – when it knows inside the silent screaming that it is just torture.

2 responses to “Just Sex

  1. All middle and upper class women, especially white women should have to read your blog, Rebecca. Seriously. It should be used as college reading. Have you ever thought about putting your material together as a manuscript? I realize now isn’t exactly the best time for you to do this, but it’s a thought for the future.

    I have been reading the general progressive/radical blogosphere, and it’s ALL the pro-prostitution lobby all the time.

    I can see why people who have no experience with serious abuse would believe prostitution is “just sex,” especially when we’re constantly being told prostituted women are workers who need unions, etc. But what really bugs me is women (and men, though I have lower expectations for them) who read material such as yours and Dworkin’s and still support the torture of women.

    I feel so effin’ desperate to make this end.

    Big hugs.



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