Manifesto From a Place of Trauma

This is a manifesto I need to write, for it is to say why I will continue my fight to end the sex trade – but I like many exited women are doing this fight inside our extreme trauma.

This post is written to say what is triggering – heck not triggering, completely offensive – language and actions that keeps us as sub-humans.

A few things that if you want to keep exited women on-board, than have the decency to stop doing.


Do not use the language of the sex trade profiteers. Each time, you say sex worker or sex work, you are putting daggers in our hearts.

Do not fall back on saying it is an empowering way to describe us – that women inside the sex trade want to be known as sex workers.

Only say that it you utter proof that it not a survival mechanism of the enslaved to speak the language of their oppressor.

Imagine yourself inside normal indoors prostitution – where you have no choice over which punter uses you; where you have no control if he is violent or not; where if you do earn a decent amount of money, most of it is taken by your manager/pimp; where you have a low life expectancy.

How do you think you would survive that environment?

Would you not close down that you were controlled and manipulated by punters and profiteers – would you not survive by saying you had chosen to in the life?

It is normal for the prostituted to be cheerleaders for the sex trade – it so much easier than knowing their own reality is speaking the language of their oppressor.

God, for most of the prostituted the violence has no end, there is few options of a real exit, they have their human rights stripped from them – why is anyone surprise that they must have the illusion of having some power and control?

It may be the only piece of dignity left to them.

So don’t use that excuse that some women inside the sex trade call themselves sex workers – not unless you have their pain, fear, degradation, or been made sub-human.


Bottom line – being inside the sex trade is not work – it is an abuse of human rights, it creating humans to be made into goods – it is not work.

Stop saying it not as bad as being a cleaner or working with fast food – which of course is very snobbish viewpoint, but that is a side issue.

Sorry – how common is it that the workplace to have rape as your norm, to be expected to have any and all forms of sexual torture done to you – coz that is just your job/role?

How common is that the so-called employee will take most of your earnings – so-called cuts in indoors prostitution and sex clubs can be the minimum of 80%. Money is not just taken – but many consumers of women inside the sex trade will bash her up so badly, will sexually torture her so intensely – that the prostituted woman loses consciousness or in no state to give a damn if she is paid or not?

How many workplaces “punish” their workforce by sending in to more sadistic areas – is it a normal punishment to put into gang-rapes, to have your head put into water as you are anally raped?

How common is that majority of a workforce knows they are highly likely to cope only by having addictions, where suicide is made normal, where it is expected to get internal injuries and/or long-term STDs, where if you lucky enough to leave you will have extreme long-term trauma?

What other workplace is the murders of the “employees” so normal and acceptable – that it is considered non-news, often viewed as the clearing out of the trash?

How dare you call it work – it is a form of slavery.


It is not sex.

Do you name rape as just sex – is child sexual abuse just sex? No, you would be outraged if I promoted that – many of you would want my blog taken down if I preach that, rightly so.

But everyday, exited women have to deal with being told how it was just sex, maybe it was bad sex.

You say it is just sex coz you want it to have been freely chosen.

You say it just sex so you can framed being inside the sex trade inside your fantasies and utopian dreams that what you want it to be. That is that is just sex that may push a few boundaries – but will be made fun and empowering.

You say it just sex – and you are pushing exited women back into hell.

Is it that money, goods or naming it as work – makes consent unimportant, makes rapes vanish, makes sexual torturing become empowering?

What other excuse/reason do you have for re-branding sexual violence as just sex?

So many of you who go on and on and on how it just paid sex – know that the prostituted are doing sexual acts that they would not even consider it were not for the exchange of goods or money.

That is rape.

Most women and girls inside the sex trade are made to do sexual acts that endanger them, often to the point of death or horrific internal injuries.

That is rape.

Nearly all prostituted women and girls have no rights to turn away punters who demand sadistic sex – with no care of her mental and physical welfare.

That is rape.

Women inside mainstream porn are expected to do any and all body punishing sexual acts – no matter her safety and dignity, she is just holes to be used.

That is rape.

Until you have 100% proof that the woman or girl inside the sex trade is not being raped, not being sexually tortured, or mentally abused to accept the unacceptable – you cannot say if you make the choice to consume the sex trade, you are not consuming non-sensual sex.

Consume the sex trade – and you should be consider an encourager of rape, or a rapist plain and simple.


This is too hard to write – so I will stop now.

Just think before you speak – for we sick of being made sub-humans.

3 responses to “Manifesto From a Place of Trauma

  1. Why do men insist on conflating the word “rape” with the word “sex” . The media does it all the time. They say sadistic rapists have “sex” with their victims.
    Men, basically, don’t know the difference between rape and sex, if they think that what men do to prostitutes is “sex”


  2. I could not begin to imagine what you have been through, but I feel your anger and pain and will fight the fight for women such as you. x


  3. I considers punters to be rapists. Clear and simple. Actually, I just recently left a support group because, among other reasons, one of the members claimed he visited prostituted women in massage parlours. The group was for male survivors of sexual abuse. Suffice it to say I did NOT feel safe anymore. Being a sex slave survivor, I simply did not feel safe sharing ANYTHING with a rapist. I don’t give a fuck if you’ve been abused or not, it is NEVER ok to pay to rape a woman.

    I agree with everything you’ve said in this post. Especially the part where people consider working in fast food, worse. ??? WTF How is earning a wage in safe healthy environment WORSE, than being a slave. The audacity of some people makes me sick.


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