The World Turned Upside Down

I am constantly amazed how those who lobby for sex work turned the world of the sex trade upside down.

They make it out it just a world full of choices, a world where violence is limited, a world that is deeply spiritual and empowering to the prostituted.

It is world that may not exist – or if it does either in cheap porn fantasy or with women who are playing at prostitution.

For as I have expressed many times, that the sex trade is founded on violence, and is making the vast majority of prostituted women and girls into sub-humans.

I and many exited women have said over and over and over again about the destruction of the sex trade. We speak out every day, in every country that the sex trade is made normal – we speak out with clearness and passion.

We have no choice for we cannot bear for there to be a world where the sex trade is allowed to get away with extreme violence and hate – and societies just turns a blind eye.

I cannot let the sex work lobbyists off the hook – for their detachment and falling back on “academia” is pushing the prostituted class under the bus.

There is a constant genocide of the prostituted class – and the sex trade lobbyists speak of harm reduction and legalising the sex trade.

I fight not for harm reduction – but by tackling male demand and attacking the profiteers, I fight for harm elimination for all of the prostituted class.

I do no believe the lie that if we dare to condemn and make criminal the men that make the choice to buy the prostituted, that we will force prostitution underground and make it even more dangerous for the prostituted.

That is just bullshit.

More dangerous, how the hell can it be more dangerous.

A prostituted woman who been in long-term and full-term is commonly raped in the thousands, most prostitutes lose count of how much they have been raped. Most lose the language of rape – as the they exist in an environment that names those rapes as their work or their role.

Most punters demand sex that would class as sexual torture or plain sexual violence if done to women and girls outside the prostituted class. In the world of sex work – it re-branded as supplying rough/kinky sex – it just a service that prostitutes will provide.

Most profiteers know that providing rough/kinky sex gets them even more money – so if they can brainwash or intimidate the prostituted till they make her say it her free choice and empowering – then his hand look clean as she is tortured.

It is a god-damned upside world.

As for it going underground – don’t make me laugh.

The sex trade is never underground – just too many in society make the choice to make invisible the violence and degradation that is its norm.

I am sorry but most punters and consumers of the sex trade want easy access to their prostitutes and porn – they don’t want to search hard, they just care about price and time.

Many consumers of the sex trade want privacy – privacy to rape, privacy to consume porn that tortures women and children, privacy to own another human for his sexual greed.

But that does make the sex trade go underground – just that authorities go hand-in-glove with the profiteers of the sex trade by pretending there is no violence.

This is why sex work lobbyists go on and on and on that prostitution would fine and dandy if was just all put indoors, and preferably legalised.

For behind the firm shut doors – prostitution can continue business as usual. That is continue with the daily rapes, the daily beatings, the normalising of sexual torturing, and the undercurrent of the disappearances of the prostituted.

That is business as usual.

Put it indoors, and make it have the veneer of being clean and relatively safe – clean and safe mainly for the punters, not the prostituted.

Put it indoors, and don’t say that is because you can charge more, and provide a greater variety of sadistic sexual practices. Don’t ever say there can a large turnover of the prostituted – for they are considered throwaway goods, with thousands of women and girls to replace them.

Put it indoors – and know there will little or no intervention that focuses on the safety and welfare of the prostituted women and girls.

Put it indoors – and give the punters the entitlement to more privacy and time to make the prostituted into his porn-toy, no matter how he damages her mental, physical and sexual welfare.

It is not underground – it just others make the choice to not care about the prostituted class.

I am very sick writing this – so I may write again in a few days.

Please don’t get fooled by the sex trade lobbyists – or the genocide of the prostituted class will just continue.

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