De-Bunking Myths

I am very tired, and made very sick about the continual myth-making about the sex trade. I feel like I write and speak about this endlessly – but there always more that hurt me to the bone.

The myths are so much easier to believe than the voices of exited women, the voices speaking truths that demand a movement for real change.

In this post, I write of the few myths that are really bugging me.


There is a myth that porn would be ok if only it was not commercial.

Then it would be done with real emotions, there would be no coercion, it would by magic stop all dodgy practices.

There is no evidence for this beyond the dreams of leftists or feminists who want to keep their porn, but pretend to themselves that it must be ethical.

Porn has for thousands of years be violent and degrading – and for the majority of those inside porn have been paid little and in many cases no money.

Porn existed before capitalism – capitalism just found porn was a wonderful tool. But the myth that only in capitalism that porn is really bad is highly dangerous.

Porn exists in all man-made religious, political and philosophical beliefs systems – all designed ways to make porn to be acceptable and ethical to their ways of being.

It is not just about the money – porn is about looking into the depths of male violence, looking how all male systems are designed to create a prostituted class to be porn goods.

Porn is not erotica, porn is not going to give anyone sex education, porn does not have respect, porn is never liberating for those inside it, porn is not sexual freedom – porn is not sex.

Porn is all about the violence, porn does push the body and mind beyond the limits into a place of deadness, porn is nothing to do with performer’s pleasure all about the power and control of the consumer and producer.

In that environment – money is unimportant.

Being paid a fortune or nothing makes no difference when inside that severe mental, physical and sexual abuse.

How does taking the money away makes it better to made into holes to be sexually tortured?

How does taking the money away stop the constant brainwashing that makes the performers know their only worth is to be porn objects – no matter the agony, the threat of sexual diseases, the putting up with physical violence, and the background noise of not coming out alive or sane?

You just take the money away not coz you have a genuine care for the performers inside porn – no be honest you just want something to wank off to without having the messy emotions of having a conscience.


This myth is throw at abolitionists all the time – usually when we are speaking sense, and being heard and believed – then the pro-sex trade lobbyists fire this myth at us.

It often said that if we had our way we would throw the prostituted onto the streets with no money – that many would have to work in low paid and highly exploitative work to survive.

It is framed that abolitionists hate the prostituted, so don’t care what happen to do them – as long we can feel good about ourselves.

This is not just highly offensive – it is a refusal to see who the abolitionists are, and how all abolitionists want and are building many and culturally suitable ways to have long-term and holistic exiting schemes for the prostituted.

The abolition movement is lead and reliant on the voices of exited women – women who fight for abolition out of deep love and respect for all of the prostituted – not just the chosen few that others choose to save.

With the voices of the exited women guiding the abolition movement – there is a deep belief in decriminalising the prostituted, always put alongside holistic methods to exit.

We want there to be long-term counselling as or when the exited women need it. We fight to build systems to find alternative and long-term work, we fight to have access to housing away from the areas of her pimps, managers and punters. We want to build a an environment where exited women can not just support each other, but if they have the strength and stamina to be leaders to speak out against the sex trade.

We do not throw the prostituted away – for many of us that would be throwing a big part of ourselves.


The sex trade is never underground – it always easy for the consumers to find, it is always in the open so there can be a vast profit.

It may be semi-hidden from those who determined to pretend if it does exist, it must be clean, must be safe, and must just an escape valve for men.

In reality, it makes no difference if it is legal or made prohibited by certain laws, if the culture or society turns a blind eye to the male demand.

In my country, prostitution is meant to be semi-legal, but any punter at any time can get a prostitute, and there will be no consequences.

Much of prostitution is hidden in plain view in flats, in hotels, behind pubs, in suburban streets, in lap-dancing clubs and on and on.

This is the so-called underground, it is so overground – you just make the conscious decision to not see it.

You are like a toddler who thinks to you shut your eyes tight enough, if you put fingers in your ears and say la, la, la – then everything nasty will vanish.

But whether over or underground – the prostituted are living with constant rapes, with beatings, with sexual tortures and with knowing they are disposal goods.

Saying it not true is just wishful thinking.


I am sick and exhausted.

I just wish you would think before you speak and write.

Stop making the prostituted sub-humans.  

6 responses to “De-Bunking Myths

  1. This post is really, really helpful. The pat discourse from sexual libertarians is so intimidating, so overtly in bad faith, that it tends to cow most of us into silence. Thanks for stepping up to the plate, Rebecca, and reminding readers that they are talking b-s. (and deathly afraid that we are seeing through their ruses once and for all).


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  3. Do you make some sort of distinction between “porn” and “erotica”? It seems to be implied by one of your statements, but you don’t elaborate upon the difference.


  4. YEN – I realise you have more than likely asked the “question” about porn and erotica as a way of tripping me up -by the way you have asked it. Of course, there is a difference between porn and erotica – but not as much as there seems, for much of erotica is as Andrea Dworkin said “posh porn” – for it the depiction of violence towards women and children with degradation, but labelled as art or high culture. Also often it only labelled as erotica when the makers are long dead – for example really ugly porn from ancient cultures becomes erotica. I would only labelled it as erotica if there s true equality with subject in the work and the maker of the work. It is only erotica if there is communication, if there is respect for the people inside the work and if the work is not just about wanking for the user. That is extremely rare, and does not exist much in the mainstream porn industry, which is my concern.


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