Why is Thinking Prostitution is a Free Choice So Important to You?

Dedicated to all the amazing survivors of the sex trade who now fight to end the sex trade.

Endlessly saying that prostitution must be a free choice is used often as full stop – or at least a method to shut up those of us that question that it is a choice.

Well, I want to know why so many are so desperate that it must be a free choice -is it more than likely that it lets you off the hook of caring if any harms are done to the women and girls inside porn.

Tell what it is that you define as free choice.

From my point of view, it appears a small moment when the prostitute is with a punter is doing relatively little harm to her – may just do straight sex, may even speak to her as if she is a human worthy to be seen.

It may be the small moment, when indoors prostitution is done with the veneer of respect, where there is the appearance that the prostitute can choose and have the illusion that she can have control.

It may be that giving out condoms and coffee to street-based prostitutes means you only want to hear that she is tough and can keep herself safe.

God – I could on and on and on and on at the illusions, excuses and lies used to believe that prostitution must be a free choice.

But this belief system is always based on a divide and rule policy – the policy that allows you to believe that there are the “victim” prostitutes, and then it becomes ok to believe that all other prostituted women and girls are happy coz it is freely chosen.

There is the talk of trafficking. This for those of you who want that it is a free choice – becomes the trafficking myth.

It may be considered bad or sad that women and girls are externally trafficked – but what is tragic to me is you only chose to register this human rights violation if they are seen as slaves, imprisoned or under-aged.

I sick of the profiteers of this external trafficking getting away by putting up a smokescreen saying it just economic migration.

So if this is so great, you go and work full-time in a brothel, in a sex club, at the end of escorting internet line – go abroad and do that for at least six months.

You do and know how your choices are stolen from you – choice to have safety, choice not have rape as your norm, choice not to be cut away from your roots and loved ones, choice to keep alive.

But what hurts, is how those who want to believe that prostitution must be a free choice, are utterly dismissive of the common practice of internal trafficking.

Internal trafficking is way most girls and women get into prostitution. It is common, but is made the most invisible aspect of prostitution, and made the fault of the individual prostitute.

Instead of seeing with a clear eye – see that it is grooming, see that it many prostitutes enter through peer pressure, see many are manipulated into the sex trade by coming away from previous sexual/mental/physical violence, see the cold calculation of sex trade profiteers that finds small vulnerabilities in strong women and girls and use that to trap them.

No – make it the fault of the individual prostituted woman or girl – say she was just attracted by the money and glamour, say she could keep herself safe if just understood the rules of prostitution, she would be safe if she could read the punter’s body language, that she was a fool or mentally ill if she allowed to be manipulated coz of course you would be stronger and wiser than that.

Not taking internal trafficking seriously, is more than a massive betrayal – it is a throwing away of millions of prostituted women and girls who do not fit your neat victim-role.

Those of you who want prostitution to be a choice, always go on and on and on and on about making it legal, bringing in unions, and harm reduction.

You refuse to hear, see or know that prostitution cannot be made tidy or ever safe enough – you refuse to see that as long as men have the entitlement to buy and sell the prostituted, they have the freedom to be as violent as their minds can imagine.

I hear you say but at least if it is legal – it will prevent the violence by stopping the underground stuff.

This is just pure nonsense – prostitution never truly goes underground – it always available to punters, and easy for them to access.

Most punters are lazy buyers, and like their whores to be easy to access.

Punters like to fool themselves that it is just good, clean fun. If you make it legal – you are speaking the language that those punters want.

Make it legal, it is not sleazy – but just a normal thing that men can do.

Make it legal, and keep safe and clean so those punters don’t have to have a conscience as they rape, batter and sexually torture.

Make it legal – and you throw away the prostituted class.

I will stop here – coz this is very traumatising for me.

3 responses to “Why is Thinking Prostitution is a Free Choice So Important to You?

  1. The thing that really bothers me about the pro-sex-as-work (really, abuse as work) lobby is that they make the things you mention above–unions, legalization, seem like the answer to liberal privileged women who honestly think they are doing the right thing. And then of course, they don’t want to reconsider their position, ’cause being against prostitution ain’t “in.” They don’t realize the absolute nightmare prostitution really is, which is why you’re writing, Rebecca, is so important.

    You speak the truth in a way that they cannot deny, at least not if they have any conscience at all.


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