Language Matters

I write about the sex trade, and for me every word matters. I will not use certain language that is used everyday.

I will not use the language that is used to normalise the sex trade, and in doing that makes all the harms invisible.

I want language to reflect the reality, I want language to be uncensored – I want the sex trade to be exposed, not made just part of the furniture.

I refuse the term sex worker or sex work. I am sick of all the liberal media using that term without question.

How many times to exited women have to say it is not sex and it is not work – only to ignore or usually patronise, told we don’t what we speak of coz we are just bias.

Like those who promote sex work do not have the backing of the sex trade, do have most governments behind their views, are not embedded inside the arts and most cultures, it not the language inside universities, is not the language of most news media.

They, of course, are never bias.

To say it is just sex – is to framed what goes on inside the sex trade – as their norms of your imagined sex, even if it goes slightly beyond your boundaries.

It frames the sex trade inside porn dreams – where most women in the sex trade are liberated, are happy, love performing sex acts to please men, it may appear painful or degrading but is just fun – it is always empowered sex.

It has little or nothing to do with reality for the vast majority of the women and girls inside the sex trade. It just porn in the head.

I so sick of others saying it just sex with the bonus of money.

Well, do the prostitution, work inside a lap-dancing club, be inside mainstream porn – for six months, and say that.

Be inside the sex trade, and know you have no choice which men buys or consume you.

Know being in sex club has little or no glamour – with men are allowed to finger-fuck you, with men yelling every vile name their tiny minds can name women with, with back-rooms where full sex is expected.

Know indoors prostitution is not safe or a way to make loads of money – not when shut in room with men who have full permission to treat you as trash, full permission to use the prostitute as his personal porn-toy, where your manager just sees you as goods that will get him/her money and then you are thrown away.

Know there is nothing safe, glamorous or fun about being inside mainstream porn – if you get embedded inside that world your body will used as a war-zone, having internal injuries or STDs will be your norm, your norm will having sadistic sex acts pushing your mind and body into deadness to survive.

Know to survive nearly all aspects of the sex trade are about destroying anything human of the women and girls that are trapped.

That is why I use the term sub-human as a descriptive term to the existence inside the sex trade.

I know that the profiteers of the sex trade will break down all women and girls to be suitable as fuck-goods.

The breaking down is on every level – mentally, physically and sexually – leaving the woman or girl with nothing to reminds her that she could be human.

This does not means she is sub-human, for there is always somewhere deep hidden there is a fighting spirit that I named as her essence.

Rather to survive inside the sex trade, it is important to hide anything human from profiteers and the punters, and sadly from most of our society that dismisses the prostituted class.

That is why it is very important to state that women and girls are made sub-humans.

To doubt that is to ignore reality for those of us inside or exited from the sex trade.

We are sub-human whenever someone clicks on free porn and get some kicks from viewing sadistic sex, and saying it must be just fun or pretend.

We are sub-human as cars drive pass street prostitutes selecting on a whim.

We are sub-human as businessmen laugh as we lap-dance and coincidently slips their fingers into our cunts.

We are sub-human as men phone or get off the net an escort by age, size, what sex acts she will, price and what time he can have with her.

We are all sub-human to profiteers and punters – we are just holes to be fucked – we have no past, and our future is of no importance, all that matters is when we inside the male gaze.

This post is about thinking about language. That would be a massive route to giving the prostituted real freedom. 

One response to “Language Matters

  1. This was just posted on the Canadian Parleuses list:

    Dear PAR,

    I despise the term ‘sex worker.’ It’s the same idea that procuring
    of human infants for buyers who will do anything, pay anything,
    asking no questions, in order to get what they want is merely infant-
    adoption all tied up so sweetly with pink and blue bows: AS IF
    newborns just fall out of the sky from low-flying storks.

    Selling access to one’s intimate body parts and then wanting that
    access to be less risky… to have some sort of extra legal
    protection, some guarantee of ‘body safety’ while that body is being
    used by a ‘john’ or worse, while a third party brokers that access…
    I’m having a difficult time coming to terms with ‘sex work’ being
    anything less that degrading because, in my view, any compromise,
    never mind the near total loss of autonomy to a hostile stranger IS
    utterly horrifyingly dehumanizing.

    Isn’t it a myth that ‘sex workers’ are engaging in sex (intimacy)? In
    truth, aren’t their bodies merely a ‘fix’ for the user?

    What really needs to be addressed: the addict’s access to a ‘fix’ or
    his addiction?

    There is a myth also, in regard to drug addiction’s ‘harm
    reduction,’ that it’s the user whose risk of harm is being
    addressed: in truth, harm reduction to the general population is its
    only purpose.

    Sex used to dirty, even an intimate nice-kind of dirty, but now
    it’s work, impersonal high-risk not-the-nice-kind-of-dirty work. I
    may be confused but I am thankful my body parts are too old for
    brokering. Oh no, I just heard that organ ‘donation’ was going to
    become mandatory ….



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