Just Don’t Say It

These are some things that you should not bother to say to an abolitionist – especially if she is an exited women from the sex trade.


Well, murder, rape, massacres in peace and war, racism, child abuse – they have always been with us. So we should let them carry on without punishment, should we?

No, they are taken seriously, especially when it is male on male violence. We think killing is wrong, we on occasions think raping non-prostituted women and girls is wrong, we try to weed out racism – all these have been with us for centuries, but we don’t just up.

But every moment of every day – the prostituted class are being abandoned by this attitude – oh well, it has been with for centuries, so nothing can change it.

Don’t say it unless you prepare to give on all mental, physical and sexual violence that has been with for centuries.

Give up if a friend or family member is raped, murdered, or on receiving end of racism. Would you just wave your hands in the air and say – there is nothing that can be done, it is just the ugly side of human nature – or would expect justice and some kind of punishment.

You would be there for your friend or family member – but not if she was prostituted.

That is the brutal truth of that stupid statement.


That is said with a straight face – that is said to exited women without regards to the hurt it causes.

It come from believing that the prostituted are the Other; are what is named as goddesses; are more “sexual” than real women – it comes from the belief that prostituted class are sub-humans.

It is saying that the prostituted class are designed or by nature to not feel pain as normal women do; that they can have many men in them without it affecting their mental welfare; that is very rare to abuse and/or rape a prostitute for it is her sexual drive that wants violent sex; that as a whore, she will not mind being an object for men to use and throw away.

That is what you are saying – I know you may wrap it up in trendy, friendly and what you think of as clever language. You may call us sex workers, goddesses, high-class, paid companions – but we know your words keep us sub -humans.


We were prostituted – it was not work, and it was nothing to do with sex.

Stop making the instituted violence of the sex trade disappear – by saying it is just a labour issue, and little or nothing to do with human rights.

Each time you say sex work – you are speaking the propaganda of the sex trade profiteers.

You say sex work – and all rapes, sexual tortures and deaths are made unimportant – not viewed as the norms of all aspects of the sex trade.

Say sex work, and all you do is imply that if there is violence and degradation, it must be the flaws of the individual woman inside the sex trade – never the fault of the men that consume porn and/or prostitutes, never the fault of the profiteers of the sex trade.

No, by labelling it as sex work – you believe she must have freely chosen to be inside the sex trade, so she can leave at any time. You dismiss the intensive mental, physical and sexual violence and manipulation that keeps women trapped – that doesn’t fit your neat preconceived concept of what a “sex worker” is.

Just think before saying the language of sex work – think of how the vast, vast, vast majority of the majority of women and girls inside all aspects of the sex trade are made into consumable goods to be fuck and throw away.

Think of their hell – hell of being nothing but holes to be destroyed; think of their internal injuries; think of being trapped in a room with a punter with no idea if he will be violent or not; think of rape and/or sexual torture being so much your norm that you lose language to describe it, except it must be your work/role; think of living in an environment where your follow “workers” disappear into drugs, disappears into mental illness, and just completely disappear from the face of this earth.

Think of all that, and know that is just the surface of the violence that is the founding stones of the whole of the sex trade – than have the nerve to say it is just sex work.


There are loads more I can say – but this will do for now.

Think before you speak – that is the very least you can do.

3 responses to “Just Don’t Say It

  1. Hi Rebecca,

    “You would be there for your friend or family member – but not if she was prostituted.”

    I wonder if this would change for those who support or are on the fence about the sex industry if they did have someone they truly cared about endure what you did. And I wonder why they are unable to see that you are a HUMAN BEING, too, just like their loved ones.

    “We were prostituted – it was not work, and it was nothing to do with sex.”

    Yes, from what I understand most prostitution is really abuse that may or may not be sexualized. Is a battered woman performing “sex work” for her husband each time he rapes her and/or beats her? After all, she may have access to his money…and his house.

    I don’t even like to use the term “selling sex,” because sex isn’t what is really bought. But so few people want to believe the truth…


  2. to the ones who say prostitution and porno have always existed,ask them if they read about ancient matriarcal cultures or nowadyas indigenous culture.Prostitution and prono only exist in male-dominated society.To say it is very ethocentric.Prostitution was introduced in Brasil by europeans during the colonization process,our indigenous didn´t pratice that.That´s proove how ignorant pro-sex defenders are and that the fight do need women from other cultures to make it stronger.


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