My Blog, My Rules 2

Last Autumn, I wrote “My Blog, My Rules”. But I so tired and bored of sex work lobbyists writing to me and feeling entitled to be published on my blog, that I feel I need to write more “rules”.

1. This blog is and was never set out to be a debating chamber about whether prostitution is sex work or not. I am an abolitionist, and my priority is my readers who have exited and are living with PTSD, not the views of tiny minority who are happy in prostitution.

2. I do not want constant comments on how prostitution was and should be a sacred act. That is a myth invented for the convenient of users and profiteers of the sex trade. Temple whores were not respected, they were slaves who had no choice but to service any and every man who came to the temple. It is deeply insulting to assume that other cultures and times were “honourable” to the prostituted class. Know prostitutes are always made sub-human, and into disposable goods. Naming them as “goddesses” just is an excuse to say they feel no human pain, do not mind the sexual violence, and are untouchable to lowly humans except when men fuck them.

3. I will not publish comments on how being a prostitute is just doing social service to men who cannot or will have sex with “real” women – they are lonely, too ugly, want sex acts that “normal” women won’t do, are disabled, are too busy with work to fit in a relationship, working or living abroad, want sex without messy communication, want to practice what they have viewed in porn – all these men must have prostitutes. This is rubbish – men do not die from not having access to the sex trade – but the prostituted are dying every day to fill those men’s sexual wants. Access to the sex trade is not a human right.

4. I will not publish comments informing me how safe indoors prostitution can be made – especially if it is just advertising your workplace or people you know who are Happy Hookers. Indoors prostitution, as all forms of prostitution, is only as safe as the punters choses not to use violence, and the profiteers make the choice not to sell the prostituted to sadistic punters. It not made safe by the individual prostitute – when the whole structure of prostitution is built on that violence making the profit.

5. I do not publish comments that are built on the divide and rule theory of prostitution. Be it that under-aged is ghastly – but if she is 16 up she has chosen to be prostituted. That “violent” external trafficking is terrible – but internal trafficking either doesn’t exist or is just a media fantasy. That street prostitution especially if connected with drugs or other anti-social behaviours is tragic – but indoors prostitution is empowering and liberating for women.

6. I am bored of being “told” that where I worked must have been illegal or run by criminals. It was not – and even if it was that not relevant to the fact that all of the sex trade is built of making women and girls into sexual commodities. Legal or illegal, there is the breaking of women and girls from fully rounded human – by brainwashing, extreme violence, closing them away from the world outside the sex trade, rapes re-named as “work” and constant destruction of her essence. Most prostitution is overground and easily accessible to punters – most prostitution is brutalising.

7. I will not publish comments that look for the “good” punter – there is no such thing. Any man who makes the choice to buy another human being for his sexual wants cannot be classed as “good”. Many men make the choice not to consume the sex trade – those are the men I support, especially if they join the fight to abolish the sex trade.

8. I do not publish endless tirades on how prostitution would ok if it just was more women-friendly, that in some pipe-dream will become feminist. This like saying prostitutes are goddesses is utter bullshit – prostitution is designed for men to pour their hate and contempt of women and girls into – anything that they label as the feminine – that is the purpose of the prostituted class. It cannot be made women-friendly – only given the veneer by using the language of feminism and having women in the forefront when promoting the sex trade. But as long as women and girls are brought and sold as fuck-goods – prostitution will never be women-friendly.

9. Finally this is not censorship or silencing of the sex trade lobbyists – how could I when they have access to the media, to the arts, inside universities, on TV, in films, in novels, at conferences and all other mainstream and male-dominated institutions – to spread their message in. This is my blog, so I can publish what I want.

To end, the main purpose of this blog is be there for exited women from the sex trade – so I am very careful that there no comments that hurt, trigger or insult them. They are my priority.

7 responses to “My Blog, My Rules 2

  1. Too right! Always makes me laugh when people tell me I’m infringing their free speech not letting them comment on my website but when I go over to their website, they would never in a million years consider publishing my comments.


  2. Well said, Rebecca. This is an impressing summation of the bullshit alibis being promoted to protect the male privilege to buy women. Please don’t compromise your insights and principles, nor let this opposition wear you down.


  3. Brilliant post. I still can’t believe that people are self-important, pathetic and selfish enough to truly believe that they are being ‘censored’ when someone refuses to publish their comments on a private blog. Wanna see real censorship? Try looking at the sex trade’s treatment of its victims and survivors. That’s censorship, folks. It ain’t just your precious feelings being hurt by a survivor’s refusal to tolerate your bullshit. Grow a spine already.


  4. Another thing… remember that a sizable number of people claiming to be “happy hookers” in internet comments are “sock puppets”, people paid to assume an identity and promote commercial sexual exploitation. (Remember the alleged “Penthouse Forum”…?) Or they take on that identity for strategic reasons…


  5. Rebecca, my goodness, you certainly have the right to establish boundaries on your own blog!

    Martin brings up a point that had not occured to me, that a good portion of these “happy hookers” may not in fact exist. I’m not sure what the “Penthouse Forum” she is referring to is, but I’d be interested to find out.


  6. Good for you! You have the courage to fight the unspoken, unaccepted evil. Keep it up, never give up! Millions who are silenced, by force, by PTSD, by shame, are behind you.


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