Wrong Assumptions

It is exhausting speaking out about indoors prostitution – for the same wrong assumptions are made over and over and over and over again. It is like if these misguided concepts are said often enough, that we can say all indoors prostitution is safe and women-friendly – well then, everyone can go back to ignoring all violence and degradation.


There is a huge delusion that indoors prostitution is safer than street, or at least it can be made safe enough for others to turn their backs on it.

No prostitution can ever be safe enough for the prostituted – not while they are made into sub-human goods to be brought and sold.

Indoors prostitution is commonly being shut alone in a room with a punter who view you as his property. His property to do all his porn dreams onto – remember most porn that punters consume is all about sadistic sex and making women into holes, forget that she has any humanity.

How can that made safe?


I will try not to laugh, or go towards my gallows humour now.

All I can say is that is a pipe-dream, or you just following the propaganda of the sex trade.

The manager views the prostituted as profitable goods – to do as they are told, to move around different aspects of the sex trade, to be sold on for profit. They do not see the prostituted as humans – just see the money.

Any safety precautions the managers put in, are either for show or for the protection of the punter – the safety of the prostitute is unimportant.

Condoms are everywhere in much of indoors prostitution. But there is also a lack of “forcing” the punters to use them. It is common for the prostitute to earn more if she does unsafe penetrative sex.

But more important, condoms mean nothing when the vast majority of sexual or physical violence is non-penetrative sex. Condoms don’t save any prostitute from sexual torturing, and many managers promote sadistic sex as extras.

Know most punters are with prostitutes because they want to be violent to a women or girls – not because they want missionary position.


No, they are not – and even if they are, no-one has the human right to buy another human for their sexual wants.

Most punters are in relationships, most are very ordinary men, most are ordinary men who make the choice to hate the prostituted.

These punters want power and full control over the prostituted – want to make her into dirt and throw her away.

There is no safety for the prostituted with men like that.

I can’t write any more, my trauma is too bad – but please know my the bottom of my heart that indoors will never be safe enough to be worth existing.

Please end the endless trauma that the prostituted have to live with. 

One response to “Wrong Assumptions

  1. It is hard enough *for me* to hear these lies told about the sex industry; so I have all the empathy in the world for you and other survivors, Rebecca.

    The major “feminist” blogs all promote prostitution as “sex work,” a viable choice. And when women say otherwise, from their own experience, they are not heard. Not really. It breaks my heart. In other ways, these women are willing to show solidarity with those who they view as the most wounded. Perhaps it is only because of the very outspoken pro-sex work lobby that it is assumed good lefties support legalization of the sex trade?


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