Hardcore Poison

I want to write of the times I had hardcore porn put into my body.

The times that punters and profiteers thought it was fine to make the prostitute into nothing but porn goods. No regard to her safety, no regard to her mind being filled with terror, no regard as to whether she is severely injured or dies.

No regard for she is never considered human – she is just a whore, not a real woman who can be raped, who can feel fear, who has real injuries, whose death is even remembered.

I was in that position and know what it is to be made into living porn.

I speak out now, not coz it will change the past or decrease my pain  – it will not get rid of that poison, just dilute it for some time.

I speak out because all round me there is a glamorisation of hardcore porn, a lack of empathy and sympathy for the women and girls inside that porn.

I speak out because others want to believe that indoors prostitution exists only to supply normal sex for sad lonely punters.

That is bullshit – the major profit of indoors prostitution, the reason it an ever-growing market – is to supply punters with privacy and time, to do whatever porn-fuel fantasies they want onto the living bodies of the prostituted.

Most punters want to do hardcore porn – not erotica, not the soft end of porn and not the “boring” just penis in vagina sex.

In my experience, most punters treat the prostitute’s body as something to experiment on. Experiment how much pain her body can and will take without killing her. Experiment whether all the so-called fantasy in hardcore porn is something they can do.

Some punters go so far, that they will watch video games, see porn cartoons or read in fiction of sexual acts that are physically impossible – but demand that the whore does it anyway.

I remember “Deep Throat” not coz I have ever seen it – I remember every time I choked, that I can’t breathe coz I think I am drowning.

I remember punters demanding to find the clitoris is my throat – forcing their penis in so deep that I fainted, that I drowned in fear and grief. I had no orgasm – but I had pain in my throat that no water, no painkillers could cure.

I knew “Deep Throat”, and I know Linda Boreman was raped inside that “entertainment” – as was thousands of prostitutes forced to re-create that film.

That is the real harm of hardcore porn – how most the violence done is kept hidden for it is “only” done to the prostituted class, and framed as entertainment or the right of the punter to get his money’s worth. It is made invisible.

There has always been extreme violence and degradation done to the prostituted class – it is only noticed if that violence goes outside the sex trade. Violence done to the prostituted is re-framed as choice, as only acting, as a role – it never made real, it cannot be real coz the prostituted class are made sub-humans.

I was prostituted when much of hardcore porn was about not just violently raping, but then killing the whore.

This meant that for many punters anything goes – for the prostitute is disposable. This meant the profiteers sell their prostitutes as objects that all punters can do maximum violence to, and they will clean up the mess – so there will be no consequences, it is will be a non-event.

In that environment, many punters loved playing games with my life and death.

I was strangled while being fisted, I had pillows put on my face as I was anally raped, I had my head pushed into water and yet more anal raping – that just a small and tiny examples of endless ways hardcore porn taught punters how to be with a prostitute.

That is the real harms of hardcore porn.

It hard to go on – but I will end by saying if you still make the choice to believe that hardcore porn is just entertainment and harm-free. Think of how now as you read this – there are many prostitutes in every continent getting sexually tortured as punters re-create hardcore porn.

Have that suffering and terror in your mind every time you want to say hardcore porn is just for fun.

If you use or excuse hardcore porn – you do have the blood of the prostituted class on your hands.


One response to “Hardcore Poison

  1. Oh rebecca….I read this post last night, and have found myself thinking of you all morning. I know I’m not the only women who appreciates your couragesness in putting your story out there, including describing the acts that were done to you. I fear many more privilaged women believe prostitution is only intercourse. Your vivid descriptions of what was done to you, what is done to SO MANY women worldwide counters this.

    Let me know if there’s any way I or others can support you.


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