Finding the Human

This is dedicated to all the amazing women who have exited the sex trade, and have the courage and determination to campaign for real justice for the prostituted class.


If you want to know the harms of being embedded as a prostitute, know that it the slow and painful lose of how to be a human.

If you want to know the harms of what losing being a human is – know what it to made into nothing that is seen, known, heard, or allow to live outside the sight and ownership of the consumers and profiteers of the sex trade.

Can you know that – or will continually want to frame as less than it is.

Will you continually refuse to believe or know that the prostituted are made non-humans – made into disposable goods, made into living porn dolls, made voiceless and refuse to human rights in case they imagine they are humans.

Would you refuse to see that by creating a language that makes you turn away – the language of sex work, the language of choice, the language of harm reduction – all language that puts a band-aid on millions of cut throats.

As you feel you have seen us, you always turn away if we speak words of exploitation, words of sexual slavery, words of choice being stolen.

You look us in the eye, and dismiss our words as one-offs, as some bad apples, as us not having the intelligence to read punter’s body language and see their violence coming.

You look us in the eye, and blame us for our all the exploitation – you speak to us explaining why we are wrong, and you are right.

You reminds us every day that we are never fully human.

You do this as you dismiss our pain – making us our rapes, our beatings, our sexual torturing, our mental breaking down and our knowledge of death was always round the corner.

You dismiss that as you speak of sex work and harm reduction – making out the “job” could make safe or at least safe enough if only the prostituted took more control, took simple precautions and remember how empowered they are.

You say nothing of what we know to be the reality of all violence inside the sex trade – that as long as the prostituted are made sub-human, and objects for men to buy and sell – all violence is permitted, coz it done to goods, without human feelings, without human rights to dignity and safety, and without being seen or known as any more than holes to be masturbated into.

You say nothing that all violence in all aspects of the sex trade is always the choice of the punters and the profiteers. You are deadly silent on that.

In staying silent, you are making us sub-humans, and you are standing on the sidelines as the prostituted class are raped, are beaten into nothing, are sexually torture and are murdered.

You stand in silence as there is a genocide of the prostituted in every continent.

You make us sub-human, so our wiping out is no big deal – for it more important to search for the unicorn of the Happy Hooker.

Well, I write and campaign for I was not wiped out.

I have no idea why I lived and became strong enough to be have as my mission to end the sex trade – when so many strong and amazing prostituted women and girls never made to an exit.

I am alive, with ghosts of strong women, who were murdered, who committed suicide, who refuse to remember as it tips then into insanity – so much of my campaigning is feed by those ghosts.

You choose to dismiss their lives if you ignore the daily violence of the sex trade.

I know the main way forward to tackle demand, and to attack the profiteers of the sex trade.

I know that true freedom for all of the prostituted class is showing them that society will punish punters and profiteers, will give the prostituted the respect of providing holistic exiting programmes.

In other words, that we build a society that knows and acts on that all the prostituted are fully human.

That they are not to blame for the violence done to them – that they are trapped in an institution that is so built on violence that all the prostituted are made sub-humans to be destroyed.

We must give the prostituted class full humanity – else all fight against violence and inequality is an utter waste of time.

Whilst a whole class of mainly women and girls are made sub-human – so sub-human they cannot have “real” violence done to , so sub-human they have access to having a voice, so sub-human they only viewed as fuckable objects – there will no end violence and no equality.

We are discovering how to be human – and you either join us, or learn to be quiet.

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