Reaching for My Gun

It hard to live in a world where language about the prostituted class is so offensive in such a relentless way. There are the common insults, that are part of the fabric of every society.

But what makes me wish I had a gun, is the language that pretends to cares about the welfare of the prostituted class – but is there to hold up the status quo of the sex trade.

It is the language of sex work, the language of separating out good/bad prostitutes, the language of regulation, the language of harm reduction, the language of getting unions – it is the language of the sex trade profiteers using leftist/feminist words to give the illusion that they give a damn about the prostituted class.

It is a lie – a clever lie – but a lie that is hiding the tortures, the rapes and the deaths of the majority of the prostituted class.

By holding an image, whether real or not, of a grown woman who appears empowered, in control and always put in front of men to say how wonderful the sex trade is  – the sex trade is playing trick.

It should be noted that rarely are we shown more than a brief period of the woman’s life. She is kept struck in the moment of being the happy hooker, the showcase for the whole of the sex trade.

We are not show how she enter the sex trade or what age she was when she entered. This could inconvenient if she enter before she was 16. It does not fit the happy story, if she was pressured into the sex trade by peers, a boyfriend or just sheer rebellion. It does not fit if she was abused as a child. It does not fit if she had taken drugs, or was needing money – or if she was from a community that outsiders think their only role is to be whores.

None that is made public – it is just made to disappear – for too many happy hookers are just toys put out to the public face of the sex trade – they are not allowed to be full humans.

They can speak of punters – only if they say that they were respectful, and men love to hear that the whore control the man. It must said there was very little violence – and if it happened their managers control it and ban that one bad apple.

Only as I hear and look at women speak out about the lack of violence and the respect of the punters, I think these things.

They speak from a position of power, of being a profiteer in the sex trade. Too often, these so-called spokeswomen for the prostituted class, are running a brothel, are making porn and using the prostituted as goods, and therefore are distanced from the rapes and degradation.

They may do some paid sex or make porn – but only with people that they know and fully trust. That is not the reality of the sex trade – that is an environment that it more sex with benefits. It is insulting to the prostituted class who are enduring sexual torture, constant rapes, mental violence and the reality of being murdered – to call it more than hobby prostitution done by very selfish and arrogant individuals.

Or most common, that these women were raped, were abused, were tortured, were mentally abused and were living with threat of death – and have to survive by adapting into believing it was their choice to be there, that they have to believe they are empowered and love their role. To think otherwise, when still embedded inside the sex trade, would mentally destroyed them.

I think to survived long-term being inside the sex trade, it is vital to not know the reality of the relentless violence and hate. Survival is the most important thing – and many women and girls inside the sex trade survive by forcing themselves to believe the lies the sex trade tells.

She has to believe she is empowered – how can anyone live with knowing all the power is in the hands of punters and profiteers who will do whatever they want, and usually throw her away.

So be careful when speaking of empowerment when looking at the prostituted class. See with a clear eye that the so-called empowered prostituted woman has no rights over what is done to her body, she often has no rights to safety and no rights to life.

To keep some sanity in the hell of the sex trade, it is often vital to think it just who you are, the only role left for you to do – hell, as the propaganda says it your work.

Be very careful when you speak of sex work. Do you refuse to see violence when you frame it as work? Do you not allow yourself to the lack of hope for the vast majority of the prostituted class?

Do you call it work, coz then you place inside a neat box and forget about the conditions inside the sex trade?

I hear sex work, and I know the prostituted class are being silenced.

I wish I had a gun – but all I have is words and determination that the prostituted class are more than heard, but are given full justice by eradicating the sex trade.

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