“The Lie” 1979. To the Memory of Andrea Dworkin

This was spoken at a rally in New York. In a park dominated by drug pushers. On the boundary of Times Squares, famous for its sex trade. Demonstration by Women Against Pornography. Women were proud and triumphant.

Now this is the kind of speech I will to or make my own speech – not the wanting to keep the status quo of the sex trade, that goes for feminism these days.


“There is one message basic to all kinds of pornography from the sludge that we see all around us, to the artsy-fartsy pornography that the intellectuals call erotica, to the under-the-counter kiddie porn, to the slick, glossy men’s “entertainment” magazines. The one message that is carried in all pornography all the time is this: she wants it; she wants to be beaten; she wants to be forced; she wants to be raped; she wants to be brutalised; she wants to be hurt. This is the premise, the first principle, of all pornography. She wants these despicable things done to her. She likes to be hit and she likes to be hurt and she likes to be forced.

Meanwhile, all across this country, women and young girls are being raped and beaten and forced and brutalised and hurt.

The police believe they wanted it. Most of the people around them believe they wanted it…. Adult men claim their own daughters who are eight years old or ten years old or thirteen years old led them on.

The belief is that the female wants to be hurt. The belief is that the female likes to be forced….

…. You keep saying no. Try proving no….

A boyfriend or a husband or one’s parents or even sometimes a female lover will believe that she could have fought him off – i she had really wanted to. She must have really wanted it – if it happened…. She wanted the force, the hurt, the harm, the pain, the humiliation…. Because she is female and females always provoke it, always want it, always like it.

…. Pornography says so. or centuries men have consumed pornography in secret – yes, the lawyers and the legislators and the doctors and the artists and the writers and the scientists and the theologians and the philosophers. And for these same centuries women have not consumed pornography and women have not been lawyers and legislators and doctors and artists and writers and scientists and theologians and philosophers.

Men believe the pornography, in which the women always want it. Men believe the pornography, in which women resist and say no only so that men will force them and use more and more force and more and more brutality. To this day, men believe the pornography and men do not believe the women who say no.

Some people say that pornography is only fantasy…. Women are beaten and raped and forced and whipped and held captive. The violence depicted is true. The acts of violence depicted in pornography are real acts committed against real women and real female children. The fantasy is that women want to be abused.

And so we are here today to explain calmly – to shout, to scream, to bellow, to holler – that we women do not want it, not today, not tomorrow, not yesterday. We never will want it and we never have wanted it. The prostitute does not want to be forced and hurt. The homemaker does not want to be forced and hurt. The lesbian does not want to be forced and hurt. The young girl does not want to be forced and hurt.

And because everywhere in this country, daily, thousands of women and young girls are being brutalised – and this is not a fantasy – every day women and young girls are being raped and beaten and forced – we will never again accept any depiction of us that has as its first principle, its first premise, that we want to be abused, that we enjoy being hurt, that we like being forced.

That is why we will fight pornography wherever we find it; and we will fight those who justify it and those who make it and those who buy and use it.

And make no mistake, this movement against pornography is a movement against silence – the silence of the real victims. And this movement against pornography is a movement for speech – the speech of those who have been silenced by sexual force, the speech of women and young girls. And we will never, never be silenced again.”



This speech must never be forgotten – although every day words like this are suppressed not just by men, but by women refusing to condemn pornography.

As I see the fashion of Slutwalks, the search for the unicorn of feminist-friendly porn, that night life whether lesbian or for straight women is just hyped-up porn, that you are lucky to find a music video or too many ads that would be on the edge of hard-core in 1979 – I wonder if Andrea Dworkin’s message has been placed in the trash-heap.

I would cry – if I wasn’t screaming with grief and pain.

In this speech Andrea Dworkin reminds that porn is no fantasy – and I and the women I know or don’t know in person – who have been in those images, that thing you watch and wank over, and then forget. We know inside every cell of our bodies – porn was no fantasy to us.

Porn is not made up of plastic people. Porn is nothing to do with the forced smile all women and girls have to have as they are sexually tortured, as they are verbally and mentally abused.

The truth is porn is not fun, porn is a fast or slow destruction of that woman or girl inside that image, that computer program, that video.

When you make the choice to watch your everyday porn – the porn with oral sex until she chokes and is sick, porn with double anal rape, porn where beating up the “whore” is regular – and that is just the commonplace porn you can get anywhere.

When you watch that, you are more than likely watching rape, but it is usually plain old sexual torture.

I bet some of you would fight to end political torture, are campaigning to end domestic violence, incest and rape to non-prostituted women – but you still think you should have the freedom to consume porn wherever you are bored.

You are watching torture, you are viewing not a performance but real rape and battery – whether you watch it for free or not, you are supporting an industry that views those women and girls as highly disposable.

Being disposable – it becomes no matter if they get STDs enough to destroy them internally or kill them, no care over so-called safe sex, when consumers and porn producers have decided the image is better if it looks raw and dangerous.

Being disposable – it is no matter that she is beaten up close to death, no matter that she suffocates during oral rape, no matter how rip up she gets as the producers pushes the limits of double and treble and more penetration in the vagina and in the anus. Send to in-house “doctors” and patch her enough so it looks ok, and get more money off her.

And it is no matter if she is killed on set, if she commits suicide, or just dies coz her body cannot live any more – she is replaceable.

That is the reality of the so-called fantasy that you consider to be entertainment.

And many say porn is “freedom of speech” – well it is for those who already have great power, that is the consumers of porn and porn producers.

There is no freedom of speech for those inside the porn, especially if they are females. There isn’t any speech for them.

They have no rights over the images made of them – images that now can spread throughout the world with a click of a computer.

Most of the women who have survived would give anything to utterly every porn image ever made of them. But those images were stolen from us, we have no rights to owned our own image. It kills us every day.

Where was our freedom of speech to scream rape, to shout to the world of the constant sexual tortures we had known – we are dismissed, told it must have been rare and nothing with “legitimate” porn, that we are too damaged to speak any truth.

Only it is odd how the voices of those who are lucky enough survive porn enough to speak out – those voices speak of the same sexual tortures, same being made into nothing but holes, same non-stop rapes, same brutal mental wearing down until you forget you are human – the words of survivors are always very familiar to each other.

But you choose to say it some sad individual story – rather than a structure of an evil industry that doesn’t give a damn how many women and girls it destroys.

I want us to fire up by Andrea Dworkin and all the other women, mainly survivors, who speak the truth of what porn is.

Give up on your fantasy – too many women and girls are being destroyed whilst you cling hold of it.

3 responses to ““The Lie” 1979. To the Memory of Andrea Dworkin

  1. “Give up on your fantasy – too many women and girls are being destroyed whilst you cling hold of it.”

    This is absolutely perfect. This should be repeated as often as possible, everywhere.


  2. Much of my abuse and torture was videotaped, so I have that unfortunate insight into the world of pornography. I also have the unfortunate reality of being male, which is isolating in its own right. But, the insight I have allows me to see porn for what it really is, which is what you talked about in your post. Porn is rape, porn is torture, porn is extreme verbal, mental, physical and sexual abuse, porn is damaging to the women and children beyond recognition. The fact that people continue to get off on these facts is utterly despicable. If the consumers of porn just focused on the images and not on their penises, they would see porn for what it is. I’ve had people show me images of porn and I had to run to the bathroom to vomit. I know all too well that deadness in the women’s eyes, the cries of pain skewed into moans, the internal damage that’s far too often permanent. I have permanent damage caused to my rectum from the countless tortures and gang-rapes, which many were caught on video.

    This was a really great post, and summed up and explained everything I feel about porn. Thank you so much!


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