Words Will Hurt You

I have been looking at some stuff about different Slutwalks – and over and over they state the meaning of their campaign is that no-one should be raped whether they have “sex for pleasure or for work”.

That hurts that is the major reason, a great many exited prostituted women do not want to be associated with Slutwalks. Most are so hurt and angered by calling it “work” yet again, that they have fallen back into silence.

I feel sick close to death of the concept that being in the sex trade can be classed as work – yes, I am saying that over and over and over – but until all women and men that claimed to fight against sexual violence stop calling it “sex work”, I cannot rest.

It is not work – it is exploitation, it is sexual slavery, it is violations of basic human right, it should be classed as torture.

Of course with all forms of exploitation, especially exploitation that has been made normal – the prostituted class have found ways to adapt to a world with little hope of exiting.

It is normal and life-saving for most of the prostituted to adapt to their role, and paint the veneer of being content.

But that does not make it work – that is called surviving by any means at hand.

The prostitute learns to smile as she is continually raped. The prostitute learns to speak the language of empowerment, for that turns on the punters to pretend they are the victim – and a turn-on punter get more profit for the sex trade.

I thought with naive belief that Slutwalks was about confronting the male right to rape. How silly of me, it more about saying don’t raped the non-prostituted – but for the prostituted, if you framed it as work, then it bloody hard to name that rape.

It only becomes rape if the prostitute names it as rape – it only rape if outsider decide it not just the prostitute’s role really.

But think carefully about how can the individual prostitute named it as rape.

Most humans in situation of torture that appears to have no end will make it what it is not. Humans adapt to hell by not knowing it.

Soldiers on the Western Front would speak of daily life ignoring mud, rats, bombs, mutilated bodies and that they were very likely to die.

Most inside concentration camps adapted by closing down, and only living minute by minute, surviving by not allowing themselves to care any more – not wanting to know survival was never in their hands.

But the prostituted who live with rapes in the thousands of rapes, are made into holes to torture and humiliate, are living with the background noise of prostitutes disappearing and knowing that if murdered no-one will care.

The prostituted are meant to have chosen that lifestyle, and just see it as a nasty job – but heck, someone got to do.

Funny how that “someone” is hardly ever the person who speaking of how prostitution is just a job really – funny, that so many who tell the prostituted is just sex work, would not want to be in a room with queues of punters wanting to fuck them.

Instead, they make a soft-core fantasy of what sex work is.

In this fantasy, the punters are respectful, and communicate clearly what can and won’t be done. These gentlemen would never hurt the prostitute, unless of course it was pre-planned.

In this fantasy, it mainly straight-forward sex, no sadistic stuff, no punter forgetting that the prostitute is a human.

Oh but it does go wrong – in this fantasy, the managers will have safety precautions for the prostitute and banned the violent punter.

This fantasy is a sick joke for the vast majority of the prostituted.

We know punters buy us to owned us completely, and in the reality if he decides to be a sadist pig, the individual prostitute and the prostitutes as a class can nothing but hope that they survive.

Prostitutes is all about the profit, all about keeping punters happy so they come back many times – it not about the welfare of the goods.

It utterly naive to believe that the sex trade will ever place the safety of the prostituted anywhere on their radar – safety precautions are only there to paint the veneer of being a caring “employer” – whilst making huge profits through destroying the prostituted human rights.

So I and a great many exited prostituted women cannot support Slutwalks – for we know it was not work we did, but torture, stealing of our human rights and sexual slavery.

We were not allowed to framed our rapes as rapes – just as our role, something we had chosen. So we cannot report a rape – if we have lost the language of rape.

Give us the language of torture or class it as rape as war – and then we may slowly find the words to report our destruction.

Until Slutwalks stops framing it as work – we want nothing to do with Slutwalks.

2 responses to “Words Will Hurt You

  1. Rebecca,
    Can I translate this great essay into French and broadcast it too on the Sisyphe web site and my FB wall? The prostitution lobby has completely coopted the ‘Slutwalk’ in Montreal: they are seguing the march with a benefit concert for their efforts to have pimps, brothel-owners and punters decriminalized in Canada!


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