Double Speak

I am very sick of the lies and propaganda spread by the those who make the choice to say that prostitution is just sex work. Their double speak is making so ill, I am getting close to the point of wanting to die.

Their language is the language of the privileged, the language of those who make a profit from the prostituted, the language of those who may do a wee bit of paid sex but just for kicks, the language of distanced academic, and most common the language of punters and pimps.

It is never the language of the daily endurance of the prostituted, never the language of the prostitute who has hate and violence written on her body.

Her voice is made unhearable – it is more than silenced – it is made non-existent.

It is not the language of exited prostituted women who knows and remember that what appears to be a personal violence against them was never personal. How could it be, when every prostitute is just goods to fuck into nothingness.

There is nothing personal about violence done to the prostituted – it just having access to holes, hands and someone to boost the punter’s ego. It not personal the violence that poison the future lives of exited women – but if you call that sex work, it is just a business exchange.

But the biggest double speech that is promoted by claiming prostitution is just sex work – is the push to get all prostitution put indoors, and then by magic, it will be safer and the punters will be gentlemen.

Heck in the sex work language, punters are never called nasty words that are the hearts of most prostituted women – such as johns, scums, bastards, saddoes, or just thinking hate as they paint a happy face.

No the sex work double speak named punters as clients, like that makes it all neat and tidy as these punters make the choice to owned and control the prostitute. A client doesn’t rape, he just pays for some pre-arrange porn fantasy to get perform by the whore. A client doesn’t beat a prostitute up, he is just playing a sadist game. And if a client accidentally kills the prostitute – it more than likely her fault or she doesn’t understand his rules.

In other words for sex work advocates, most violence done to the prostitute is just bad luck or the fault of the prostitute. It is not that the punter by having the right to own another human to fulfill whatever sick porn fantasy he has – does not give a shit what damage he does to the prostitute. Why should he, when she has be made non-human and just something he can fuck close to death.

And why should the profiteers give a damn about the mental, physical and sexual welfare of the prostituted, when the biggest profit is always made by providing sadistic sex. If the prostitute is killed, or is lucky enough to leave – that’s no problem to the sex trade profiteers, coz there are millions of other vulnerable and often naive women and girls who can be molded into being long-term prostitutes.

It is a genocide of the prostituted made invisible by replacing the goods.

That is made invisible by sex work advocates – who are more than happy to promote a jolly face of the sex trade.

The concept that prostitution can be made safer if pushed indoors make no sense on any level.

Where are non-prostituted women safer indoors – doesn’t most child abuse go on inside a home, isn’t most women battered indoors, ain’t most raped inside a building – if that is the reality for non-prostituted, in what universe would the prostituted be safer indoors?

I have been told it must be safer for it is some kind of one-to-one negotiation between the punter and the prostitute, it is a clear-headed business exchange.

I say even if that is true – which for most prostituted women and girls there is little or no communication, just straight down to using her as his personal porn-toy. Even if it is true, it takes nothing away from the punter has full control, and the prostituted is just goods.

In reality, all words of a punter mean nothing if he decide he has the right to be sadist or to rape the prostitute – and he can do that with the full knowledge that is not a crime, and his mess will be cleared away.

Indoors prostitution is all about closing away the public gaze from the ordinary violence and hate that is the sex trade – what is not seen or heard, can become a non-event.

Indoors prostitution give the profiteers/managers/pimps stronger control over the prostituted. It is much easier to manipulate the prostituted, and to give her a dream of empowerment and small degrees of freedom in indoors prostitution – whilst always knowing the prostituted will have no rights to real safety and dignity.

But sex work advocates buy that it is can made safer, at least safe enough to patch up the prostituted and then send then back into danger again. This is named as harm reduction, doing everything to keep the prostituted in enough working order to look good for the punter, and hopefully will smile as well.

Kind of remind me of army hospitals in the First World War, where soldiers were patch up enough to be sent back to almost certain death or mental/ physical mutilation – sent back regardless of the mental damage they were carrying.

That is harm reduction, is just all about keeping a constant flow of prostituted for the punters and increasing the profit.

The main thing about the sex work advocates is that  theyspend most of their energy trying to distract from the elephant in the room – that the only reason there is prostitution is because of the mainly male demand to make other humans into sub-humans for their sexual wants and greed.

Tear away that demand – make punters afraid to even think of buying another human for their selfish wants, make a society that not only scorn the punters, but gives them serious punishment for robbing the prostituted of their basic human rights of safety, dignity, freedom of movement and right to life.

Tear away the demand – and build a culture that cannot even imagined why men ever invented a system where mostly women and girls are made so non-human that they were just are used as fuck-toys.

The sex work advocates will keep the focus as far away as possible from the punters, and will make sure no-one looks clearly at the management class of the sex trade.

Instead they keep the focus on the individual prostitute – either to show as some sad case who could not cope with the joys of sex work, or the happy hooker who is used to recruit others into the sex trade.

Just never look at the punters and profiteers – never see their cold cynical approach to the prostituted, that they have pre-planned what degree of violence they will use on her.

Rather pretend it is an accident, some mis-reading by the prostitute, he must be mentally sick – never see that violence and hate is the foundation of all aspects of the sex trade.

Violence is used kept the prostituted always on their toes. Violence is used to deadened her enough, that things that would have been unthinkable to her become her only reality.

Violence is not emotional, is not a flash in a pan – in the sex trade violence is often slow, calculated and always done to control the prostitute.

That is what sex work advocates refuse to speak about.

But exited women have no choice but to talk about it – for we are so sick of the bodies of the prostituted being made invisible.

2 responses to “Double Speak

  1. “In the sex trade violence is often slow, calculated and often done to control the prostitute.”

    (private note: thinking of you.)


  2. Thank you for these words Rebecca. I heard you talk at Feminism in London last year and was incredibly moved by what you said.
    Never have I read such a powerful blog. Keep writing when you are able, your words mean more than ever.


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