Wow, This is Called Feminist

Recently, there has been a major backlash by women naming themselves as feminists while at the same time supporting the status quo of the sex trade.

Oh sorry, they may do some minor tinkering with the conditions that prostituted women work in – important point, they will discount anything uncomfortable, such as prostituted who are under-aged or prostituted women who they believe were forced into the sex trade.

In other words, these “feminists” can paint a pretty picture of prostitution, for they close down as much reality as possible.

In other words, these women can name themselves as feminists, and at the same time abandoned a whole class of women and girls named as the prostituted. Abandoned to the normal sadism that is the sex trade – be that rape on an industrialised scale, be that made into nothing but porn-toy that punters and profiteers will use and throw away, be that having the higher rate of murder of any class of women and girls.

Ignore that – and dare to call yourself a feminist – then don’t expect me to respect you or even bother to listen to your nonsense.

I know you like to make it clean and tidy by speaking of sex workers, and then go on to general chat about how everything will be fine and dandy if sex workers were inside some union.

It sounds wonderful, until you unpack who benefits from the prostituted being named as workers.

It is not the average prostituted women, and certainly not the prostituted who work on the streets who mainly come from abusive backgrounds, are overwhelmingly not white and middle-class, doing it out of economical need, and may have addictions. It is not for the prostituted trapped inside brothels, sex clubs or saunas – with managers who don’t give a shit about their rights or safety, only that they are disposable goods.

Talk of that being work, or something that will be unionised, is just a sick joke to those prostituted women and girls who major priority is just remembering that somehow they are still alive – when death and near-death is their norm.

Unions and workers inside the sex trade are always to the benefit of the profiteers and punters – and is used as smokescreen so outsiders stop looking deeply inside at the true conditions for the prostituted.

Punters love to pretend that all prostitutes are more than willing, they often invent a universe where he is manipulated by the prostitute.

Call her a sex worker, and then it is his porn fantasy that he is controlled. No matter – that he may rape the prostitute, no matter that he causes her terrible physical damage, no matter his language and manner would named as mental hate outside of prostitution – and certainly no matter if he “accidentally” kills the prostitute, that can be cleared away.

See her as a sex worker – and this hate and degradation can be framed as a business exchange. Call it a business exchange, and we can all pretend that the prostitute and punter are equal – not that she is goods that he is consuming. Then we can blame her if anything goes wrong – and make the punter’s violence invisible.

See her as an empowered and liberated sex worker in that fantasy – and then discount that the vast majority of prostituted women and girls have no power, and the concept of liberty is so far away it cannot even be dreamt of.

No, the liberated and empowered prostitute is little more than an invention of the sex trade profiteers – use inside most of porn, use to put a veneer that indoors prostitution is safer and of course nothing like street prostitution, use to recruit yet more vulnerable women and girls into the sex trade.

Of course, the sex trade will use the sex worker in all its publicity, use to distort all “research” to prove that prostitution can be made acceptable and very safe, prove that trafficking is rare, and even prove that under-aged prostituted girls freely chose their lifestyle.

How the hell can you imagine the term “sex worker” is a feminist term – and not a term to keep the prostituted oppressed, and give punters freedom to be as violent as they want without taking the consequences, and use to increase the disgusting profits of the sex trade.

There is nothing radical about saying sex workers – it is backing the most horrific form of capitalism that men have invented.

What else would you named making women and girls into nothing but sexual goods, that are sold for profits for punters to used as his porn-toy and to masturbate into.

For the vast majority of the prostituted women and girls – prostitution is nothing more but rape on demand.

How can any woman back that, and dare to call herself a feminist.

Be a real feminist – and fight to end prostitution.

12 responses to “Wow, This is Called Feminist

  1. RMott is an exited prostituted woman, J. She has every right to tell you and others what prostituted women need feminists to do. And anyone who tells a survivor of prostitution to ‘butt out’ of a conversation about the rights of the prostituted class is no feminist. There is nothing feminist in what you have just said, in the disdain you have shown for this survivor. I think you are the one who should, in fact, ‘butt out’.


  2. Very powerful post, Rebecca. This is a powerful call to feminist action from the depths of your own personal experience. The majority of prostituted women must not be sacrificed for the minority, and pimps and johns should be seen as the disgusting criminals they are.


  3. To the first commenter, “J”: Rebecca Mott, the woman who penned this article, is an exited woman from this industry. Save your vitriol for your oppressors.


  4. Great piece, Rebecca. J, perhaps your ire is best directed elsewhere, like at the abusers and johns, rather than at a survivor like Rebecca.


  5. J – I would never think or say that sex workers are “idiots” – that really is your issue.
    I would say that some sex workers are manipulated by the sex trade, when they are in situation of little or no power. Then it is totally normal to want feel empowered and liberated – for knowing you have no power is unbearable.
    When I inside indoors prostitution, I was strongly backing that it was safe and that I was strong. This was because I was surviving by blocking out that although I was in a glamorous environment, and with managers who manipulated me by pretending they care about my welfare – I was in reality just goods.
    In that environment it is a strong survival mechanism to say it is empowering.

    But some sex workers come from privilege, where they do no need to do prostitution for economical needs, or do not experience the day-to-day violence and hate that the vast majority of prostituted women and girls do.
    That privilege means that they do not need to do prostitution – and just do out of selfish individual wants.
    That is why it cannot be framed as feminist – for if your individual wants are built on the suffering of the vast majority of prostituted women and girls – be honest and say you believe you think your right to be selfish is more important than the rights of the prostituted class to safety, dignity and the right to be a full humanity.


  6. J- you have not responded to any of the critcisms of your horrible words given here. You are being deliberately cruel and dismissive. As for ‘taking sides’, yes as a feminist I will ‘take the side’ of those who are raped and tortured in the sex industry, rather than those who are apologists for it and write disgusting things on the blogs of rape survivors. Not a hard choice to make, really.


  7. Great piece, Rebecca. J, perhaps your ire is best directed elsewhere, like at the abusers and johns, rather than at a survivor like Rebecca.

    ^srsly. why focus on the people who are trying to help? Normally, when someone gets in the way of the police or fire department, that’s called “obstruction of justice”.


  8. This is a brilliant piece.
    I was a feminist who accepted the idea of prostitution because I was ignorant! And when you hang around leftists and communists, as I did, it was prudish not to agree with prostitution. And the women, didn’t they have a right ot work?

    All it took was a few hours reading Samantha Berg debate against it (online) to change my mind. I wasn’t against it because I never had to think about it.

    Now it infuriates me that some universities that I respect, with an otherwise great women’s studies dept., are for “sex workers”.

    To me Catherine Mackinnon says it clearly: ‘Women and children not for sale”.


  9. ‘Sex workers – the most horrific form of caputalism that men have invented’. What a fabulous line.

    Now that I scan my memory, the only woman I have ever known who told me she was prostituted said it as if men had carved a giant hole in her, and it could never be filled up. And this was about forty years afterwards. These Women’s
    Studies feminists and other feminists who’ve told me it’s ‘sex work’ have never been prostituted.

    They have no idea.

    You are doing such important work and are an excellent writer.


  10. If ‘sex work’ was normal business, wouldn’t it be marketed to women? I mean, that’s where all other advertising of disposable consumer goods is focused.


  11. I think about my two years on the street giving sex in exchange for survival, and I think of the feminist intellectuals who stood up in my graduate school classes in sociology talking about “sex workers” as if it is all a matter of choice and informed consent, like any other job, and now reading what you have written here suddenly clarifies why I kept dissociating in those classes. It was like, yeah, this is what they are teaching us, but something’s wrong. I never connected what I did in my “previous life” with what they were calling “sex work.” For me it was what I had to do to stay alive, and I could never imagine someone who actually HAD A CHOICE choosing to do that. Thank you for this, it has really opened something up for me. Thank you so much for your work.


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