Things That Drive Me Insane

I need to write on the constant use of prostitution as a metaphor – and often how it is used in comparison with men having affairs.

It is not the same. It is not a metaphor for the women and girls enduring prostitution. I would more than grateful if others stop using the language of prostitution when it is nothing to do with that life.

All I ask is that others take more care with their language, and stop continually creating the prostituted as sub-humans.


I do how often I hear that men in power have prostituted themselves – by being corrupt.

That is not prostitution – that is not being oppressed, that is being in the position of the oppressed.

Sure, everyday and everywhere men in power are corrupted, and in that corruption they use and oppressed other to hang on to their power.

That could said to be the position of the pimp – never the prostitute.

Are these powerful men being made into sexual goods, being raped on a regular basis, being an object that will thrown away – like hell, they are.

They are not prostitutes.

They are pimping out their countries, pimping out the workers they have under them – they are not being pimped out.

Don’t make these men into victims – see them as power-mad, and fear how they use that power. But don’t be fooled that they are to be felt sorry for.


This is driving me mad at the moment – the concept that if a man goes with a prostitute rather than having an affair, there is no harm done.

Wow, that is only true if you view the prostitute as sub-human, as an object to be used and thrown away whenever a man cannot get all he wants at home.

No harm is done, when you view the prostitute as having no human emotions and having no life outside being a fuck-toy for punters to use.

Most punters who used prostitutes are in stable relationships, most want the prostitute to be there to be used to do sex acts that he thinks his wife/girlfriend may not accept or may be disgusted by.

This not because his partner is a prude, a puritan or hates sex – no in the vast cases, he may have a good and satisfying sex life with his partner, but may want to have his porn-fuelled fantasies fulfilled.

This means the prostitute is used for sadist sex, for sex that could push her body beyond its natural boundaries.

Sex that could injure or kill the prostitute, sex that breaks down her mental defences, sex that can only be survived by going dead inside – this is what those punters demand from prostitutes.

So that is better than having an affair.

Only to the completely selfish man and women in the marriage or partnership that are prepared to use the prostitute as a tool in their fucked-up relationship.

If you prepare to go with a man who uses prostitutes – are you completely sure he is not doing sadist sex to them, are you sure he is not paying to rape without consequences, are you sure he gives a damn if the prostitute has been beaten up, is trafficked or is under-aged.

Can you truly say he is careful of all that. If not, how dare you claim no harm is done.

Prostitutes are not tools to be used so other women can feel safe or better about themselves.

We are full human who deserve safety, dignity and respect.

Clear the road if you can’t give us that.


This is very short, coz I am very ill today.

Just be bloody careful with your language.

5 responses to “Things That Drive Me Insane

  1. This needed to be said- using prostitution as a metaphor for the crimes of powerful men makes invisible the reality of prostituted women. And to anyone who believes that sex with a prostitute is worse than ‘regular’ infidelity- that is, an affair with a willing partner- what am empty, callous person you must be. I wouldn’t be you.


  2. Oh crap – i just looked back at that comment of mine and realised that i missed out a couple of letters and made it say the exact *opposite* of what i meant to say! Insert ‘n’t’ between ‘is’ and ‘worse than’. Bottom line: the use of prostituted women is far worse than regular infidelity, because in am affair the other party is *willing*. If you think am affair is worse then you are 1) self absorbed and empty and 2) showing a belief that prostituted women are there to be used and thrown away. (note to self: next time you comment, proofread first!!)


  3. This is great. I’ve been getting in a lot of arguments with people over this, especially the second part about how men visiting prostitutes isn’t cheating. When I point out that the only way that could work is if prostitutes weren’t actual humans, apparently I’m splitting hairs or something.

    I’ve been saying the same thing with porn, because people insist it is simply fantasy. No harm done. It’s not real. People actually use the term, not real. As though those aren’t real women, having real things happen to them. People can be horrible.


  4. I do how often I hear that men in power have prostituted themselves – by being corrupt.

    This is a really good point, thank you! A prostituted woman is someone who was coerced into that dehumanizing role by society. A man who sells his scruples never had any to begin with, plus no one coerced him into it.


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